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Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention

Niwot, Colorado

September 27-28, 2003

Saturday, September 27

The fourteenth session of the Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Daniel Davis leading 34b. The opening prayer was given by David Lee.

Leaders: Sharon Kermiet 84; Ginny Ely 313t; Leon Ballinger 299; John Schaffer 350; Mary Lou Van Laanen 49b; Joanne Hoover 40; David Lee 99; Claire Singleton 178; Toby Tenenbaum 124; Carol Selleck 179; Hill Grimmet 195; Katharine Hough 372; Kathy Lee 146; Brent Wilson 72b; Earl Ballinger 331; Deb Robson 452; Johnny Lee 503; Jeanne Schaffer 198; Berk Meitzler 496; Jenny Jensen 441; John Holbrook 480; Anita Landess 540.


Singing resumed with Mike Hinton leading 373. Leaders: Ed Stevens 282; Peggy Brayfield 148; David Hough 32b; Connie Stanton 108t; Kirk Dameron 155; Rhonda Griswold 128; Louise Tenenbaum 457; Gary Gronau 362; Pamela Carson 361; Stan Jensen 217; Marilyn Murata 274 (t? b?); Chris Kermiet 324; Sharman Wilson 277; Laurie Sommers 135; Daniel Davis 216; Donald Klein 45b; Ginnie Ely 196; Earl Ballinger 187; Claire Singleton 455; Kathy Lee 171; Toby Tenenbaum 370; Hill Grimmet 497; Peggy Brayfield 344. Chaplain Russ Nye offered prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called together by John Schaffer leading 313b. Leaders: Stan Jensen 565; David Lee 39t; Deborah Johnson 31t; John Holbrook 162; Joanne Hoover 477; Sharon Kermiet 385b; Connie Stanton 66; Leon Ballinger 490; Brent Wilson 551; Louise Tenenbaum 267; Nancy Nordz 82t; David Hough 384; Carol Selleck 82b; Berk Meitzler 569b; Sharman Wilson 159; Johnny Lee 175b.


Singing resumed with Mike Hinton leading 543. Leaders: Katherine Hough 269; Ed Stevens 347; Deb Robson 276; Jenny Jensen 448t; Don Klein 139; Pamela Carson 532; Anita Landess 164; Rhonda Griswold 147t; Gary Gronau 411; Daniel Davis 65; Sandy Klein 209.

Marilyn Murata led 46 as the closing song, Russ Nye offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 28

The Sunday morning session was called to order by John Schaffer leading 32t. Russ Nye offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Sharon Kermiet 189; Mike Hinton 418; Joanne Hoover 481; Leon Ballinger 175; Peggy Brayfield 48b; Earl Ballinger 177; Kathy Lee 490; Ed Stevens 294; Deb Robson 34t; David Hough 30t; Mimi Wright 39t; Toby Tenenbaum 86; Claire Singleton 454; Johnny Lee 566; Nancy Nordz 114; Daniel Davis 40; Katherine Hough 376; Ginnie Ely 475; Berk Meitzler 426t; Connie Stanton 34b; Hill Grimmet 250; Mary Lou Van Laanen 68b.


Singing resumed with David Lee leading 76b and 229, followed by Daniel Davis “Gallup” (his own composition).

Ginnie Ely and Kathy Lee conducted the memorial lesson. Ginny Ely remarked about the purpose of this service and quoted appropriate words from many of the songs, and then led 122 for those who have passed away this past year.

The deceased remembered were: B.E. Matthews—Texas; Ruth Brown and James Lavaughn Ballinger—Alabama; Everette Denny—Georgia; Lillian St. Clair Meitzler—Connecticut; Esther St. Clair Ammann—Massachusetts; Reid Sanders—California; Ellen Klein—South Dakota; Arnie Newton—Colorado; Mary Margaret Hill Grimmet—Missouri.

Kathy Lee led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: G.L. Hinton and Marlin Beasley—Alabama; Ophelia Matthews—Texas; Virginia Evans—Illinois; Sara Reba—Connecticut; Michele Casson—Vancouver, British Columbia; Violet Forbes and Jeri Krafft—Colorado. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Jeanne Schaffer 143; Alice Poinier 163b; David Hough 270; Loraine Berger 66; Anita Landess 170; Marilyn Murata 224; Don Klein 512; Sharon Kermiet 180.

Prayer was offered by Russ Nye.


The afternoon session was called together by Leon Ballinger leading 503 and 137. Leaders: Sandy Klein 117; John Schaffer 236; Mike Hinton 365; Peggy Brayfield 504; Carol Selleck 401; Joanne Hoover and David Lee 235 (walking time to the tune); David Lee 47b; Toby Tenenbaum 268; Connie Stanton 36b; Linda Jones 59; Loraine Berger 159; Ed Stevens 288; Mimi Wright 319; Earl Ballinger 123t; Claire Singleton 474; Nancy Nordz 107; Katherine Hough 378b; Berk Meitzler 148; Alice Poinier 198; Ginnie Ely 546.


Daniel Davis brought the class to order leading 183 and “La Bajada” (his own composition); Hill Grimmet 327; David Hough 371; Joanne Hoover 408.

A business session was held to hear reports from various committees.

Many thanks were extended to all the officers and their committees who did an outstanding job to make this convention possible, and to those responsible for the wonderful food.

The generous donations covered the expenses.

The Rocky Mountain Convention will be held in New Mexico next year with the date, time, and place announced at a later time.

Sharon Kermiet led 62 as the closing song, Russ Nye offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Secretary—Jeanne Schaffer and John Schaffer.