Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Homecoming

Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church, Oneonta, Alabama

June 10-11, 2006

Saturday, June 10

The annual Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp singing was held at the Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Oneonta, Alabama, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in June. Terry Hullett called the class to order with 82t. The morning prayer was offered by Jimmy Wadsworth.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 129, 64; Bobby Watkins 33b, 31t; Jewel Wootten 349, 72t; Jimmy Wadsworth 143; Genora Whitworth 335, 338; Darrell Swarens 350, 314; Velton Chaffin 68b, 564; Douglas Conn 175, 74b; Philip Gilmore 76b, 39t; Willie Mae Moon 192, 225t.


Terry Hullett led 40 and 496 to bring the class back to order.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore; Arranging Committee—Bobby Watkins and Terry Hullett.

Leaders: Nate Green and Norma Green 141, 544; Doyle Alexander 283; Tommie Spurlock 298, 299; S.T. Reed 289; Henry Guthery 549 (in memory of Lydia Baswell), 149; Jill Sellers 45t, 59; Harrison Creel 512, 530; J.L. Hopper 513, 466; Jimmie Gilmore 276, 43.


Nate Green led 400 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Brenda Merritt 434, 436; Betty Sue Johnson 406; Jordan Ratliff “Sweet Beulah Land”; John Merritt and Wayne Dell 49b, “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”; John Etheridge 500; Henry Johnson 56 (t? b?), 70b; Milton Oliver 270; Bud Oliver 42, 145t; Ben Faucher 452, 235; Wanda Capps 36b, 448t; B.J. Green 358, 127.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Terry Hullett leading 222. Leaders: Caroline Thompson 550, 47b; Bea Carnathan 568, 80b; Ernestine Pipkin 110, 203; Mike Thompson 176b, 179; Joyce Walton 383, 439; Carmon Brothers 480; Arthur Gilmore 565, 569b; Chita Blakeley 411; Tommy George 128, 282; Jason Kirby 72b, 290; Linda Thomas, Theresa Ratliff, and Jordan Ratliff “Mercy Seat”.


The class resumed singing with Terry Hullett leading 354b. Leaders: Paula Gilmore 317, 29t; Loyd Ivey 89, 47t; Waylon Blakeley and Chita Blakeley 172; Eugene Forbes 217, 186; Dennis George 399b, 114; Mercy Watkins and Bobby Watkins 215; Brenda Merritt 137; Nate Green, Norma Green, and B.J. Green 284.

Announcements were made. Terry Hullett and Nate Green led 146 as the closing song, and Elder J.L. Hopper dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, June 11

The Sunday morning session was brought to order by Terry Hullett leading 81t and 32t. Elder Philip Gilmore offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 40; Nate Green 303, 111t; Bobby Watkins 480, 340; Paula Gilmore 75, 317; Jewel Wootten 491b (WB), 322; Ben Faucher 277, 119; Ernest Phillips 203, 341; Delone Cobbs 150, 30b; Willie Mae Moon 283, 225t; Jason Kirby 159, 388; Calvin Phillips 143, 406; Doyle Alexander 68b, 400.


Terry Hullett led 53 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Karen Clark 122, 187; Bud Oliver 39b, 418; Joyce Walton 428, 377; Philip Gilmore 272; Philip Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore 445; Douglas Conn 300, 460; Jackie Tanner 56t, 37b; Don Clark 350, 542.

Linda Thomas and Philip Gilmore conducted the memorial lesson.

Philip Gilmore read a poem, and Nate Green led 347 in memory of the following deceased: Bill Green, Homer Whitworth, Flora Phillips, Lucille Reeves Wadsworth, Teddy Creel, Johnny Blakeley, Jap Walton, Morris Moody, Hershel Phillips, and Christine Hill. Gavin Blakeley and Kyle Blakeley led 108b for their grandfather, Johnny Blakeley.

The sick and shut-ins included Aubrey Reeves, Eloise Wootten, Thurman Nall, Bobby Jackson, Carol Sherrett, and Eldora Green Moody. Philip Gilmore led 48t; Linda Thomas, Theresa Ratliff, and Jordan Ratliff “Mercy Seat” for all the sick and shut-ins. Doug Conn closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Terry Hullett leading 384. Leaders: Ed Thacker 399b, 498; Judy Caudle 540, 489; Katrina Holmes 137, 475; Chita Blakeley 430; Margaret Thacker 503, 452; Rodney Ivey 426b, 408; John Merritt and Ken Green “Nettie”; Cassie Shelton 97, 290; Cindy Tanner 220, 269; Waylon Blakeley, Chita Blakeley, and Audrie Blakeley 138t; Buell Cobb 420, 131b; Ivalene Bynum Rutherford and Ernest Phillips 143; Ken Green and Nate Green 358; Gavin Blakeley 145b, 112; Jimmy Wadsworth 218; Brenda Merritt 436, 376; Kyle Blakeley 421, 216; Jonathan Blakeley 183, 146; Philip Gilmore and Paula Gilmore 45t.

Terry Hullett and Nate Green led 62 as the closing song. Jimmy Wadsworth dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore.