Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Potomac River Convention

The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

March 31-April 1, 2007

Saturday, March 31

The 18th session of the Potomac River Convention opened at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. Miriam Kilmer called the convention to order by leading 77b. Mary Ann Daly offered the opening prayer.

Miriam Kilmer announced this year’s convention officers as follows: Chairperson—Cathy Tucker; Vice Chairman—Kevin Griffin Moreno; Treasurer—Nathan Rees; Secretary—Rachel Speer.

Leaders: Cathy Tucker 144; Nathan Rees 131b; Mary Langley 500; Tim Slattery 171; John Hewes 38t; Mary Ann Daly 36t; Jim Strube 354t; Barbara Berry 38b; Kevin Griffin Moreno 270; Kelly Macklin 492; Carly Goss 230; Cathy Manning 338; Terry Ryan 168; Alice Noyes 86; Eric Bean 163b; Pat Temple 373; Anna Mays 77t; Dean Jens and Rachel Speer 29b; Karen Stingle 76b; Mary Wright 105; Lamar Matthew 35; Robert Stoddard 383; Elizabeth Stokes 324; Bev Yeager 351; Jeff Bell 349; Laura Densmore 328; Bill Beverly 547.


Kim Moreno called the class back together by leading 59. Leaders: Mary DeNys 163t; Fritz von Fleckenstein 254; Peter Pate 217; Sharon McKinley 455; Gillie Campbell 479; Lee Schumacher 40; Kim Moreno 111b; Basil White 159; Cindy Sadler 542; Erin Kelley 451; Guy Bankes 297; Jean Seiler 299; Martha Beverly 475; Ted Stokes 204; Ina Henkin 242; George Seiler 84; Nora Dunn 391; Aldo Ceresa 564.


The class was called back to order. Leaders: Joni Seidenstein 87; Mimi Stevens 546; Frank Evans 229; Adriane Wendell 532; Peter Golden 480; Joni Seidenstein 296; Nathan Rees 72b; Greg Mulkern 273; Adrian Mariano 183; Marty DeNys 198; Scott Matheson 268; Owen Kelley 421; Rachel Speer 298; Amanda Denson 196; John del Re 486; Cathy Tucker 454; Martha Beverly 504; Tom Tucker 339; Genevieve Demos 128; Eric Bean 285t; Fritz von Fleckenstein 107; Robert Stoddard 32t; Jeff Bell 33b; Pat Temple 400.


The class was called together by Greg Mulkern leading 277. Leaders: Erin Kelly 368; Bill Beverly 503; Mary Langley 274t; Ted Stokes 216; Mary DeNys 133; Mary Wright 378t; Sharon McKinley 191; Lamar Matthew and Laura Densmore 347.


Carly Goss opened the New Traditions session with “Marlborough” (NH). Leaders: Steven Sabol “Soldier of the Cross” (Ingalls Christian Harmony—ICH); Aldo Ceresa “Hillman”; Guy Bankes “Plentitude” (ICH); Mary Ann Daly “Everest”; Dean Jens “Wigan” (Sacred Harmony); Peter Pate “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”; Greg Mulkern “St. Bernard”; Nick Schliapin “Life”; Nora Dunn “Sunderland”; Erin Kelly “Shall We Know Each Other There” (CH); Kevin Griffin Moreno “Austria” (NH); Rachel Speer “Camden” (Hesperian Harp).


Tom Tucker led “The Angels’ Song” to call the class to order. Leaders: Steve Sabol “Endless Day” (ICH); Basil White “Oh Happy Day”; Aldo Ceresa “Olinville Avenue”; Greg Mulkern “Cross Keys”; Nicholas Schliapin “Nantahala”; Rachel Speer “Ten Thousand Charms” (NH); Erin Kelly “We Will Sing with Angels There” (EH1); Aldo Ceresa “Sister”; Nora Dunn “Rhode Island” (SoH).

Sunday, April 1

Cathy Tucker opened the second day of singing by leading 59. Mimi Stevens offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Nathan Rees 37b; Rachel Speer 81t; Kevin Griffin Moreno 276; Kathy Manning 425; Peter Golden 49b; Jim Glaser 74b; Barbara Berry 33t; Steven Sabol 139; Gillie Campbell 66; Adrian Mariano 29t; Miriam Kilmer 344; Jim Strube 47t; Kelly Macklin 182; Tim Slattery 300; Cindy Sadler 58; Dean Jens 377; Jean Seiler 209; Walter Hartley 236; Ina Henkin 124; Guy Bankes 556; Alice Noyes 567.


Dean Jens brought the class back together leading 319. Leaders: Peter Pate 39t; Mary DeNys 229; Mimi Stevens 415; Mary Ann Daly 224; John del Re 176b; Kim Moreno 436; Joni Seidenstein 195; Carly Goss 153; Greg Mulkern 522; Anna Mays 102; Terry Ryan 358; Laura Densmore 383; Jeff Bell 156; Karen Stingle 496; George Seiler 99; Nora Dunn 340; Aldo Ceresa 542.

The memorial lesson began as Cathy Manning spoke, read the names of the sick and shut-ins, and led 50b. Those honored were Kat Kincade, Lynn Christopher, Marge Wheeler, Kathy Hinkle, Bill Wisdom, and John Stritton.

Peter Pate spoke, read the names of the deceased, and led 269. Those remembered were Valley Virginia Phillips Smiley—Virginia; Peter Powers—District of Columbia; Patricia Robinson, Anna Larson, Lois White, Mary Anne Rosinsky—Maryland; Clifford Alan Bell—Pennsylvania; Everett Silvia and George Hale—New York; Eleanor Loft—Connecticut; Lois Algene Sabol—Ohio; Francis Laily—Illinois; Marvin Bobes—Oregon; Mary Ballinger—Texas; Fred Noel Speess, Patricia Pate, Jack Stevens, and Marcia Tucker—California; John Hyde and Flarce Creel—Alabama. Mimi Stevens closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Tom Tucker 320; Basil White 282; Cathy Tucker 350; Nathan Rees 426b; Kevin Griffin Moreno 189. Mimi Stevens offered a prayer before the noon meal.


Kim Moreno began the afternoon session leading 82t. Leaders: Steven Sabol 250; Barbara Berry 457; Walter Harley 178; Ina Henkin 162; Guy Bankes 365; Alice Noyes 148; Greg Mulkern 424; Carly Goss 192; Jeff Bell 491; Karen Stingle 385b; George Seiler 480; Gabe Brady and family 77t, 319; Doron Henkin 392; Elizabeth Stokes 142; Aldo Ceresa 355; Laura Densmore 430; Dean Jens 429; Jean Seiler 472; Terry Ryan 280; Anna Mays 410t; Frank Evans 284.


Cindy Sadler led “Forever Blest” to call the class to order. Leaders: Miriam Kilmer 228; Jim Glaser 68b; Faye Bresler 86; Mary DeNys 285t; Peter Pate 397; Lauren Weintraub 146; Kelly Macklin 433; Nora Dunn 500; Amanda Denson 422.

Cathy Tucker called for committee reports and announcements. Nora Dunn and Kelly Macklin offered resolutions.

The officers led 62 as the closing song. Mimi Stevens offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Cathy Tucker; Vice Chairman—Kevin Griffin Moreno; Secretary—Rachel Speer