Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Dallas County Sacred Harp Singing

First Primitive Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Dallas County Sacred Harp singing was opened by Chairman Ben Brown leading 85. He welcomed the singers to the convention. Elder Clifford Gowens led the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Ben Brown; Vice Chairman—Stephanie Turney; Secretary—Lee Waters; Arranging Committee—Sonny Erwin and Lee Waters.

Leaders: Stephanie Turney 159; Sonny Erwin 454; Billy Huckaby 198; Alexa Gilmore 171; Leon Ballinger 490; Priscilla Wiggins 163b; Gaylon Powell 300; Diane Ross 455; John Beard 192; Amanda Owen 503b; Donn Howard 178; Sarah Huckaby 183; Kris Wiggins 86; Katie Mahoney 89; Donald Ross 338; Tom Owen 70b; Bruce Coates 535; Tammy Powell 142; Ryan Ross 172.


Leaders: Kevin Lee 528; Seth Howard 39t; Owen Ross 277; Bill Bailey 406; Reed Coates 542; Liz Owen 328; Scott Curran 532; Catherine Rogan 436; Grant Howard 448b; Neil Vaught 385t; Jeb Owen 472; Zach Rogan 299; Lindsey Wiggins 107; Clifford Gowens 32t; Crystal Meadows 29t; Trevor Howard 430; Beverly Coates 481; H.P. O’Mary 35; Vivian Rogan 282; Helen Beauchamp 535; Gary Rogan 480.

Gary Rogan conducted the memorial lesson in memory of the deceased and led 285t in their memory: Verna Powell and Marcia Tucker.

Gaylon Powell listed the names of those who are unable to attend because of sickness or frail health and led 103 in remembrance of them: Myrl Jones, Myra Palmer, Lawson Smith, Ophelia Matthews, Edith Owen, Curtis Owen, Lloyd Cody, Junior Smith, and Leland Owen. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer by Owen Ross.

Leaders: Jerry Ryan 145t; Cheryl Foreman 209; Michele Rogan 196; Billy Huckaby 208; Alexa Gilmore 270; Leon Ballinger 460. The blessing for the meal was offered by Donn Howard.


Chairman Ben Brown brought the singers together with 84. Leaders: Stephanie Turney 49t; Sonny Erwin 99; Priscilla Wiggins 288; Gaylon Powell 434; Caitlin Bruce 179; Dan Beauchamp 31t; Avon Miller 377; Andrew Beauchamp 73t; Diane Ross 34b; John Beard 68b; Amanda Owen 186; Donn Howard 73b; Sarah Huckaby 475; Kris Wiggins 24b; Katie Mahoney 29b; Donald Ross 399b; Tom Owen 347; Bruce Coates 48b; Tammy Powell 222; Ryan Ross 385b; Kevin Lee 42; Owen Ross 402; Bill Bailey 451; Reed Coates 442.

The chairman asked for announcements of upcoming singings.

Leaders: Liz Owen 273; Scott Curran 318; Grant Howard 235b; Neil Vaught 274t; Jeb Owen 30b; Zach Rogan 401; Lindsey Wiggins 383; H.P. O’Mary 335; Crystal Meadows 330t; Trevor Howard 67; Helen Beauchamp 143; Gary Rogan 384; Beverly Coates 546; Jerry Ryan 111t; Vivian Rogan 146; Cheryl Foreman 344; Michele Rogan 215; Caitlin Bruce 117.

Chairman Ben Brown thanked everyone who made the singing a success.

The officers led 62 as the closing song, and the convention closed with prayer by Owen Ross.

Chairman—Ben Brown; Vice Chairman—Stephanie Turney; Secretary—Lee Waters.