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Mt. Zion Memorial Singing

Mt. Zion, Georgia (Off Hwy. 16)

July 21-22, 2007

Saturday, July 21

The 115th session of the Mt. Zion Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in July. Earlis McGraw called the class to order leading 30t and 75. The morning prayer was offered by Reverend Doug Altman.

Leaders: Hugh McGraw 32t, 88b; Charlene Wallace 283, 276; Richard Mauldin 36b (for Amanda Denson and Wilton Donaldson), 235; Judy Henry 56b, 77t; Danny Griffin 569b, 222; Faye Hollis 168, 460; Judy Chambless 159, 274t; Lonnie Rogers 186, 225t; Laura Frey 358, 178; Matt Hinton 347 (in memory of B.J. Harris), 277; Karen Rollins 220 (for Felton Denney and Josephine Denney), 489.


The class was called together by Carlene Griffin leading 155, 511. Leaders: Bernard Denney 46, 299; Joyce Walton 289; Henry Johnson 452, 338; Karleen Williams 373 (for Jimmie Denney), 313t; Oscar McGuire 163b, 377; Lee Rogers 425, 454; Ed Thacker 213t, 48t; Reba Windom 57, 145t (for Bud Oliver and Sammie Oliver); Cecil Roberts 312b, 335; Jeannette DePoy 234; Bentley McGuire 95, 67; Earlis McGraw 201 (in memory of B.J. Harris); Andy Anderson 61, 510; Tommy McGraw 475, 37b.


Earlis McGraw called the class back together leading 435. Leaders: Helen Bryson 163t, 215; Jeff Sheppard 122, 442; Lela Crowder 288, 42; Michael Thompson 111b, 208; Kathy Folsom 143, 218; Richard DeLong 399b, 420 (in memory of Jap Walton).

A motion was made to go into a business session. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Earlis McGraw; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Lela Crowder; Chaplain—Richard Mauldin; Arranging Committee—Judy Henry.

Leaders: Robert Kelley 313b, 112; John Plunkett 558, 562; Linda Elliott 401, 63; Marilyn Bradley and Stanley Edwards 124, 503; Jason Hollis 142, 182; Judy Mincey 569t, 464; Brian Parrish and Stanley Edwards 188, 76b; Nick Griffin 551.

Announcements were made. Earlis McGraw led 146 as the closing song. Richard Mauldin offered the closing prayer to dismiss the class.

Sunday, July 22

The class was called to order by Earlis McGraw leading 32t. Reverend Doug Altman offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Earlis McGraw 345t; Carlene Griffin 139, 159; Lela Crowder and Robert Kelley 383, 546; Judy Henry 225t; Phillip Langley 180, 475; Danny Griffin 426b, 235; Jan House 155, 143; Robert Chambless 84, 49t; Faye Hollis 371, 542; Richard Mauldin 378t (for Dick Mauldin), 146; Tony Hammock 428, 132; Judy Chambless 569b, 82t; George Garner 196; Jeannette DePoy 339 (in memory of Minja Lausevic), 39t.


Charlene Wallace brought the class back together leading 85 and 79. Leaders: Stanley Edwards 29b, 33t; Ed Thacker 474, 269; Helen Bryson 275b, 328; Henry Johnson 88t, 398; Kathy Folsom 166, 198.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard DeLong. Jeannette DePoy read the names of the deceased as follows and Richard DeLong led 381 in their memory: B.J. Harris, Flarce Creel, Heath Jett, John Hyde, Marie Guthrie, and Mary Hackney—Alabama; Minja Lausevic—Massachusetts; Kenneth Walton—Georgia.

Jeannette DePoy read the names of the following sick and shut-ins and Henry Johnson led 68b in their honor: Raymond Hamrick, Violet Thomason, Homer Benefield, Katherine Benefield, Felton Denney, and Josephine Denney—Georgia; Amanda Denson, Wilton Donaldson, Dick Mauldin, Milton Oliver, and Genny Whitworth—Alabama; Tommy Crawford, Ann Crawford, and Marie Crawford—Virginia; Pauline Childers—Michigan; Edith Tate—Florida. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Reverend Doug Altman.

Leaders: Myron House 113, 191; Laura Frey 56b, 163b; Tommy McGraw 282, 91.


The class was called together by Clyde McWhorter leading 460 and 318. The class sang birthday wishes to Ed Thacker. Leaders: Richard Ivey 432, 89; Brittany Lea 472, 81t; John Plunkett 446, 544; Oscar McGuire 229, 336; Lisa Frey 323b, 148; Hugh McGraw 569t; Cecil Roberts 284, 285t; Robert Kelley 276, 164; Louis Hughes 274t, 350; Sheri Taylor 114, 147t; Richard DeLong 407, 116; Malinda Snow 384, 138t; Reba Norton 441; Henry Johnson 418; Ed Thacker 498; Cathy Folsom 127; Richard Ivey and Brittany Lea 171, 335; Robert Chambless 503; Helen Bryson and Jeannette DePoy 522; Myron House and Jan House 151; Lela Crowder and Robert Kelley 430; Oscar McGuire 344; John Plunkett 205; Tony Hammock 56t; Cecil Roberts 30b; Phillip Langley 222.

Announcements were made. Earlis McGraw and Carlene Griffin led 62 as the closing song. Louis Hughes offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Earlis McGraw; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Lela Crowder