Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Quebec Shape Note Convention

Waterville and Way’s Mills, Quebec, Canada

July 16-17, 2004

Friday, July 16

The Friday session of the ninth annual Quebec Convention was held at the Jubilee Hall, Waterville, Quebec. The class was called to order by Cheryl Stroud leading 47t, followed by an opening prayer.

Leaders: Bob Parr 171; Paul Gauthier 34b; Christopher Wesolowski 143; Pleasance Crawford 68b; Chuck Neville 49b; Gaston White 84; Jackie Hall 217; Adrienne Stevenson 504; Sumner Roberts 148; Bobbie Goodell 33b; Cathy Brochet 163t; Bob Parr 276; Paul Gauthier 74b; Christopher Wesolowski 107; Pleasance Crawford 99; Chuck Neville 569b; Gaston White 66; Cheryl Stroud 455.


The class resumed singing with Cheryl Stroud leading 117. Leaders: Sumner Roberts 135; Adrienne Stevenson 503; Bob Parr 475; Jackie Hall 410t; Gloria Thompson 155; Paul Gauthier 282; Cathy Brochet 547; Bobbie Goodell 198; Christopher Wesolowski 300; Chuck Neville 147t; Pleasance Crawford 178; Gaston White 186; Gloria Thompson 454; Sumner Roberts 287; Cheryl Stroud 183. After announcements were made, David Dutton led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Saturday, July 17

The Saturday session was held in the Way’s Mills Community Centre. The class was brought to order by Gloria Thompson leading 266. David Dutton offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Adrienne Stevenson 49 (t? b?); Gaston White 40; Gloria Thompson 146; Sumner Roberts 451; Wendy Gilchrist 313b; Pleasance Crawford 524; Diane Holmland 124; Mary Jo Shafer 47b; Roger Geroux 55; Eric Metzler 295; Adrienne Stevenson 288; Scott Luscombe 362; Leonard Spencer 260; Bob Parr 270; Jackie Hall 528; Paul Gauthier 384; Cathy Brochet 86; Cheryl Stroud 107; Bobbie Goodell 171; Christopher Wesolowski 268; Joan Brunskill 452; Gaston White 236; Mary Jo Shafer 319.

Chuck Neville conducted the memorial lesson. The names of the sick and shut-ins were read by Cheryl Stroud, and song on page 347 was led in their honor. Those remembered were: P.J. Dean, Erella Ganon, Priscilla Baker, Grace Kelley, and Beverly Bronson.

The list of the deceased was read and 47b was sung in their memory. Those remembered were: Annie Molnar, Blake Lloyd, Sarah Marie Kinsley, Bettle Massett, Camillus Baker, Myrtle Holmlund, Jean Johnson, William Holmlund, Heather Fisher, Ada Keays, Dorothy Yeramian, and Mary Logsdon. The memorial was concluded.

Leaders: Sumner Roberts 315; Wendy Gilchrist 565; Gloria Thompson 59; Pleasance Crawford 65; Diane Holmlund 274 (t? b?); Roger Geroux 448b; Eric Metzler 81t. Cheryl Stroud led 180 as Grace for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Phil Dutton leading 299. Leaders: Adrienne Stevenson 335; Scott Luscombe 532; Coronne Bryant 52b; Leonard Spencer 442; Bob Parr 440; Jackie Hall “Ten Thousand Charms”; Paul Gauthier 89; Bobbie Goodell 228; Christopher Wesolowski 143; John Brunskill 84; Chuck Neville 163b; Gaston White 49b (words from 45t); Mary Jo Shafer 82t; Sumner Roberts 113; Susan Miller-Coulter 410t; Wendy Gilchrist 56b; Gloria Thompson 497; Pleasance Crawford 461; Diane Holmlund 162; Roger Geroux 334; Eric Metzler 159; Cathy Brochet 178.


The class was brought to order by Phil Dutton leading 66. Leaders: Adrienne Stevenson 480; Scott Luscombe 193; Coronne Bryant 73 (t? b?); Leonard Spencer 218; Bob Parr 556; Elka Schumann 163t; Jackie Hall 344; Paul Gauthier 499; Bobbie Goodell 174; Christopher Wesolowski “Captain Kidd”; Chuck Neville 569b; Gaston White 34b; Mary Jo Shafer 45t; Sumner Roberts 341.

It was reported that there were participants from two Canadian provinces (Ontario and Quebec), and that seven states were represented: Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio, and Alabama. There was also one participant from France. There were 50 (t? b?) registered participants and 24 leaders.

Committee members were thanked for their hard work in carrying out their duties.

Announcements were made of upcoming singings and conventions. Next year’s convention will be held on July 15th and 16th.

Phil Dutton led 62 as the closing song. Chuck Neville offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairpersons—Chuck Neville and Cheryl Stroud; Secretaries—Phil Dutton and Evelyn Rose.