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Vermont State Singing

Burke Town School Hall, West Burke, Vermont

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The singing was called to order by Chairman Brian Keith leading 452. Laura Timmerman offered an opening prayer. Chairman Brian Keith welcomed the class.

Leaders: Larry Gordon 272; Ian Smiley 32b; Linda Wells 178; Rick Johnston 172; Dan Hertzler 171; Sheila Kelley 155; Patty Cuyler 217; L.H. Spencer 260; Fred Emigh 228; Wendy Gilchrist 300; Debby Moody 400; Mike McCarthy 461; Jackie Hall 528; Elka Schumann 28t; Paul Setford 40. RECESS

Chairman Brian Keith called the class to order with 523. Leaders: Dave Evans 129; Peter Amidon 77t; Denise Morris 48t; Matt Wojcik 186; Tom Malone 180; Bill Holt 274t; Bruce Kokerno 38t; Bob Parr 542; Larry Gordon 383; Ian Smiley 71; Linda Wells 163b; Eric Hildebrant 551; Robert Stoddard 29t; Sheila Kelley 299; Rick Johnston 145t; Dan Hertzler 384; Patty Cuyler 538; L.H. Spencer 86; Wendy Gilchrist 569b; Fred Emigh 47b; Debby Moody 114; Jackie Hall 503; Paul Setford 273.

Tony Barrand conducted the memorial lesson, and led 288. The following sick and shut-ins remembered were: Gary Smith—Alabama; Kris Kingsbury—Connecticut; Bill Miller-Coulter—New York; Priscilla Baker, Grace Kelley, and Alice Peabody—Vermont.

The deceased remembered were: Laurette Wojcik—Connecticut; Judy Wagner—New Hampshire; Betty Haile—North Carolina; Olivia Sole—Ohio; Richard Fehr and Mildred Ziegler—Pennsylvania; Rachel Tonnes—Rhode Island; Catharine Templeton—Texas; Christine Brown, Bob Fontecha, Effie Hall, Tom Hayes, Ryan Hallegan, Howard Northrup, John Sheldon, and Louis Studer—Vermont; David Moody and Rodger Shepard—Washington; Ada Brochet—Canada; Earnest Coupland—England. The memorial was concluded.

Leaders: Peter Amidon 196; Eric Fellinger 107; Janet Ross 50t; Dave Evans 95b; Matt Wojcik 224. Dan Hertzler offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Brian Keith called the class to order with 535. Leaders: Bill Holt 236; Bruce Kokerno 209; Larry Gordon 532; Denise Morris 506; Bob Parr 270; Ron Begley 410t; Tom Malone 229; Janet Ross 567; Sheila Kelley 168; Eric Fellinger 282; Rosie Wojcik 475; Peter Amidon 146; L.H. Spencer 218; Patty Cuyler 173; Wendy Gilchrist 56b; Fred Emigh 455; Rick Johnston 337; Debby Moody 457; Dave Evans 215. Announcements were made. Next year’s Vermont Singing will be on March 19, 2005 (a change from the usual last Saturday formula, because of Easter).


Ian Smiley recalled the class with song 210. Leaders: Jackie Hall 497; Paul Setford 448t; Peter Amidon “Bainbridge” (by S. Spitzer); Matt Wojcik 189; Elka Schumann 319; Robert Stoddard 203; Paul Gauthier 499; Ron Lucas 268; Dan Hertzler 284; Bill Holt 352; Larry Gordon 269; Denise Morris 454; Eric Fellinger 335; Bob Parr 222; Tom Malone 53; Sheila Kelley 323t.

The Resolutions Committee gave their report, thanking all who helped with the singing.

Dan Hertzler led 159, inviting new singers into the square; led 62 as the closing song, while the class took the parting hand; offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Brian Keith; Vice Chairman—Elka Schumann; Treasurer—Peter Amidon; Secretary—Laura Timmerman.