Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chattanooga Singing

Chattanooga Primitive Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Saturday, August 19, 2000

The fourth annual Chattanooga Sacred Harp Singing was held at the Chattanooga Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the third Sunday in August. Linda Sides called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading songs on pages 276 and 314. Phil Summerlin led the opening prayer. Leaders: Linda Sides 480; Phil Summerlin 39t, 39b; B.M. Smith 475, 222; Rodney Ivey 155, 299; Betty Wright 347, 59; Bud Oliver 42, 73t; Daryl Chesney 145b, 441; Henry Johnson 288, 448b (after the class sang Happy Birthday to him); Lee Rogers 228, 192; Max Berueffy 37b, 145t; Elene Stovall 99, 436; Susan Harcrow 186, 270. Visitors and new singers were invited to stand in the square as Linda Sides led song on page 45t.


Coy Ivey brought the class back to order leading song on page 36b. Leaders: Margie Smith 512, 313t; Floyd Peters 68b, 100; Mark Brown 108 (t? b?) and “Sweet Beulah Land” (by request); Ashley Keeton 546, 505 (CB); Cassie Franklin 224, 300; Amber Springfield 166b, 391; Glenn Keeton 64, 117. Pastor Joe Hildreth spoke to the class before leading 143; Judy Mincey 538, 410t; John Plunkett 58, 48b; Deborah Morton 46; Tim Reynolds 163b, 142; Henry Bizzell 452b, 34b. Morgan Freuler offered the blessing.


The afternoon session began with Linda Sides leading song on page 148. Leaders: John Bealle 217, 278t; Duane Chesney 146, 84; Bud Oliver 47 (t? b?); Eloise Clark 280, 178; Rebecca Lowman 340; Coy Ivey and Cassie Franklin 384; B.M. Smith 225t; Glenn Keeton 503; Phil Summerlin 405; Henry Johnson 267; Elene Stovall 430; Judy Mincey 287; Tim Reynolds 229; Daryl Chesney 274 (t? b?); John Plunkett 69b; Rodney Ivey 358.

Announcements were made. Linda Sides led song on page 285t as the closing song and dismissed the class with prayer.

The afternoon session was cut short so that singers could travel to Oneonta, Alabama to sing for the funeral of Ruby Phillips.

Next year’s singing will again be held at the Chattanooga Primitive Baptist Church on August 18, 2001.

Chairperson—Linda Sides; Secretary—Jane Freuler.