Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

over 79 occurrences, 60 verses, 59 songs

All o’er those wide, extended plains

442 New Jordan

I’m only going over home.

457 Wayfaring Stranger

I’m only going over Jordan

457 Wayfaring Stranger

And bids me ne’er give o’er.

85 The Morning Trumpet

410b Mutual Love

And bids me not give o’er.

82t Bound For Canaan

And our fellowship is o’er

117 Babylon Is Fallen

And o’er the gates of Zion rise

438 The Marriage in the Skies

And she must not rule o’er him

115 Edmonds

And then my troubles will be over

170 Exhilaration

And triumph over death and hell

134 The Christian’s Hope

And triumphed o’er the grave.

236 Easter Anthem

480 Redemption

And view the landscape o’er

66 Jordan

289 Greensborough

446 Infinite Day

And wove with the branches a roof o’er my head

100 The Bower of Prayer

As length’ning shadows o’er the mead

330t Horton

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

Away over yonder

153 Resurrected

Carry me home, when my life is o’er

387 Penick

Creation’s beauties o’er

138t Adoration

Did Christ o’er sinners weep?

33t Weeping Savior

Dipped and returned it running o’er

164 Duane Street

He flies exulting o’er the hills

188 Spring

He makes me triumph over death

527 My Life and Breath

His banner over me was love.

254 Rose of Sharon

I know dark clouds will gather o’er me

457 Wayfaring Stranger

I once could mourn o’er dying men

67 Columbus

I’d cross o’er Jordan’s stormy waves

61 Sweet Rivers

My bowels o’er them cease to yearn —

67 Columbus

My cup is running o’er

530 A Glad New Song

My cup runneth over

524 The Twenty-Third Psalm

My troubles will be o’er

61 Sweet Rivers

Nor grieve that youth is o’er

98 Dull Care

Our praying time will soon be o’er, Hallelujah

400 Struggle On

O’er all those wide extended plains

65 Sweet Prospect

O’er hills of guilt and seas of grief

352 Swanton

O’er lands which long in darkness lay:

242 Ode on Science

O’er life’s uncertain seas.

176b Blooming Youth

Over the heav’ns He spreads His clouds

200 Edom

301 Greenland

304 Morgan

528 Showers of Blessings

Over the hills where spices grow.

327 Invitation

Over the lifeless clay.

340 Odem

Over the rocks and rising grounds

352 Swanton

O’er this benighted soul of mine.

32t Corinth

Plant you a rose that shall bloom o’er my grave

339 When I Am Gone

Shed not a tear o’er your friend’s early bier

339 When I Am Gone

459 Tolling Bell

Take Thou my soul when life is o’er

539 Supplication

The battle ne’er give o’er

147b Laban

372 Rockport

The rain is over and gone.

254 Rose of Sharon

The storms of life will soon be o’er

134 The Christian’s Hope

The time for such trifles with me now is o’er.

369 Send A Blessing

Then my troubles will be over.

170 Exhilaration

Then when time with me is over

166 Still Better

Thy mercy o’er my life has flowed

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

Thy silver blossom o’er my head

140 Sweet Solitude

Till the warfare is over, hallelujah.

76b Desire For Piety

Tow’ring o’er the wrecks of time

532 Peace and Joy

Turn o’er my pillow once again

398 The Dying Boy

When o’er the dark wave the red lightning is gleaming

224 Save, Lord, or We Perish

While o’er the mountain top he bounds

188 Spring

While the billows o’er me roll

145b Sweet Affliction

Who sing and shout, their suff’rings o’er

134 The Christian’s Hope

With Him when life is o’er

480 Redemption

Yes, my loved ones are now over there

465 Where There’s No Trouble and Sorrow