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DeLong-Roberts Memorial Singing

Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, Dunwoody, Georgia

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The annual DeLong-Roberts Memorial Singing was opened with Chairman Richard DeLong leading 60. The morning prayer was offered by Elder Edward Cagle.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Matt DeLong and Jesse Roberts; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 57 (for Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy); Elder Jesse Roberts 213t; Matt DeLong 288; Andy Anderson 312b; Tony Hammock 148; Brady DeLong 37b; Reuben Ball 318; Andy Morse 540; Lee Rogers 569t; Cathy White 268; Eric Tweedy 269; Mike Castleberry 480; Joanne Bowman 101t; Lela Crowder 382 (in memory of Kenneth DeLong); Rachel Carlisle 460; John Plunkett 541.


Jesse Roberts brought the class back to order leading 101b. Leaders: Junie Wooten 503; Faye Holbrook 380 (for Charlotte Green, and in memory of Maggie Wood); Shane Ellis 112 (in memory of Doyle DeLong and Ruby DeLong); Nancy Yeager 45t (for her mother); Elder Edward Cagle 306; Duncan MacLeod 168; Shirley Ellis 454; Vaudie Sherer 143; Lewis Hughes 83t.


Matt DeLong called the class to order by leading 369. Leaders: Ed Thacker 471; Lucretia Franklin 153; Ashley Roberts 142 (for her sister, Jessica Altman); Leon Carnell 51; Malinda Snow 49b; Tim Haley 350; Janice Paulk 518.

Richard DeLong conducted the memorial lesson, and spoke of the significance of singers who left an impression on us. We sing for them for a year after their death and remember them at singings for years to come. They were, as we are, part of a family. Regardless of age, their death still hurts and we appreciate all who have come out to honor and respect this day and its meaning. Richard DeLong led 348b for the following deceased: John Hocutt, Ivalene Donaldson, Sherry Guthery, Hershell King, A.D. Chandler, Vera Blakeley, Jap Walton, Ellen Childers, Ida Dorrough Hartsfield, and Rayburn Humber—Alabama; Phil Tabor and Austin Burchett—Tennessee; Kelly Beard and Frances Daniels—Texas; Allen Fannin, Phyllis Flandreau, and Roxanne Mennella—New York; Laurette Wojcik—Vermont; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Ruth White—Illinois; Preston McClendon, Naomi Sailors, Elvera Lee, Maggie Wood, and Charlie Wellman—Georgia; Mark Ayers—South Carolina; Steven Hough—California; Alan McInnes—Maryland; Edward Whitworth—Mississippi; Tom Gibney—New Jersey; Diane Lewis Moles—Oregon. Matt DeLong and Richard DeLong led 34t for the deceased.

Judy Hauff led 70t for the sick and shut-ins. Those remembered were Marcia Johnson—Illinois; Raymond Hamrick, Nora Roberts, Loy Garrison, Dorothy Garrison, and Oscar McGuire—Georgia; Jessica Altman—Florida; Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama. Jesse Roberts offered comments and closed the memorial with prayer. Violet Thomason led 340 and 189.


Richard DeLong opened the afternoon session leading 349. Leaders: Wesley Haley 198; Cathy Williams 455; Ted Mercer 419; Kiri Miller 430 (in memory of Dean Slaton); Micah Roberts 354b; Jessica Beer 384; Martha Beverly 200; Henry Johnson 418; Judy Mincey 475; Jerry Enright 330b (in memory of Kelly Beard); Reba Windom 216; Joan Durdin 47t; Helen Bryson 411; Dan Huger 209; Karen Freund 448t; Carolyn Deacy 77t; Robert Chambless 72b; Laura Clawson 429; Frances Carnell 192; Debra Jones 32t; Dana Borrelli 106; Connie Stanton 66, Bill Beverly 504.


Matt Delong called the class to order leading 341. Leaders: John Smith 282; Jan Spencer 99; Deborah Grosse and Ann Grosse 551; Susan Posey 40; Toby Fisher 30t; Sandra Wilkinson 67; Mike Spencer 547; Matt Hinton 383; Connie Stanton and Jessica Beer 73t; Carolyn Deacy and Duncan MacLeod 89; Kiri Miller, Joanne Bowman, Dana Borrelli, and Laura Clawson 274t; Ted Mercer, Jerry Enright, Karen Freund, and Judy Hauff 400; Bill Beverly and Martha Beverly 497; Dan Huger and Lucy Sandig 347; Violet Thomason 358.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Jesse Roberts and Matt DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.

As this is the last year the class will be permitted to meet at Ebenezer, a Locating Committee was appointed to find a place for next year. The committee is composed of John Plunkett, Janice Paulk, and Jesse Roberts.

Announcements were made. Richard DeLong, Matt DeLong, Jesse Roberts, and Helen Bryson led 62 as the closing song. Elder Jesse Roberts offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Matt DeLong and Jesse Roberts; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.