Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Union Musical Convention

Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

July 29-30, 1995

Saturday, July 29

The one hundred twenty-seventh session of the Union Musical Convention was called to order by Chairman Helen Bryson leading song on page 34b. The opening prayer was offered by Elder Charles Cagle. Helen Bryson led song on page 144. Loy Garrison led the introductory lesson using numbers 30b, 30t, 59, 74b, 283, and 503. Vice Chairman Kenneth DeLong led 354 (t? b?) and 303. Judy Mincey led 87 and 180. Judy Mincey was appointed to call the leaders in the absence of the Arranging Committee. Leaders: Kim Cagle 32 (t? b?), 176b; Don Bowen 50b, 47 (t? b?); Laura Allison 85, 36b; Elder Charles Cagle 338; Violet Thomason 143, 318; Jack Smith 63, 155.


Helen Bryson called the convention together leading songs on pages 35 and 91. Leaders: Reuben Ball 60, 480; Frances D’Andrea and Donna Luther 192, 335; Bobby Cagle 46, 43; Joan Deeskin 47b, 117; John Plunkett 385 (t? b?), 300; Jeanette DePoy and Mary B. Fort 267, 142; Doug Allison 383, 112.


The afternoon of singing began with Helen Bryson leading songs on pages 152 and 411. Leaders: Horace DeLong 460, 384; Martha Ann Stegar 327, 228; Richard DeLong 95, 496; Myra Tucker 452, 84; Ted Mercer 82b, 182; Berta Hanson 101 (t? b?), 490; Jack Corley 168, 332; Diane Wall 333, 299; Jesse Roberts 173, 536; Charlene Wallace 225 (t? b?), 435. On orderly motion, the Convention entered into a business session. The class elected the following officers: Chairman—Jesse Roberts; Vice Chairman—Helen Bryson; Secretary—Hazel Cagle.


Jesse Roberts resumed the singing leading song on page 324. The officers appointed the following committees: Finance and Location—Kenneth DeLong and Kim Cagle; Arranging Committee—Judy Mincey and Susan Roberts; Memorial—Jeanette DePoy and Richard DeLong; Resolutions—Ted Mercer, Jade Smith, and Doug Allison; Chaplain—Jack Smith. Leaders: Susan Roberts 146, 40; Mary Lou Cagle 498, 499; Violet Thomason 565; Frances D’Andrea 163 (t? b?), 198; Joan Deeskin 29 (t? b?), 114; Kenneth DeLong 572; Reuben Ball 497; Judy Mincey 475. After announcements, the chairman and vice chairman led 56 (t? b?) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Jack Smith.

Sunday, July 30

The second day of the convention began by Vice Chairman Helen Bryson leading song on page 59. Prayer was led by Elder Charles Cagle. Chairman Jesse Roberts led song on 48b and 172. Leaders: Judy Mincey 207, 137; Loy Garrison 330 (t? b?), 441; Floy Wilder 327, 383; Don Bowen 464, 494; Jeanette DePoy 49b, 270; Jack Corley 406, 300; Ted Mercer 556, 39b; Dollie Hudgins 108b, 45t; Kim Cagle 371, 373; Margie Dietz 58, 196.


After recess, Jesse Roberts called the convention together leading song on page 312 (t? b?). Leaders: Laura Allison 421, 31b; Richard DeLong 375, 407; Lee Rogers 335, 528; Junior Cagle 28b, 490; Kenneth DeLong 511, 456; Helen Bryson 411, 201. A memorial lesson was sung for the following: Mary Morris, Myrtle McGraw, Junurs Hudgins, Hoyt Renfroe, Lessie Cates, Lois Green, Velma Kelley, Harry Dumas, Carlton Hitchcock, Dura Blackmon, Grady Albright, and Burris Pettis. Richard DeLong led 426 (t? b?), and Helen Bryson led 479 and 229. Elder Charles Cagle led 82 (t? b?) for all the sick and shut-ins, especially William Headrick, Eva Reeves and Nora Roberts. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer by Brother Dockery. Dismissed for lunch.


The afternoon of the convention began with Jesse Roberts leading songs on pages 215 and 419. Leaders: Doug Allison 183, 326; Rita Haley 63, 268; Horace DeLong 384, 434; Bobby Cagle 493; Susan Roberts 66, 47 (t? b?); Wesley Haley 47b, 269; Faye Pettis 387, 380; Ray Richards 111b, 73b; Laura Ackerman and Jane Treadwell 532, 146.


Jesse Roberts continued the singing leading song on page 145 (t? b?). Leaders: Timothy Haley 46, 155; Vaudie Sherer 294, 358; Bonnie Flowers 72b, 52b; Reuben Ball 497, 501; Janet Sheppard 107, 114; John Plunket 71, 147 (t? b?); Alice West 35, 99; Diane Wall 100, 304.

The class was called into a business session to hear the following reports. Finance Committee Report. Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church asked for and was granted the Convention to be held on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in September 1996. Doug Allison read the Resolutions as follows: We, the members of this Convention, wish first and foremost, to thank our loving God for bringing us together again to join our voices in song. We wish to thank Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church for graciously hosting this convention on such short notice. We thank each person who came to sing, to listen, who brought food, and who did each of the many tasks necessary to make this convention a success. We resolve to keep in our hearts the words spoken here regarding the enduring community of Sacred Harp Singers. We further resolve to put those words into action by nurturing this community, by supporting as many singings as we can. We resolve to support the growth of this community by sharing with others this music we love and always to welcome the stranger in our midst. On orderly motion, the convention closed the business session. After announcements, the class sang “Parting Hand”, and the convention was dismissed with prayer by Elder Charles Cagle.

Chairman—Jesse Roberts; Vice Chairman—Helen Bryson; Secretary—Hazel Cagle.