Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio State Convention

Oak Ridge Lodge, Mount Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio

February 16-17, 2002

Saturday, February 16

Eloise Clark called the class to order leading song on page 37 (t? b?). Beth Todd offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Greg Howard 569 (t? b?); Regina Bayer 148; Rich Overturf 86; John Bealle 200; Debbie Hall 66; Beth Todd 124; Shawn Fenton 38b; Stephanie Taylor 81 (t? b?).

A business meeting was held.

Leaders: Henry Schuman 335; Lois Hurt 178; Joseph Pimentel 344; Laura Russell 74 (t? b?); Greg Creech 47b; Michael Darby 34b; Stephanie Hysmith 324; Jim Herr 171; Fred Todt 168; Kay Huener 40; Cleve Callison 535; Loraine Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 117; Joseph Todd 179.


Laura Russell brought the class to order leading song on page 63. Leaders: Linda Coppock 542; John Plunkett 569t; David Rust 82b; Marion Black 348t; Michelle Cull 455; Don Bowen 99; Vic Whisman and John Bayer 49b; Steve Duff and John Bayer 30b; Will Reilly 143; Mike Grimes 528; Beth Huener 547; Bob Meek and Scott Moore 480; Janet Conrad 524; Scott Moore 68b; Brad Oglesby 339; Mary Brinkman 84; Aaron Kahn 107; Claire Outten 504; Eloise Clark 475. Beth Huener dismissed the class for lunch with a prayer.


Eric Conrad brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 312 (t? b?). Leaders: Rich Overturf 114; Sylvia Thomas 312 (t? b?); Nada Huron 159; Brenda Waters 147t; Laurel Cornell 149; Marten Rust 29t; Allen Dubeau 268; Allen Moffet 457; John Plunkett 308; Jenny Cameron 551; Dorothy Glanzer 276; Debbie Hall and Doug Mast 189b; Charles Coulston 497; Marion Black 474; Don Bowen 145b; Will Reilly 139; Mary Brinkman 313 (t? b?); David Rust 291.


Laura Russell reassembled the class leading song on page 72b. Leaders: Fred Todt 48t; Bob Meek 384; John Bayer 35; Greg Howard 388; Mike Grimes 47 (t? b?); Jim Coppock 288; Bob Cull 515; Claire Outten 112; Michelle Cull and Regina Bayer 269; Henry Schuman 318; Aaron Kahn 183; Shawn Fenton 163b; Stephanie Taylor 452; Jim Herr 383; Janet Conrad 209; Joseph Pimentel 217; Beth Todd 319; Cleve Callison 198; Greg Creech 127; Lois Hurt 49t; Joseph Todd 236.

Eloise Clark led song on page 347 as the closing song. Beth Huener dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, February 17

Eloise Clark called the class to order leading song on page 73b. Beth Todd offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Linda Coppock 203; Rich Overturf 38t; Cleve Callison 186; John Bealle 543; Rick Arnest 126; Beth Huener 454; Greg Creech 32t; Karen Arnett 66; Kathryn Kohn 378b; Will Reilly 566; Marilyn Rust 52t; Kay Huener 234; Lois Hurt 358; Laura Russell 163t.


Eloise Clark brought the class to order leading song on page 49b. Leaders: Loraine Bayer and Hans Bayer 278b; Joe Todd and Beth Todd 373; Anna Marie Bullock 515; Michael Darby 142; Debbie Hall 532; Michelle Biery 501; Greg Howard 65; Kathy Knecht 277; Sheryl Pockrose 245; Fred Todt 361; Maria Knecht and Talia Knecht 438; David Rust 101b.


Laura Russell brought the class to order leading song on page 46. Leaders: Charles Knecht 102; Michelle Kohn 224; Regina Bayer 168; Joseph Pimentel 122; Beth Todd 436; John Plunkett 522; John Bayer and Hans Bayer 379; Don Bowen 283; Alexander Knecht 49t.

Henry Schuman gave the memorial lesson and led song on page 111b in memory of the following deceased: George Cox and Freeman Wootten—Alabama; Samuel Karam—California; Jane Bingham—North Carolina; Louis Darby—New York; Neil Worley—Tennessee; Ruby Driskell—Kentucky; Sevella Mederer—Ohio.

Debbie Hall led song on page 86 for the sick and shut-ins: Martha Lang—Indiana; Pauline Childers—Michigan; Lorraine Sawyer and Ed Huener—Ohio; Carlene Griffith and Mary Lambert Smith—Georgia; Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama; Ed Huener—Ohio; Robert Phillips—Oklahoma; Rose Pimentel—Massachusetts; Ray Driskell and Nellie Miller—Kentucky. Beth Huener closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Henry Schuman 340; Eloise Clark 135; Henry Schuman 137 (in memory of Virgil Phillips); Beth Huener 454.


Eloise Clark brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 34b. Leaders: David Rust 220; Linda Coppock 196; Claire Outten 335; Will Reilly 28t; Don Bowen 503; Lois Hurt 551; Jim Coppock 299; Laura Russell 77t; John Plunkett 466; Michelle Kohn 496; Beth Todd 215; Bill Klein and Debbie Hall 312b; Joe Knecht 106; Kay Huener 95; Mike Hieber 276; Fred Todt 273; Charles Knecht 352; Sheryl Pockrose 564.


The singing resumed with Eloise Clark leading song on page 350. Leaders: Kimberly Crawford and Michelle Biery 189; Joseph Pimentel 300; Henry Schuman 280; Rick Arnest 457; Debbie Hall 528; Regina Bayer 475; Greg Howard 569b; Michael Darby, Sally Southard, Cindy Abney, and Elaine Hardesty 306; Rich Overturf 341; Loraine Bayer 348t.

After announcements, the committee members gave their reports. Eloise Clark led song on page 62 as the closing song. Beth Huener dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Eloise Clark; Vice Chairperson—Laura Russell; Secretary—Sheryl Pockrose.