Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Fort Worth, Texas

January 28, 1995

The eleventh annual Sacred Harp singing was held in Cowden Hall at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. The session was called to order by Dr. William J. Reynolds, who led the song on page 72b. The morning prayer was led by B. E. Matthews. After a cordial welcome to all singers and opening comments, Dr. David W. Music was recognized as Vice Chairman; Benny Boggus as Chairman of the Arranging Committee; Dr. Timothy J. Studstill as Secretary. Leaders: Dr. David W. Music 334; Tim Reynolds 142; Kelly Beard 294; Floyd Screws 270; Esther Huckaby 358; Avon Miller 183; Ernestine Pipkin 203; Glen Davis 146; Sharon Smith 274 (t? b?); Myrl Jones 189; Lawson Smith 400; B. E. Matthews 340; Judge Donald Ross 567.


Dr. Music opened the class by leading the song on page 40. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 535; Gaylon Powell 383; Ophelia Matthews 480; Myra Palmer 436; Diane Ross 504; A. A. Smith 120; Andrew Albers 176b; Barbara Moore 117; Mary Bauchman 454; Al Rogers 63; Carolyn Johnson 490; Leon Ballinger 137; Sharon Smith 418; Kelly Beard 284; Floyd Screws 348b; Avon Miller 380; Ernestine Pipkin 82 (t? b?); Glenn Davis 59; Myrl Jones 300; Lawson Smith 339. Dr. Reynolds recognized the presence of Dean Benjamin L. Harlan, newly elected dean of the Southwestern Seminary’s School of Church Music. Dean Harlan has just arrived in Fort Worth to assume his new responsibilities. Dr. Reynolds recognized his sons, Kirk Reynolds of Alexandria, Virginia, and Tim Reynolds of Nashville, Tennessee, and father and sons led 45 (t? b?). Leaders: B. E. Matthews 318; Judge Donald Ross 472.


Dr. Music opened the afternoon session by leading the song on page 99. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 35; Ray Barnett 452; Gaylon Powell 329; Ophelia Matthews 566; Myra Palmer 273; Diane Ross 198; A. A. Smith, Jr. 77 (t? b?); Dr. Timothy J. Studstill 225 (t? b?); Andrew Albers 227; Barbara Moore 268; Tim Reynolds 163b; Mary Bachmann 568; Al Rogers 569b; Leon Ballinger 278 (t? b?). Announcements were made and other singings in the area were announced and singers were urged to attend. Genuine appreciation was expressed to all who have shared in this excellent singing. The 1996 singing at Southwestern Seminary was announced for January 27, 1996. Leaders: Sharon Smith 119; Kelly Beard 475; Floyd Screws 342; Avon Miller 545; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Glenn Davis 145 (t? b?); Myrl Jones 441; Lawson Smith 392; B. E. Matthews 434; Judge Donald Ross 350; Janna Lawson 39 (t? b?); Andrew Albers 178; Dr. William J. Reynolds 75, 81 (t? b?); Tim Reynolds 61. Dr. David Music led 155 as the final song. Judge Donald Ross closed with prayer.

Chairman—Dr. William J. Reynolds; Vice Chairman—Dr. David W. Music; Secretary—Dr. Timothy J. Studstill.