Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention

Old Dekalb Courthouse - Decatur, Georgia

March 23-24, 1996

Saturday, March 23

The thirty-fifth session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March. The convention was called to order by Doug Allison leading song on page 59. Prayer was led by Jack Smith. Doug Allison led song on page 47 (t? b?) followed by Richard Whatley leading song on page 510; Jack Smith 63; Charlene Wallace 159. Members of various committees were called: Richard DeLong 57; Chris Carnell 324; Helen Bryson 179; Jeanette DePoy 475; Janice Paulk 477; Laurie Allison 335; Don Bowen 66; Liz Bryant 270; Frances Mary D’Andrea 192; Kelly Morris 47b; Judy Mincey 474; Kenneth DeLong 263; Dan Bailey 183; B. M. Smith 273; Linda Thomas 276; Reba Dell Windom 171; George Snider 551; Connie Karduck 460; Rev. Mike Hawkins 29 (t? b?); Jeanette Lowry 215; Everette Denney 123 (t? b?); Dave Ressler 411.


The class was called together by Doug Allison leading song on page 145 (t? b?). Leaders were: Margie Smith 373; Cathy White 178. A motion was made and duly seconded to go into the business session. Officers elected or appointed were: Chairman—Elder Jesse Roberts; Vice Chairman—Ted Mercer; Secretary and Treasurer—Charlene Wallace; Chaplain—Jack Smith; Arranging Committee—Richard DeLong and Doug Allison; Memorial Committee—G. C. Waldrep and Jeannette DePoy; Finance Committee—Laurie Allison, Dan Bailey, and Don Bowen; Resolutions Committee—Judy Mincey, Kelly Morris, and Helen Bryson; Locating Committee—Kenneth DeLong, Felton Denney, and Liz Bryant. Elder Jesse Roberts led song on page 245. Leaders called were: Sharon Kellam 76b; Dan Gibbons 455; Mark Bumgardner 569b; Carlene Griffin 516; Judy Wolber 452; Mel Kersey 120; Jack Smith 155; Jack Corley 168; Bob Bonnell 457; Mary Brownlee 501; Kate Hauk 236; Myra Tucker 84.


The afternoon session resumed with Ted Mercer leading song on page 121. Leaders were: John Plunkett 535; Karen Morris 77 (t? b?); Felton Denney 503; Otis Hester 542; Lou Cotney 218; Edith Tate 532; Faye Pettis 380; Hannah Roberts 329; Lissa Blood 71; Marie Aldridge 304; Rachel Carnell and Eric Carnell 480; Karen Isbell 142; B. J. Harris 445; Henry Zittrouer 235; Horace DeLong 45t, 384; Jessica Roberts 318; Karen Snowbird 547; Evelyn Harris 30 (t? b?).


Elder Jesse Roberts called the class together leading song on page 441. Leaders were: G. C. Waldrep 250; Lynn DeBenedette 200; Sharon Kermiet 216; Lynn Rosser Allen 65; Larry Olszewski 354b; Richard Green and Susan Green 350; Ashley Roberts 348 (t? b?); Kyle Greenlee 91; Debra Jones and Diana Shelton 504; Leanne Carnell 86; Mary F. Smith 170; Louis Hughes 31 (t? b?); Margie Dietz 46. Announcements. Elder Jesse Roberts and Ted Mercer led song on page 56 (t? b?) as the closing song. Jack Smith dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, March 24

The convention was called to order by Elder Jesse Roberts leading song on page 47 (t? b?). Jack Smith led the morning prayer. Ted Mercer led song on page 138 (t? b?). Leaders: Charlene Wallace 441; Linda Allen 66; Junie Wooten 203; Sara Jane Huggins 159; Susan Roberts 146; Carlene Griffin 225 (t? b?); John Hollingsworth 384; Louis Hughes 282; G. C. Waldrep 158; Don Bowen 556; Lynn DeBenedette 48 (t? b?); George Snider 143; Don Gibbins 362.


The class was called together by Elder Jesse Roberts leading song on page 344. Leaders: Jeanette DePoy 180; Myra Tucker 34b; John Green 170; Frances Mary D’Andrea 198; Kate Hauk 236; Otis Hester 195; Kenneth DeLong 365; Johnny Lee 31 (t? b?); Jacob Griffith 128; Joyce Harrison 320; Ashley Roberts 368.


Ted Mercer called the class together leading song on page 240. Leaders were: Liz Bryant 32b; Dan Bailey 117; Cathy White 155; Sharon Hamrick 385b; Kathy Lee 32 (t? b?); Cassie Franklin 328; Sharon Kermiet 82 (t? b?); Buell Cobb 86. Memorial lesson: For Georgia deceased: Randolph Mincey, Virginia Temple, Berol Elliott, Verma Kelly, Annette Blalock, Donald Stripling, Earnie Brown, Myrtle McGraw and Leroy McGraw; Helen Bryson led songs on pages 347 and 112. For Alabama deceased: Aver Crider, Agnes Hocutt, Dula Webb, Hoyt Renfroe, Ola Pruitt, Forney Cobb, Ervin Brothers, Jack Harcrow, Viola Barker, Lem Price, Ruby Gibson, Ervin Brothers, Irvin Creel, Kelsey Wootten, Dewey Williams, Aaron Keeton; Linda Thomas led song on page 503. For all the other states: Texas—Arnevis Norton and Dale Redmon, Sr.; Florida—Burris Pettis; Wisconsin—John Snowbird; New York—Joe Beasley; Mississippi—John Bain; Jessica Roberts led song on page 208. For all the sick and shut-ins: Gertrude Bateman, Eva Reeves, Hazel Cagle, William Headrick, Hermon Wilson, Eda Wilson, Fredna Smith, Mozelle Sheppard, Jerry Sheppard, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Freeman Wootten, Paul Hershberger, Elbert Smith and Guz Hoyer; Jeanette DePoy led song on page 72b. Kenneth DeLong closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session was called to order by Elder Jesse Roberts leading song on page 196. Leaders were: Richard Whatley 207; Jim Carnes 436; Laura Akerman 528; Bonnie Flowers 369; Raymond Hamrick 479; Joseph Johnson, Curator of Music History Museum, Macon, Georgia; Matthew DeLong 329; Connie Karduck 456; Reba Windom 224; Cindy Franklin 280; Jeanette Lowry 197; Dave Ressler 454; Clark Lee 120; Karen Isbell 448 (t? b?); Hannah Roberts 419; Martha Ann Stegar 324; Reuben Ball 497; Karen Snowbird 99; Sheri Taylor 380; Lissa Blood 373; Lee Family 47b, 49b.


The class resumed singing with Ted Mercer leading song on page 61. Leaders were: Lee Robers 354 (t? b?); Margie Dietz 410 (t? b?); Diane Wall 300; Andy Morse 455; Oscar McGuire 573; Angela Benton 147 (t? b?); Henry Johnson 68b; Alice West 313 (t? b?); B. M. Smith 28b; Billy Hollingsworth 63; David Lee 383; Teenie Moody 106; Judy Mincey 485; Sharon Kellam 79; Kyle Greenlee 178; Mary F. Smith 318; Dr. Jim Griffin 358. A motion was made and duly seconded to go into the business session. The Financial Report was given. Locating Committee was given, reporting that the 1997 session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention would be held at Big Creek Church, Alpharetta, Georgia. Resolutions Committee. We, the Resolutions Committee, would like to thank our God for allowing us the opportunity to meet together and raise our voices to sing. Our thanks for the beautiful spring weekend weather. We are thankful for the occasion to renew old friendships, and to cultivate new ones. Our thanks to the Dekalb Historical Society and Oakhurst Baptist Church for their generosity in allowing use to us this great room and the chairs. Continued thanks to all of the committees, organizers, and helpers for their willingness to serve, and their ability to do so with a smile and a kind word. We thank our God and Creaator for the opportunity to pass the legacy of Sacred Harp music along to those who are coming along and growing as individuals. We hereby resolve to urge new and continued support for new and more established singing throughout the state and nation. We resolve to encourage each one in attendance to take the time throughout the year to make a phone call to those who are ill and shut-in and unable to attend singings, in the hope that this may brighten their day. Lastly, we hope that each of you will be able to join us next year for the thirty-sixth Georgia State Convention. Respectfully submitted: Kelly Morris, Judy Mincey, and Helen Bryson. Business session closed. Announcements were made. Elder Jesse Roberts and Ted Mercer led song on page 62, “Parting Hand”, as the closing song. Dismissed with prayer by Jack Smith.

Chairman—Jesse Roberts; Vice Chairman—Ted Mercer; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.