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Chattanooga Sacred Harp Singing

Chattanooga Primitive Baptist Church

Saturday, August 18, 2001

The fifth annual Chattanooga Sacred Harp Singing was held at the Chattanooga Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the third Sunday in August. Phil Summerlin called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading songs on pages 34b and 32t. John Plunkett gave the opening prayer.

Leaders: Linda Sides 81t, 276; Daryl Chesney 59; Duane Chesney 85; Coy Ivey 99; Tim Reynolds 86, 270; Cindy Tanner 217, 335; B.M. Smith 475, 222; Anita Landess 510, 297; Milton Oliver 314; Danny Creel 112; S.T. Reed 267, 176b; Jackie Tanner 172, 37b; Phil Summerlin 30t; Lela Crowder 208, 503; Mel Kersey 565, 515; Henry Johnson 138b, 138t; Margie Smith 373, 225t; Butch White 39b, 77t.


Shane Wootten brought the class back to order leading songs on pages 29t and 388. Leaders: Laura Clawson 42, 352; Nate Green and Norma Green 290, 33b; Karen Ivey and Donna Wootten 56t, 45t; Floyd Peters 282, 285b; Sandie Scott 154, 408; Bud Oliver 145b, 145t; John Plunkett 435, 569 (t? b?); David Carlton 68t, 220; David Ivey 124, 319; Judy Mincey 410 (t? b?), 497; Betty Wright 347, 84. Elder Joe Hildreth welcomed singers and guests to the church before offering the noon blessing.


Linda Sides brought the class back to order for the afternoon session leading song on page 480. Leaders: Lisa Geist 273, 546; Stuart Ivey 430, 171; Larry Ballinger 119, 121; Duane Chesney 146, 159; Coy Ivey 384; Tim Reynolds 564; Cindy Tanner 358; B.M. Smith 548; Anita Landess 312b; Milton Oliver 403; Danny Creel 182; S.T. Reed 313 (t? b?); Jackie Tanner 298; Lela Crowder 542; guests and those new to Sacred Harp were invited to stand in the hollow square as Linda Sides led 274t and 192; Mel Kersey 47t; Daryl Chesney 454; Henry Johnson 418; Margie Smith 512; Shane Wootten 345 (t? b?); Laura Clawson 142; Nate Green and Norma Green 378t; Karen Ivey, David Ivey, and Stuart Ivey 216; Floyd Peters 68b; Sandie Scott 148 (for Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard); Bud Oliver 426t; Judy Mincey 34t; David Carlton 442; Betty Wright 323b; John Plunkett 467; Lisa Geist 568.

Following announcements, Phil Summerlin led “Not Made with Hands” (WB), and John Lamb offered the closing prayer.

The Chattanooga area singers extend their appreciation to the members of the church for the use of their facilities. Next year’s singing will be on August 17.

Co-Chairs—Phil Summerlin and Linda Sides; Secretary/Arranging Committee—Bill Thomas and Daryl Chesney.