Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pauline Creel Childers Birthday Singing

First Methodist Church, Wayne, Michigan

Saturday, March 6, 2004

The fourth annual Pauline Creel Childers Birthday Singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Henry Schuman leading 30t. Elder Jim Herr offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Henry Schuman 171; Danny Creel 196; Cathryn Baker 472; Pauline Childers 212, 318; Bill Beverly 304; Edith Tate 532; Samuel Sommers 316; Cassie Franklin 220; Jim Herr 33b; Loraine Bayer 406; Ted Mercer 352; Rachel Baker 388.


Henry Schuman brought the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Beth Todd 234; Harrison Creel 111b; Clara Herr 479; Jackie Tanner 208; Regina Bayer 181; Jim Coppock 377; Amber Davis 224; Steve Kasperick-Postellon 448b; Lucy Heidorn 155; Martha Beverly 501; Ken Tate 389; Mary Postellon 353; Jerry Enright 216; Clarissa Springfield 108t; John Bealle 434; Sue Probert 547; Cindy Tanner 189; Jerry Creason 569b.


The class was reassembled by Cathryn Baker leading 277. Leaders: Joe Todd 179; B.J. Schnorenberg 354b; Tony Kiser 87; Karen Freund 300; Ted Johnson 440; Marcia Johnson 32b (for those who have been sick and home bound this year); Marcia Johnson and Pauline Childers 288 (for the Creels who have passed away: Marie Aldridge, Hayden Creel, and Lucille Tolbert); Jo Schultz 84; Dennis George 460; Idy Kiser 312b; Linda Coppock 485; Jubal Bayer 114; Hans Bayer 128; Ann Miczulski 145b; John Bayer 71; Steve Duff 178. Elder Jim Herr offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Martha Beverly called the class back to order for the afternoon session leading 344. Leaders: Flarce Creel 475; Henry Schuman and Amber Davis “Happy Birthday” (to celebrate the 89th birthday of Pauline Creel Childers); Amber Davis 192; Charles Wells 38b; Marcia Johnson 436; Hannah Baker 335; Mary List 467; Eloise Clark 480; Greg Creech 127; Ann Jett 496; Henry Schuman 528; Charlotte Wolfe 31t; Danny Creel 498; Pauline Childers and Wayne Murphree 67; members of the Creel family 342; Dennis George 518; Cindy Tanner 198; Ken Tate 73t; Cassie Franklin and Jackie Tanner 477; Ted Mercer 88t.


Samuel Sommers brought the class to order leading 133. Leaders: Jackie Tanner 298; Clarissa Springfield 76b; Harrison Creel 378b; Regina Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 159; Edith Tate and Lucy Heidorn 146, 37b; Jerry Enright and Karen Freund 101t; John Bealle and Eloise Clark 276; Ann Jett and Cassie Franklin 269; Bill Beverly and Martha Beverly 86; Joe Todd and Beth Todd 373; Ted Johnson and Marcia Johnson 222; Jim Herr and Clara Herr 504; Teddy Creel, Cindy Tanner, and Ken Tate 358; Cathryn Baker, Hannah Baker, and Rachel Baker 148; John Bayer and Lorraine Bayer 53; Jim Coppock and Linda Coppock 142.

Announcements were made. Samuel Sommers, Bill Beverly, and Martha Beverly led 62 as the closing song. Elder Jim Herr gave the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Henry Schuman; Vice Chairpersons—Jennifer Hanford and Laurie Schuman; Secretary—Martha Beverly.