Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young Peoples’ Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Shady Grove (Keeton Cemetery), Nauvoo, Alabama

July 29, 1995

The fifteenth session of the Young Peoples’ Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Chairman Bruce Rye leading song on page 37b. Bruce Rye led the morning prayer. The class was organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Bruce Rye; Vice Chairman—Dorothea McCowan; Secretary—Bonnie Rye; Arranging Committee—Cassie Franklin and Sandra Bell; Memorial Committee—Philip Gilmore and Chris Bell; Resolutions Committee—Beth Odell and Amber Ballinger. Bruce Rye led song on page 36b. Leaders: Teresa Ballinger 358, 147t; Emily Ballinger 34 (t? b?), 186; Amber Ballinger 155, 400; Jill Ballinger 47t, 100; Amanda Ballinger 30t, 300; Chris Bell 384, 46; Justin Keeton 546, 385b; Kevin Bell 45t; Kevin Bell and Bradley Keeton 345t; Dorothea McCowan 475, 196; Beth Odell 189, 442.


Dorothea McGowan called the class together leading song on page 145b. Leaders: Cassie Franklin 485, 391; Paula Gilmore 566, 285t; Ricky Beasley 47b, 30b; Philip Gilmore 77t, 376; Tommy Beasley 348b, 31b; Ashley Keeton 343b, 354b; Edwin Ballinger 222, 299.


The afternoon session resumed with Bruce Rye leading song on page 76b. Leaders: David Ballinger 111b, 108t; David Beasley 39 (t? b?), 59; Joshua Keeton 117, 111t; Earl Ballinger 87; Gerry Hoffman 61, 114; Glenn Keeton 215, 361; Bonnie Rye 176b, 209. Philip Gilmore led songs on pages 445b and 129 for the Memorial Lesson remembering all those who had passed away in the last year and for our sick and shut-ins. As was decided last year, the Young Peoples’ Singing is dedicated to the memory of Ashley Ballinger. Donations may be mailed to Larry Ballinger or Johnnie Ballinger, Rt. 2, Box 78a, Fayette, Alabama 35555. A short business meeting reported a balance from 1994 of $52.00. This year’s collection was $135.00 to be carried over for 1996. The business session was closed and singing continued with the following leaders: Pam Keeton 142, 220; Cindy Franklin 137, 269; Jimmy Ballinger 565, 529b (?); Sandra Bell 276; Larry Ballinger 112; Marie Aldridge 216, 316; Delores Canerday 35; Ann Ballard 284; Estes Jackson 277; Jewel Wootten 146; Jewel Wootten and Linda Thomas 34b; Edith Tate 532; Harrison Creel 342; Becky Briggs 480; Velton Chafin 225b; John Beasley 317. Bruce Rye closed the singing leading songs on pages 352 and 33b (by request). Glenn Keeton dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bruce Rye; Vice Chairman—Dorothea McCowan; Secretary—Bonnie Rye.