Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Etowah County Sacred Harp Singing

Pine Grove Church, Lookout Mountain, near Collinsville, Alabama

March 16, 2003

The annual singing for the renamed Etowah County Singing, formerly Wall Memorial Sacred Harp Singing which was held in Glencoe, Alabama and moved to Pine Grove Church near Collinsville, Alabama, was held on the third Sunday in March.

Bud Oliver call the class to order leading 32t. Mark Brown offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Bud Oliver 59; Rodney Ivey 82t, 208; S.T. Reed 101t, 108t; Randall Smith 36b, 76b; Jackie Tanner 47t, 89; Milton Oliver 75, 176t; Bobby Watkins 47b; Bobby Watkins and Linda Thomas 33b; Ed Thacker and Margaret Thacker 235; Evelyn Harris 137, 155; Jackson Harcrow 153, 63; Henry Johnson 539, 70b; Mary L. Smith 326, 27; Stuart Ivey 84, 217; Wayne Reed 145t, 108b.


Rodney Ivey brought the class to order leading 142. Leaders: B.J. Harris 225t, 303; Cindy Tanner 297, 446; LaRue Allen 171, 224; Marty Wootten 99; Kathy James 480; Dennis George 359, 400; Donna Wootten 56t; Janice Paulk 222, 448b; Jeff Sheppard 454, 273; Teenie Moody and Judith Green 384, 117; Betty Wright 501, 503; David Ivey 461, 154; Betty Shepherd 299, 270; Shane Wootten 328, 201.


Coy Ivey brought the class to order leading 37b and 73t.

A business session was held for the purpose of renaming the singing and to elect officers.

After discussion, the class voted to rename the singing to reflect upon those who support the singing, past and present, and the place in which it will be held. The singing will be called the “Lookout Mountain Memorial Singing,” and its home will be Pine Grove Church.

The class elected or appointed the following officers: Chairman—Bud Oliver; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard; Arranging Committee—S.T. Reed.

Leaders: Scot Oliver 143, 100; Susan Harcrow 518; Nate Green and Norma Green 399b, 331; Jeffrey Wootten 276; Alanna Blanks, Cheryl Beard, and Bryant Beard 478t (WB); Waylon Blakeley 316; Linda Thomas 52t; Chita Blakeley 278b; Karen Ivey 373; Karen Ivey and Alanna Blanks 405; Jack Paulk 73b; Shelbie Sheppard 415, 484; Margaret Thacker 565.

Announcements were made. Bud Oliver and Rodney Ivey led 146 as the closing song. Wayne Reed led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bud Oliver; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard.