Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Providence Primitive Baptist Church

Vinemont, Alabama

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The second Sacred Harp singing held at Providence Primitive Baptist Church was called to order by Delone Cobbs leading 31b. Prayer was offered by Elder Marlon Wilkinson.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Kenneth Fannin; Vice Chairman—Delone Cobbs; Secretary—Emily Creel.

Leaders: Delone Cobbs 39b; Kenneth Fannin 39t, 441; Danny Creel 405, 87; Carol Fannin 335, 122; Brandon Thompson 101t, 129; Mary Holcomb and Christy Holcomb 45t, 569t; Richard Mauldin and Dick Mauldin 36b, 358; Bridgett Hill 297, 168; Nathan Blackwood 73t, 569b; Marie Guthrie 222, 192.


The class was brought back to order by Kenneth Fannin leading 81t.

A memorial lesson was conducted by Richard Mauldin. Jennifer Allred led 129 in memory of the following deceased: Teddy Creel, Elsie Beasley, Rhonda Hawkins, Leonard Price, Julia Roebuck, and Betty Carter—Alabama.

The following sick and shut-ins were remembered: Judy Caudle and Laura Hale. Will Allred led 111t in their honor. Richard Mauldin and Jennifer Allred led 339. The memorial lesson was closed in prayer by Elder Marlin Wilkinson.

Leaders: BethAnne Clay, Anna Grace, Garrett Sipe, and Sonya Sipe 274t, 77t; Dan Hopper 535, 479; Emily Creel 111b, 318; John Merritt and Bridgett Hill 288, 400; Rachel Allred 203, 47b; Caleb Allred 124, 312b; Anita Landess 176t, 56t; John Thompson 47t, 30b.


Delone Cobbs called the class back to order by leading 75. Leaders: Brenda Merritt 142, 336; Seth Allred 350, 565; Eldagene Roberson 313t, 100; Susan Allred 112, 324; Adam Hale 340, 196; BethAnne Clay 510; J.L. Hopper 466, 497; Delone Cobbs and Jennifer Clay 566; Geraldine Sharpton 299, 66; Velton Chafin 302; Jennifer Allred 89, 99; Emily Creel 542 (by request); J.L. Hopper 195 (by request); Richard Mauldin 378 (t? b?); J.L. Hopper and Kenneth Fannin 234 (by request).

Following announcements, Kenneth Fannin led 235 as the closing song. Elder Marlin Wilkinson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Kenneth Fannin; Vice Chairman—Delone Cobbs; Secretary—Emily Creel.