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Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention

Hopedale, Illinois

September 21-22, 2001

Saturday, September 21

The eighteenth annual session of the Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention was held at the Hopedale Mennonite Church. The convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Co-Chair Terry Hogg, who welcomed all to the singing, and led song on page 276. Chaplain Don Baker offered the opening prayer.

Previously elected or appointed committees included: Co-Chairs—Becky Schildman and Terry Hogg; Secretary—Janet Fraembs; Arranging Committee—Berkley Moore and Barbara Moore; Chaplains—Don Baker and Mark Graber; Memorial Committee—Berkley Moore; Finance Committee—Mike Veech; Steering Committee—Becky Schildman, Terry Hogg, Peggy Brayfield, Berkley Moore, and Janet Fraembs.

Leaders: Peggy Brayfield 68b; Janet Fraembs 421; Lori Graber 203; Joanne Bowman 162; Joan Aldridge 182; Conrad Wetzel 52t; Samuel Sommers 270; Lou Kujawinski 503; Don Baker 312b; William Shetter 362; Val Dunagan 350; Penny Kujawinski 430; Mary Bachmann 280; Mike Veech 277; Dick Dunagan 65; James Page 284; Berkley Moore 30b; Lee Steinmetz 287; Terry Hogg 501; Walter Matherly 268; Peggy Brayfield 195; Janet Fraembs 556.


Co-Chair Terry Hogg brought the class back to order and led song on page 34b. Leaders: Becky Browne 36b; Presley Barker 474; Gary Gronau 313t; Lori Graber 442; Joanne Bowman 63; Joan Aldridge 192; Berkley Moore 200t (HS); Conrad Wetzel 35; Samuel Sommers 112; Lou Kujawinski 99; Don Baker 229; William Shetter “Pohick”; Val Dunagan 475; Penny Kujawinski 224; Mary Bachmann 163b; Mike Veech 540; Dick Dunagan 49b (with alternate words); James Page “Impermanence”; Lee Steinmetz 510; Terry Hogg 212; Peggy Brayfield 178; Janet Fraembs 532; Becky Browne 39b; Presley Barker 201; Gary Gronau 168; Walter Matherly 47b; Joanne Bowman 142.

Chaplain Don Baker asked the blessing on the noon meal, and the class was adjourned.


Terry Hogg brought the class back together leading song on page 66. Leaders: Joan Aldridge 200; Samuel Sommers 528; Conrad Wetzel 85; Lou Kujawinski 71; Don Baker 129; William Shetter 473; Val Dunagan 171; Penny Kujawinski 440; Mike Veech 497; Dick Dunagan 273; James Page 222; Lee Steinmetz 250; Berkley Moore 551; Terry Hogg 344; Peggy Brayfield 236; Janet Fraembs 378b; Becky Browne 203; Presley Barker 313b; Gary Gronau 496; Walter Matherly 191; Samuel Sommers 426b.


James Page brought the class back to order and led song on page 40. Leaders: Lori Graber 29t; Joanne Bowman 274t; Lou Kujawinski 515; Penny Kujawinski 74b; Becky Browne 300; Gary Gronau 269; Presley Barker 155; Lee Steinmetz 242; Conrad Wetzel 84.

The Saturday session was brought to a close with Chaplain Don Baker leading song on page 49t and offering the benediction.

Sunday, September 22

The Sunday session of the convention was held from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and was called to order by Co-Chair Becky Schildman. Mike Veech led song on page 350. Chaplain Mark Graber offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Terry Hogg 535; Lori Graber 472; Joanne Bowman 171; William Shetter 373; Mary Bachmann 188; James Page 142; Samuel Sommers 34t; Janet Fraembs 480; Berkley Moore 282; Terry Hogg 299; Lori Graber 39t; Joanne Bowman 126; William Shetter 147t; Mary Bachmann 569b; James Page 411; Samuel Sommers 176t; Janet Fraembs 441; Berkley Moore 332t (HS).


Co-Chair Becky Schildman brought the class back to order leading song on page 335. Leaders: Terry Hogg 340; Lori Graber 454; Joanne Bowman 59; William Shetter 198; Mary Bachmann 137; James Page 272; Samuel Sommers 524; Janet Fraembs 448t.

The memorial lesson followed. Berkley Moore spoke for both the deceased and the sick or shut-ins as he related our singing class lessons to other lessons that life teaches. Death teaches us a lesson. We honor those who have passed on by remembering the good and right things they have said and done. Illness also can teach us a lesson. It gives us opportunities to do things we wouldn’t do otherwise; it can bring us time to reflect on new things. We should think of illness as an opportunity to learn something. And grief teaches us how much we love someone. He then led song on page 229 for the deceased and for the sick and shut-ins.

Those honored in death are: Freeman Wootten—Alabama; Kenneth DeLong—Georgia; John Bailey—Illinois; and Philip Page, Jr.—New Jersey.

Sick and shut-ins remembered are: Jeff Greene—Alabama; June Porter, Virginia Evans, and Peggy Brayfield—Illinois; Kelly Beard—Texas; and Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin. Chaplain Mark Graber closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Terry Hogg 318; Lori Graber 551.


Joanne Bowman brought the class back to order leading song on page 146. Leaders: William Shetter 547; Peggy Peryam 178; Mary Bachmann 341; James Page 192; Samuel Sommers 133; Janet Fraembs 154; Berkley Moore 209; Terry Hogg 385b; Lori Graber 424; Joanne Bowman 384; William Shetter 220; Peggy Peryam 163b; Mary Bachmann 365.

A business session was held to hear reports from various committees.

The Resolutions Committee Report was made by Terry Hogg. We thank:

  • Co-Chair, Becky Schildman, for all her work in organizing the Convention.
  • Hopedale Mennonite Church for their hosting and hospitality extended to the singers.
  • Those who came from near and far to join us.
  • Peggy Peryam for manning the registration desk.
  • Berkley Moore and Barbara Moore for arranging.
  • Peggy Brayfield, Janet Fraembs, and James Page for pitching.
  • The food committee and all who brought dishes to add to the repast.
  • And last but not least, Mark and Lori Graber for arranging the facilities, moving pews, and for the wonderful Saturday night wiener roast and hayride at their farm home.

The date of the Illinois State Convention will be changed in succeeding years to the third Sunday and Saturday before in September.

Following announcements of other singings, the class sang 347 (Christian’s Farewell), and was closed with prayer led by Mark Graber.

Co-Chairs—Becky Schildman and Terry Hogg; Secretary—Janet Fraembs.