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Pioneer Valley All-Day Singing

First Congregational Church, Sunderland, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 1, 2006

The sixth session of the Pioneer Valley All-Day Singing was called to order by Chairlady Kate Richardson leading 171. Laura Timmerman offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairlady—Kate Richardson; Vice Chairlady—Amy Finlay; Secretary—Debbie Way.

Leaders: Amy Finlay 32t; Debbie Way 300; Bob Parr 142; Laura Timmerman 75; Paul Butler 460; Inga Knets 475; Jennie Brown 148; Lucy Roberts 330t; Sheldon Finlay 426b; Richard Lee 99; Michael Heyerman 505; JLynn Erikson 312b; Jenna Strizak 111t; John Holbrook 480; Anne Johnston 29b; Dan Hertzler 528; Terry Ryan 350.


The class was brought to order with Matt Wojcik leading 81t. Leaders: Matthew Sellens 74b; Lydia Vernon-Jones 510; Katie Mahoney 419; Andrew Magee 47b; Aaron Girard 76b; Jean Seiler 106; Anna Maria Irvine 335; Allison Schofield 83b; Joanna Lampert 52t; Jerry Enright 131t; Kelsey Wessels 87; Chris Holley 384; George Seiler 168; Eric Morgan 274t; Kelsey Sunderland 440; Nicholas Edwards 542; Charles Taylor 434; Bill Holt 383; D.J. Hatfield 349.


Linda Shea called the class back to order leading 128. Leaders: Kshama Ananthapura 33b; Ed Smith 442; Katie Servos 65; John Redman 38b; Lynne deBenedette 77t; Bradford West 319; Karen Freund 272; Peter Irvine 260; Peter Amidon 430; Guy Bankes 304.

The memorial lesson was conducted with Inga Knets sharing words of prayer and leading 30t on behalf of the sick and shut-ins: Elric Elias—Texas; Eliza Cavanaugh—Vermont; Beatrice Hamel, Norma Finch, Julie Holbrook, Eric Nestler, and Marion Zimmerman—Massachusetts; Claude Roy—Quebec; Richard DeLong—Georgia; Donald Willard, Jr.—Maryland; Yosef Gavriel Ansara—Rhode Island; Erin Way and Elsa Erickson—New Hampshire; Georgia Ruel—Florida; Mario Reda—Illinois; Sharon Nygren—North Carolina; Beverly Lathrup and Edmund Wojcik—Connecticut; Amanda Denson—Alabama.

Eric Morgan offered words of prayer for those that had died in the past year and led 146 in their memory: Gary “Griff” Griffith and Mark Seiler—Maine; Rose Durham, Helen Cruise, Gene Reid, Bob McClung, Faye Kaynor, and Dolores Hamel—Massachusetts; Norma Koenig—Pennsylvania; Sophie Kulchuk and Eleanor Loft—Connecticut; Marian Ryan, Patrick Giles, and Everett Silvia—New York; Tom Kell—California; Phillip Dodson and Donnie McGraw—Georgia; Carol Shaecter—New Jersey; Bill Green—Alabama; Harold Howland—Rhode Island; Luke Rogers—Mississippi; Shirley Stein—Illinois. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Kelly House 68b; Amy Findley 111b; Ann Kazlauskas 125; Laura Timmerman 302; Kate Richardson 59. Lydia Vernon-Jones offered prayer for the noon meal.


Katie Mahoney brought the class to order by leading 105. Leaders: Kelsey Wessels 228; Jerry Enright 270; Dan Hertzler 282; Karen Freund 215; Jenna Strizak 328; Nicholas Edwards 268; Kshama Ananthapura 269; Don Holbrook 66; Eric Morgan 448t; Jean Seiler 378t; Bradford West 362; Richard Lee 277; Bob Parr 339; Lynne deBenedette 216; Andrew Magee 512; Aaron Girard 377; Inga Knets 172; Peter Irvine 82t; Leonard Spencer 324.


Paul Butler brought the class to order by leading 569b. Leaders: Jennie Brown 504; Kelsey Sunderland 217.

A business session was held for the purpose of hearing reports.

The Finance Committee Report was given by Chair Jenna Strizak. She reported that contributions enabled the singing to meet expenses.

The Resolutions Committee, Bradford West and Kshama Ananthapura, thanked everyone who helped make the singing possible.

Secretary Debbie Way reported that 45 leaders had led 69 songs thus far, with 79 singers in attendance.

Leaders: Bill Holt 224; Guy Bankes 193; Anne Johnston 55; D.J. Hatfield 385b; George Seiler 159; Joanna Lampert 288; Peter Amidon 318; Charles Taylor 340; Anna Maria Irvine 546; Lisa Palumbo 178; Sheldon Finlay 112; Linda Shea 203; Ann Kazlauskas 466; Matt Wojcik 39t; Kelly House 192.

Chairlady Kate Richardson led 62 as the closing song, and Jenna Strizak dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairlady—Kate Richardson; Vice Chair—Amy Finlay; Secretary—Debbie Way.