Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Brattleboro All-Day Singing

First United Methodist Church, Brattleboro, Vermont

Saturday, May 31, 2003

The fifth annual Brattleboro All-Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Matthew Wojcik leading 34b. Co-Chair Rosie Wojcik led the class in prayer and led 70t.

Leaders: Jenna Strizak 52t; Peter Amidon 200; George Pomfret 479; Lyra O’Brien 94; Bob Parr 95; Kelsey Wessels 440; George Seiler 480; Dennis O’Brien 454; Pleasance Crawford 313b; Rick Johnston 274b; Alexa Gilmore 274t; Bill Holt 73 (t? b?); Robert Dove 84; Ishmael Stefanov 513; Susan Jaster 250.


Catherine Oss brought the class back to order leading 142. Leaders: Paul Gauthier 218; Victoria Bolles 532; Elric Elias 99; Kitty Kagay 474; Ken Mattsson 86; Nicola Collett 347; Jean Seiler 68b; Allison Schofield 542; Dan Hertzler 33b; Brian Collett 273; Sheila Kelley 198; Katherine Collett 155; Laura Timmerman 162; Pleasance Crawford 147t; Lyra O’Brien 216; Peter Amidon 47t; Bob Parr 112.

Tony Barrand conducted the memorial lesson, speaking in particular about the passing of Dinah Breunig on March 10th of this year. He referred to the words to verse two of song on page 86, “May I be well prepared to go when I the summons hear.” Each of us enters into “the valley of the shadow of death” when we experience illness, but we struggle across that valley to climb up the other side back to health. Dinah fought cancer for many years, but when her time came she saw flowers all around, pansies, and asked for a napkin, as she was at a feast.

The names of the deceased remembered were: Ruth Brown and Lavaughn Ballinger—Alabama; Richard Morganson and Laurette Wojcik—Connecticut; Amy Anderson, Rolf Anderson, Mildred Baldwin, Daniel Shea, and Bruce Wenger—Massachusetts; Bob Metz—Pennsylvania; Virginia Grandidge—Rhode Island; Dinah Breunig, Thomas Lee Hayes, and Gary Snyder—Vermont; Joe O’Hern—Virginia.

Those who were remembered on the sick and shut-in list were: Mary Seiler Kneeland, Dorothy Morganson, Doris Morganson, Marie Betts Bartlett, Nick Mesloh, Dick Raymond, Ed Cates, Theresa Reil, Judy Wagner, Peter Betts, John Sheldon, Molly Mason, and Tom Gibney. Tony Barrand led song on page 288 and closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Matt Wojcik 217; Robert Dove 228; Susan Jaster 569t; Kelsey Wessels 129; George Pomfret 28b; Cath Oss 318. Laura Timmerman led the prayer before lunch.


Elric Elias brought the afternoon session to order leading 37b. Leaders: Dennis O’Brien 304; Martha Lang 48t; John Holbrook 145b; Jean Seiler 472; Alexa Gilmore 290; Bill Holt 377; Kate Richardson 329; Bob Metz 178; Andrew Magee 499. There followed a segment of nine songs from Northern Harmony.


The afternoon session resumed with five more songs from Northern Harmony followed by a business meeting. The class resumed singing from “The Sacred Harp” with Kshama Ananthapura leading 426 (t? b?).

Leaders: George Seiler 477; Linda Shea 567; Ken Mattsson 299; Kate Richardson 400; Sheila Kelley 455; Martha Lang 551; Andrew Magee 399b; Victoria Bolles 473; Jenna Strizak 76b; Allison Schofield 384; Kelsey Wessels 270; Laura Timmerman 235; Matthew Wojcik and Rosie Wojcik 335.

The officers led 62 as the closing song, and Mary Alice Amidon dismissed the class with prayer.

Co-Chairs—Matthew Wojcik and Rosie Wojcik; Secretary—Mary Alice Amidon.