Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Alabama State Convention

Mt. Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church, North Birmingham, Alabama

November 25-26, 1995

Saturday, November 25

The ninety-sixth session of the Alabama State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Chairman Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was led by Elder Edwin Farris. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 35; Harrison Creel 30t; Jewel Wootten and Linda Thomas 47t; Elder Edwin Farris 285t; Reba Windom 171; Cindy Franklin 269; Shelbie Sheppard 106; Lonnie Rogers 343; Margie Smith 284; Edith Tate 532; Cassie Franklin 344; Don Bowen 475 for Virgil Phillips; Mae Seymour 336; Mel Kersey 68b; Willie Mae Moon 441; Mark Davis 240; Flarce Creel 454.


The singing continued with Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 270. This year’s convention was dedicated to Virgil Phillips who is in the hospital. Leaders: B. M. Smith 273; Daphene Causey 306; Clark Lee 503b; Samuel Sommers 279; James Cain 384; Walt Graff 371; Kit Pfau 145t; Aubrey Barfield 480; Danny Creel 383; Mary Oruc 49b; Mike Veech 277; Karen Rollins 143; Velton Chafin 372; John Etheridge 319.


The singing began with Harrison Creel leading song on page 111b. Leaders: John Plunkett 71; Rachel Lee 388; Mary Elizabeth Lee 354b; Travis Keeton 426t; Keith Willard 39t; Marcia Johnson 448t; Louis Hughes 378t; Jeanette Lowry 74b; Coy Ivey 546; Melanie Hauff 218; John Hocutt 236; Becky Browne 215; Larry Ballinger 151; Nancy Van Den Akker 361; Bud Oliver 73t; Leigh Barr 28b; Herby Bailey 34b.


Jeff Sheppard called the class together leading song on page 87. Leaders: Wanda Capps 146 for Clayton Ezell; Roy Nelson 434; Glenn Salisbury 268. A business session was held. Officers elected or appointed were: Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Bud Oliver; Secretaies—Jewel Wootten and Linda Thomas; Chaplain—Elder Edwin Farris; Arranging Committee—Coy Ivey, Margie Smith, and Edith Tate; Memorial Committee—Becky Browne, Sarah Smith, and Ruth Brown; Finance Committee—B. M. Smith, Cassie Franklin, and Willie Mae Moon; Resolutions Committee—Judy Hauff, Azilee Adams, and John Hocutt. End of business session. Leaders: Corene White 314; Ann Jett 327; Joe Nall 142; Jenny Willard 53; Ted Johnson 50t; Stanley Smith 528 for Rosa Hughes; B. M. Smith led 137 for Virgil Phillips who was on the phone from the hospital; Pearl Guier 49t; David Lee 101t; John delRe 333; Joyce Walton 147t; Tommie Spurlock 430; Norma Latham 369; Ted Mercer 296; Unie B. Howard 58; Arthur Gilmore and Jimmie Gilmore 288.


The singing resumed with Bud Oliver leading song on page 39b. Leaders: Everette Denney 335; Marie Aldridge 216; J. C. Denney 155; Kathy Lee 31t; Gary Gronau 436; Susan Harcrow 200; Jesse Swindal 401; Eron White 186; Jerry Enright 300; Lou Cotney 189; Richard DeLong 472; Peggy Brayfield 547; Robert Meek 178; Julietta Haynes 222; Stephen McMaster 535; Charles Farris 460; Lee Rogers 350. Harrison Creel and Bud Oliver led the closing song on page 348b. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Edwin Farris.

Sunday, November 26

The Sunday session began with Harrison Creel leading song on page 317. The morning prayer was led by Elder Edwin Farris. Leaders: Bud Oliver 32 (t? b?); Jewel Wootten and Linda Thomas 159; Coy Ivey, Margie Smith, and Edith Tate 63; John Daniel delRe 213 (t? b?); Judy Mincey 556; Edward Howton and Peggy Bergman 436, 434; Dorothea McCowan 218; Toney Smith 150; Mae Holt 224; Bill Green 212; Judy Hauff 201b; Freeman Wootten 37b; Ann Ballard 57; Gary Smith 34b; Thurman Nall 480; Sarah Smith 135.


Harrison Creel called the class to order leading song on page 72t. Leaders: Terry Hullett and Stephen Hullett 421; Pam Nunn 528; Buddy Tindal 163b; Cecile Cox 384; Otis Nall 46; Evelyn Harris 47t; Milton Oliver 321; Charlene Wallace 192; Cindy Franklin 146; George Cox 108t; Eloise Wootten 222; Phil Summerlin 415; B. J. Harris 452; Cassie Franklin 352; Shane Wootten 171; Joan Aldridge 474; Marlon Wootten 426t; Henry Johnson 68b.


B. M. Smith brought the class together leading song on page 565b. Leaders: Jeanette Lowry 29b; Roy Nelson 148; Jenny Willard 99; Jerry Enright 399t.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Becky Browne made a wonderful talk about how we are singing for and representing our friends and family who have gone before us. Ruth Brown read the names of the deceased while the class hummed 285t. Alabama—Helen Ivey Cordell, Aver Crider, Lessie Cates, Ted Godsey, Winfrod Lacey, Lois Green, Forney Cobb, Ervin Brothers, Hoyt Renfroe, Kelsey Wootten, Arville Hyatt, Fay Allen, Jack Harcrow, Dewey Williams, Aubrey Percell, Theo Preston, Ruby Gibson, Hubert Green, Tom Roberson, Aaron Creel, Freeman Harris, Clellan Warren, Melva Gray, Viva Barnes, Viola Barker, Velma Kelley, Mary Morris, and Dula Webb; Georgia—Carlton Hitchcock, Junurs Hudgins, and Myrtle McGraw; Texas—Rev. Pete Walker, Dale Redmon, Sr., and Arnevis Norton; Mississippi—Cynthia Ledlow; New York—Joe Beasley; Others—George Klien, Jean Buck, and Daniel Rudolph. Gary Smith and Sarah Smith led song on page 354b for the deceased. Ruth Brown and Becky Browne led song on page 68b for the sick and shut-ins, including: Colbie Allen, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harden, Cleo Hawkins, Bernice Embry, Ludy Bell, G. C. Waldrep, Jerry Sheppard, Mozell Sheppard, and David Ivey B. M. Smith and Ruth Brown led 475 for Virgil Phillips who was listening on the phone from the hospital. B. J. Harris closed the memorial with prayer. Leaders: Kermit Adams 276; Don Bowen 454 for Elene Stovall; Richard DeLong 296; Jeff Sheppard 297.


The class resumed singing with Bud Oliver leading song on page 145b. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 207; Lee Rogers 412; Buell Cobb 69t; Marie Aldridge 316; Marcia Johnson 485; Louis Hughes 89; Elizabeth Muhleisen 47b; Glenda Jones 165; Elder Philip Gilmore, Paula Gilmore, and Rebekah Gilmore 566, 33b; Ann Jett 136; Melanie Hauff 270; Shelbie Sheppard 290; Mel Kersey 122; Reba Windom 196; Ted Johnson 83 (t? b?); Joe Nall 430; Karen Rollins 489; John delRe 144.

A business session was held. Jewel Wootten gave the finance report. Balance brought forward $1,070.20; interest $42.67; collection $570.53; total $1,683.40. Supplies $69.66; ham $30.87; chicken, beans, and slaw $170.00; gift to the church $250.00; minutes $50.00; Balance $1,112.87. The Resolution Committee Report was given by Judy Hauff. At this time Jeff Sheppard reported on the work performed during this past year in organizing and compiling this year’s “Directory and Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings”, now the responsibility of the Alabama State Convention. Shelbie Sheppard has very ably served as the Interim Secretary of the “Directory and Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings” during 1995. It was then motioned, seconded, and voted unanimously that Shelbie Sheppard be elected as Secretary of the “Directory and Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings”. Shelbie Sheppard then reported that the account balance for the “Directory and Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings” is $6,709.71 as of November 22, 1995. End of business session.


Keith Willard called the class together leading song on page 114. Leaders: Ted Mercer 132; Walt Graff 29t; Stephen McMaster 495; Glenn Salisbury 254; Mary Oruc 313b; Gary Gronau 282; Kit Pfau 209; Elder Edwin Farris 38b; Pearl Guier 45t; Charles Farris 299; Thurman Nall 503b; Becky Browne 464. Harrison Creel, Bud Oliver, and Elder Edwin Farris led 498 for the closing song. Elder Farris closed the convention with prayer. The convention had fifteen states represented.

Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Bud Oliver; Secretaries—Jewel Wootten and Linda Thomas.