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Potomac River Convention

Washington, D.C.

April 26-28,1996

Friday, April 26

A singing school, taught by Warren Steel was held at Pohick Episcopal Church, Lorton, Virginia on Friday evening, April 26.

Saturday, April 27

The seventh session of the Potomac River Sacred Harp convention was called to order by Peter Pate leading 59. A prayer was offered by the Rev. Williams of Pohick Church. Singing continued with Peter Pate leading 332; Clare Chapin 40; Cathy Tucker 28b; Miriam Kilmer 184. The convention moved into a business session and the following officers were elected: Chair—Miriam Kilmer; Vice Chair—Mary Kay Friday; Secretary—Kacy Pate; Treasurer—Cathy Tucker. Leaders: Evan Duncan 271b; Phyllis Gonigam 84; Tim Slattery 352; Mary Ann Daly 274 (t? b?); Liz Cusick 178; Tom Tucker 501; Joyce Saxon 99; Alix Baillie 33 (t? b?); Marty DeNys 327; Howard Frost 182; Mary Kay Friday 120; Lewis Naylor 452; Joanne Devoe 31 (t? b?); Susan Wantland 200; Steven Sabol 428; Ella Wilcox 474; Sarah Davie 384; Janine Smith 282.


Marty DeNys brought the class back leading 268. Leaders: Fred Beardsley 454; Brad Oglesby 192; Gina Balestracci 183; Kyle Greenlee 147 (t? b?); Donna Abraham 440; Guy Bankes 287; Gary Smith 34b; Pat Temple 85; Glen Wright 513; Diane Mennella 418; Blake Morris 442; Michele Biery 299; Frederick Rasenberger 348b; Jean Seiler 227; Hal Kunkel 434; Mary DeNys 504.

Amanda Denson offered grace for the noon meal.


Mary Kay Friday brought the class back leading song on page 147b. Leaders: Steven Sabol 139; Eric Bean 70b; Howard Brady 294; Kacy Pate 186; Lois Hurt 551; Amanda Denson 269; Ted Mercer 328; Doron Henkin 163 (t? b?); Joan Aldridge 475; Richard Schmeidler 66; Barbara Swetman 300; Roland Hutchinson 242; Bob Parr 215; Connie Karduck 492; Marlin Beasley 33b; Dan Brittain 399b; Becky Briggs 343; Miriam Kilmer 479; Bill Holt 224; Johanna Fabke 313b; George Seiler 168; Ginnie Ely 391.


Mary Kay Friday brought the class back leading song on page 191. Sarah Smith 290; Jim Friedrich 410 (t? b?); Paula McGray 430; Henry Buzzell 63; Dan Hertzler 198; Susan Mampre 497; Jim Brady 155; Walter Hartley 146; Warren Steel 396; Cheryl Stafford 49b; Gail Doss 408; Kathy Manning 392; Rhonda Hendershot 569 (t? b?); Frank Evans 38 (t? b?); Kat Kinkade 411; Bob Hall 217. Announcements were made. Warren Steel led 285 (t? b?), and Miriam Kilmer 323 (t? b?) for the closing songs. The closing prayer was offered by Marty DeNys.

A singing of alternate songs was held with the following songs led:

Mary Kay Friday—India; Warren Steel—Pilgrim; Dan Brittain—Steel; Doron Henkin—Tribulation, Pownal; Blake Morris—Weeping Mary, Lovely Vine; Glen Wright—Stow; Susan Mampre—Cumberland; Jeff Lund and Ginnie Ely—Millbrook; Miriam Kilmer—Pinecrest; Roland Hutchinson—Hallelujah New; Guy Bankes—Walpole; Peter Pate—Mississippi; Jean Seiler—Montclair; Dan Brittain—Garden State; Hal Kunkel—Ten Thousand Charms; Dan Hertzler—Greenfields; Tom Tucker—Mason Neck; Dan Brittain—Reynolds.

A delightful social, hosted by Cathy and Tom Tucker, was held at the Alexandria home of Mimi Stevens.

Sunday, April 28

The convention resumed at Hearst Hall, Washington National Cathedral with Miriam Kilmer leading song on page 184. The opening prayer was offered by George Seiler. Leaders: Paula McGray 295b; Fred Todt 278 (t? b?); Kat Kinkade 131 (t? b?); Tom Padwa 56b; Walter Hartley 155; Eric Hildebrant 66; Chuck Beasley 33b; Mary Kay Friday 180; Sally Findlay 455; Susan Mampre and Anais Wright 24 (t? b?); Kathy Manning 318; Dan Hertzler 189; Ginnie Ely 454; George Seiler 347; Bill Holt 419; Leyland delRe 196.


Mimi Stevens brought the class back leading song on page 192. Warren Steel 260; Richard Popp 175; Henry Buzell 45 (t? b?); Jim Friedrich 122; Donna Abraham 173; Ann Beasley Ballard 57; Cheryl Stafford 143; Anna Taylor and Leyland delRe 354 (t? b?); Becky Briggs 340; Dan Brittain 444; Marlin Beasley 480; Kelsey Taylor 40; Connie Karduck 176 (t? b?); Bob Parr 272; Brad Oglesby 101 (t? b?); Joan Aldridge 29 (t? b?); Sarah Smith 406; Richard Schmeidler 254; Barbara Swetman 35; Ted Mercer 123b; Doron Henkin 378b; Amanda Denson 442.

The memorial lesson was led by Peter Pate. He offered a reading of the epitaph of Edward, the Black Prince, which encourages all to think on their own mortality. Peter suggested that we all think of family, friends, and Sacred Harp as a memorial to those who have gone before. Ginnie Ely led 502 for the sick and shut-in: Patti Benner, Joanne Starks, Patricia Pate (CA), Jerilyn Schumacher (IL), George Smith, Tony DeFusco (PA), Brenda Pena (NY), Elizabeth Hale (GA), Marie Davie (AZ), Louise Yates (MD), Richard McCann (DC), Ellchen Meyer-Bothling (Germany), Martin Kilmer (Canada).

Claire Chapin led 163b for the deceased: Mary McCarty, Richard Atherton, Stephen Haseltine (MA), Jack Chapin (CT), Bob Jurgenson (ME), Nancy Sorenson (IL), Roberta Adams (NJ), Sylvia Evans (OH), Michael Samartha (CA), Joe Beasley (NY and AL), Robert Mottingdorfer (NY), Ruth Fansler (NY and PA), Chris Rose (PA), John O. Duncan (TX), Harold Smith (WI), Dewey Williams (AL), Alan Davies, George Hescock, Jason Law, Henry Wu, William Oestreicher (MD), the Rev. Thomas Casey, Jane Morse, Stephanie Scheer, Colin Campbell (VA), Oskar Biehler (Germany).

Singing resumed with Tim Slattery and Miriam Kilmer leading 344.

George Seiler offered grace for lunch.


Singing resumed with Peter Pate leading 87. Leaders: Tom Tucker 142; Sara Davie 145b; Joanne Devoe 484; Joyce Saxon 236; Collin Wade 178; Michele Biery 532; Marty deNys 232; Gina Balestracci 474; Gary Smith 34b; Karen Foley 495; Fredrick Ratsenberger 436; Jean Seiler 415; John Daniel delRe and Tommy Hall 276; Sue Hanson 209; Lily Wade 448b; Kelly Macklin 157; Fred Beardsley 475; Kyle Greenlee 114.


Tim Slattery 32 (t? b?); Pat Temple 64; Guy Bankes 481; Gail Doss 274 (t? b?); Glen Wright 492; Hal Kunkel 470; Eric Bean 163 (t? b?); Steve Atlas 128; Janine Smith 542; Dottie Hurley 271 (t? b?); Blake Morris 270; Kacy Pate 106; Steven Sabol 250.

The resolutions committee report thanking all participants was received. Blake Morris led 212.

Announcements—8th Potomac River Sacred Harp convention will be held the first Sunday in April 1997 and Saturday before. Locations will be announced in the newsletters.

The closing song on page 62 was led, and all who wished took the “Parting Hand”.

Chair—Miriam Kilmer; Vice Chair—Mary Kay Friday; Treasurer—Kathy Tucker; Secretary—Kacy Pate.