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Keystone Sacred Harp Convention

Chadds Ford Historical Society, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

January 22-23, 2005

Saturday, January 22

The seventh annual Keystone Sacred Harp Convention was held at Chadds Ford Historical Society in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in January. Chairman Laura Densmore led 28b to bring the class to order. Thom Metzger offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Laura Densmore; Treasurer—Barbara Swetman; Secretary—Carol Myers; Memorial Committee—Guy Bankes and Jim Pfau.

Leaders: Carol Myers 282; Doron Henkin 228; Guy Bankes 77b; Laura Parrish 178; Sally O’Brien 168; Ted Stokes 417; Chloe Maher 368; Susan Bingham 361; Sue Hanson 299; Gina Balestracci 430; Kim Moreno 284; Paula Picton 522; Margaret Bornick 203; Claire Simon 551; Ginnie Ely 546; Jim Pfau 480; Roland Hutchinson 250; Paul Gauthier 200; George Pomfret 352.


Doron Henkin brought the class back to order leading 148. Leaders: Gabriel Kastelle 369; Aldo Ceresa 186; Victoria Bolles 532; George Seiler 347; Cindy Sadler 177; Thom Metzger 101b; Kelly Macklin 485; Nora Dunn 171; Barbara Swetman 35; Eileen Metzger 376; Frank Griggs 142; Jean Seiler 273; John delRe 300; Anne Johnston 111b; Kevin Moreno and Yeger Karatov 220; Erin Kelly 234; Ron Bornick 454; Denise Kania 500; Laura Parrish 146; Laura Densmore 83t; Carly Goss 56b; Ina Henkin 71; Doron Henkin 192; Guy Bankes 350; Sally O’Brien 163t. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by George Seiler.


The afternoon session began with Laura Densmore leading 479. Leaders: Nancy Tkacs 49b; Steve Hoyt and Ted Stokes 122; LeMar Matthew 163t; Chloe Maher 495; Paul Gauthier 162; Jim Picton 328; George Pomfret 66; Paula Picton 269; Denise Kania 217; Ginnie Ely 196; Kevin Moreno 540; Anne Johnston 106; Hal Kunkel 380; Margaret Bornick 38t; Jean Seiler 87; Thom Metzger 99; Victoria Bolles 474; Eileen Metzger 421; George Seiler 326; Susan Bingham 107; Ted Stokes 125; Gina Balestracci 210; Aldo Ceresa 198; Barbara Swetman 475.


The class was brought back to order by Susan Munch leading 40. Leaders: Claire Simon 497; Ina Henkin and Doron Henkin 160b; Sue Hanson 481; John delRe 326; Nora Dunn 131b; Roland Hutchinson 242; Barbara Swetman 542; Carly Goss 448t; Kelly Macklin 468; Ron Bornick 84; Kim Moreno 179; Erin Kelly 31t; Frank Griggs 344; Steve Hoyt and Kevin Moreno 82b; LeMar Matthew 317; Laura Densmore 528; Jim Pfau and Denise Kania 270.

Laura Densmore led 335 as the closing song, and Barbara Swetman dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, January 23

Laura Densmore led 34b to bring the Sunday morning session to order. Eileen Metzger offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Carol Myers 86; George Seiler 32t; Aldo Ceresa 29t; Ginnie Ely 313t; Margaret Bornick 313b; Paul Gauthier 59; Jim Pfau 39t; Erin Kelly 48t; Eileen Metzger 201; Jean Seiler 209; Thom Metzger and Mairi Quodomine 268; Gina Balestracci 114; Denise Kania 274t; Barbara Swetman 203; Roland Hutchinson 543; Gabriel Kastelle 383; Ron Bornick and Sally O’Brien 178.


The class was called back to order by Paula Picton leading 155. Leaders: Steve Hoyt 82t; Victoria Bolles 503; Frank Griggs 77t.

Guy Bankes conducted the memorial lesson for the deceased and led 549 in their memory. Those remembered were Regina Kania, Cheryl Doehler, Allen Fannin, Elise Balestracci, Katherine Elder, Gerald Bushnell, Elve Halvor, Dawn Culbertson, Roxanna Mennella, Irv Kass, Gene Garvin, Marie Hanss, J.C. Hardin, Margaret Rennie, and Raymond Pfau.

Jim Pfau led 371 for the sick and shut-ins. Those included were Jane Roman, Alexander Antal, Marilyn Darch, Margaret Peckman, Ann Sayvetz, Jennifer Schugam, Treva Fitz, and Amanda Denson Brady. George Seiler closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Doron Henkin 157; Sally O’Brien 277; George Pomfret 147 (t? b?); Laura Densmore and Doug Miller 201; Hal Kunkel 546; Kevin Moreno 70t; Susan Bingham 455; Cindy Sadler 378b; Kelly Macklin 216; Joan Trout and Ted Stokes 282; Paula Picton 475; Ina Henkin 29b; Anne Johnston 339. Jean Seiler offered prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Barbara Swetman leading 497. Leaders: Ted Stokes 72b; Kim Moreno 32t; Guy Bankes 481; Sue Hanson 473; Nora Dunn 131t; John delRe 272; Carly Goss 440; Carol Myers 112; George Seiler 99; Aldo Ceresa 128; Ginnie Ely 454; Jim Pfau 496; Erin Kelly 68b; Paul Gauthier 499; Eileen Metzger 235; John delRe and Kelly Macklin 433; Thom Metzger 319; Margaret Bornick 236; Denise Kania 474; Jean Seiler 442; Gina Balestracci 163b.


The class was brought back to order by Ginnie Ely leading 117. Leaders: Cindy Sadler 569b; Barbara Swetman 312t; Ron Bornick 84; Gabriel Kastelle 180; Victoria Bolles 498; Roland Hutchinson 287; Steve Hoyt and Laura Densmore 28b; Frank Griggs 362; Lamar Matthew 373; Ina Henkin 369; Sally O’Brien 95; George Pomfret 535; Laura Densmore 542; Hal Kunkel 333; Kevin Moreno 189; Doron Henkin 260; Ted Stokes 61; Kim Moreno 288; Sue Hanson 452; Nora Dunn 36b; Carly Goss 299; Claire Simon 547; Susan Bingham 340.

Laura Densmore led 62 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Laura Densmore; Secretary—Carol Myers.