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Potomac River Convention

Pohick Church, Lorton, Virginia; The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 2-3, 2005

Saturday, April 2

The sixteenth Potomac River Sacred Harp Convention opened at Pohick Church in Lorton, Virginia, at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday before the first Sunday in April.

The convention was called to order by Tom Tucker leading 34b. Marty De Nys offered the opening prayer.

Tom Tucker announced this year’s convention officers: Chair—Tom Tucker; Vice Chair—Miriam Kilmer; Treasurer—Frank Evans; Secretary—Mary Ann Daly.

Leaders: Rosemary Greenaway 47t; Carly Goss 410b; Miriam Kilmer 504; Steven Sabol 171; Beth Reed 475; Jim Strube 332; Linda Pendleton 148; Lee Schumacher 40; Mary De Nys 285t; Tim Slattery 344; Nora Dunn 157; John Hewes 513; Peter Pate 506; Frank Evans 501; Mary Ann Daly 440; Doron Henkin 442; Kathy Manning 222; Kevin Moreno 480.


The class resumed singing with Tom Tucker leading 270. Leaders: Bev Oneida 159; Marty De Nys 454; Kelly Macklin 328; Guy Bankes 486; Pat Temple 473; Aldo Ceresa 430; John delRe 348b; Erin Kelly 129; John Holbrook 339; Joni Seidenstein 195; Blake Morris 73t; Mary Wright 350; Eric Hildebrandt 236; Leyland delRe 444; Adrian Mariano 564; Kim Moreno 284; Bill Holt 352; Jan Ketelle 168; Cathy Tucker 330t.


Tim Slattery brought the class to order leading 68b. Leaders: Berk Meitzler 496; Judy Mincey 538; Chris Thorman 362; Charlie Pilzer 228; Fred Beardsley 474; Laura Densmore 419; Leslie Alperin 178; John Daniel delRe 86; Joyce Guthrie 63; Kyle Greenlee 47b; Howard Frost 115; Amanda Denson Brady 277; Carly Goss 142; Miriam Kilmer 378b; Steven Sabol 383; Beth Reed 547; Lee Schumacher 117; Jim Strube 66; Nora Dunn 450; Tim Slattery 300; Mary De Nys 229; John Hewes 410t; Peter Pate 197.


Tom Tucker brought the class together leading 30b. Leaders: Frank Evans 82t; Mary Ann Daly 53; Jim Brady 77t; Howard Frost 297; Leyland delRe 505; Blake Morris 67; Kim Moreno 163t; Marty De Nys 269; Jan Ketelle 212; Bill Holt 299; Berk Meitzler 99; Judy Mincey 376; Kevin Moreno 528; John Holbrook 445; Pat Temple 33t; Aldo Ceresa 224; Eric Hildebrandt 551.

Guy Bankes led 327 as the closing song. Elder Steven Bloyd gave the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, April 3

The Sunday session, held at The Grange in Great Falls, Virginia, was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Tom Tucker leading 48t. Mary Ann Daly offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Laura Densmore 148; Charlie Pilzer 299; Leslie Alperin 155; Mary Wright 114; Tom Tucker 510; Erin Kelly 368; Steven Sabol 201; Bev Oneida 313b; John Holbrook 270; Kelly Macklin 139; Faye Bresler 86; Bill Holt 217; Kathy Manning 313t; Miriam Kilmer 163b; Aldo Ceresa 273; Cathy Tucker 350; Adrian Mariano 203; Ginny Huszagh 218; John delRe 365; John Hewes 121; Carly Goss 432; John Horst 354b.


The class resumed singing with Peter Pate leading 37b. Leaders: Tim Slattery 36b; Doron Henkin 192; Leyland delRe 528; Berk Meitzler 426t; Joni Seidenstein 296; Guy Bankes 54; Rosemary Greenaway 503; Frank Evans 38t; Barbara Wilson 178; Eric Hildebrandt 532.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Guy Bankes and Kathy Manning, who spoke first, read the names of the sick and shut-ins, and led 70b in their honor: Shelbie Sheppard, Jeff Sheppard, Shirley Beam, Anita Twichell, Marjorie Myers, Marilyn Darch, Gene Reid, Robin Creamer, and Diane Knippers.

Guy Bankes spoke, read the names of the deceased, and then led 549. Those remembered included Elvera Dowling Lee—Georgia; John Hocutt—Alabama; Donald Strube, Nancy Mullinex, Judy Crow, Margaret Rennie, Jim Malone, and Ralph Kroll—Virginia; Dawn Culbertson and Anne Broussard—Maryland; Al Fannin, Joy Wheeler, and Roxanna Mennella—New York; Art Broadus and Rhea Gaunt—North Carolina; Chery Doehler—New Jersey; Lt. Travis Fuller—Massachusetts; Florence Benson—Michigan; Ada Mergus—Ohio; Mike Milton and Mary Ann Williamson—Washington, D.C. ; Aaron Primas—Illinois; Kelly Beard—Texas; Donald Beringer—California; Pope John Paul II. Mary Ann Daly closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Peter Pate 396; Gail Doss 222; Mary Ann Daly 274b; Judy Mincey 475; Pat Temple 373; Liz Cusick 569b; Nora Dunn 146. Ruth Everhart offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by John delRe leading 49b. Leaders: Cathy Tucker 480; Erin Kelly 206; Eric Bean 47b; Amanda Denson Brady 345b; John Holbrook 282; Laura Densmore 542; Gail Doss 505; Bill Holt 550; Ginny Huszagh 228; John Horst 412; Carly Goss 433; Aldo Ceresa 269; Judy Mincey 34t; Pat Temple 189; Doron Henkin 260; Leslie Alperin 209; Charlie Pilzer 344; Mary Wright 71; Eric Hildebrandt 198; Liz Cusick 497; Owen Kelly 128.


The class was brought to order by Marty De Nys leading 34b. Leaders: Jim Strube 268; Miriam Kilmer 107; Marty De Nys 147t; Tim Slattery 171; Nora Dunn 101t; Guy Bankes 193; Rosemary Greenaway 72b; Eric Bean 285t; Nicholas Schliapin 490; Kathy Manning 186; Beth Branscome 74b; Peter Pate 137.

A business session was held to hear reports from officers and committees.

The Treasurer reported that the collection would cover convention expenses.

The Secretary reported that a total of sixty-two leaders from fourteen states led 162 songs during the two days of singing by 174 registrants.

Rosemary Greenaway presented the Resolutions Committee Report, thanking especially Tom Tucker and his wife Cathy for their love and labor as the “den parents” of Potomac River.

Chair Laura Densmore, Tom Tucker, and Cathy Tucker led 446 and 62 as the closing songs. Marty De Nys offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Tom Tucker; Vice Chair—Miriam Kilmer; Secretary—Mary Ann Daly.