Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

earth 92 occurrences, 79 verses, 80 songs

A few more days on earth to spend

134 The Christian’s Hope

368 Stony Point

A little stone the earth shall fill

207 Louisiana

And all the earth shall hear.

31t Ninety-Third Psalm

And earth exchanged for heav’n.

131b Invocation

And earth’s strong pillars bend!

292 Behold the Savior

And He who reigns rules earth and sky

426t Kelley

And if on earth we meet no more

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

And saved from earth appear

40 Lenox

And the earth shall be glad before the Lord.

234 Reverential Anthem

And to the earth be peace

186 Sherburne

’Round the whole earth and never stand

479 Chester

Be unto the earth by reason of the trumpet

250 Heavenly Vision

Born to raise the sons of earth

81b Cookham

Fear before Him all the earth

234 Reverential Anthem

For Thee all the pleasures of earth I resign.

125 Expression

From the sea, from the earth, from the south, from the north

149 The Trumpet

Hath raised us from earth to that rapturous dwelling

165 Family Bible

I’ve a long time heard that the earth will be burning

567 The Great Day

Heav’n, earth and hell draw near, Let all things come

151 Symphony

His praise we’ll sing the earth around

534 New Georgia

His seed on earth shall be renowned

486 Beneficence

If on earth no more I see

62 Parting Hand

If you on earth no more I see

516 DeLong

In azure sky and beauteous earth

374 Oh, Sing With Me!

In heav’n and earth are one.

285t Arnold

Joy of heav’n to earth come down

30t Love Divine

Joys which earth cannot afford.

56t Columbiana

Let heav’n and earth proclaim

485 New Agatite

Let music charm me last on earth

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

Let peace and love on earth abound

412 New Hosanna

Let peace surround the earth

152 Shepherds Rejoice

Lo, I come, earth can’t contain me

54 The Blessed Lamb

My days on earth are almost gone

549 Phillips Farewell

“My days on earth are at an end

37t Ester

No tranquil joy on earth I know

390 New Prospect

Nor earth, nor all the sky

503 Lloyd

On earth I have a mansion, too

174 Petersburg

Or earth received her frame

543 Thou Art God

Or earth Thy humble footstool laid.

142 Stratfield

Or heav’n and earth in order stood

431 New Bethany

Our walk on earth with Thee?

493 Amanda Ray

Peace on earth and mercy mild

81b Cookham

Should earth against my soul engage

36b Ninety-Fifth

43 Primrose Hill

114 Saint’s Delight

293 Akers

423 Grantville

Soon as from earth I go

47b Idumea

That all the earth surveys

31b Webster

That its foot was on earth and its top in the sky.

551 Jacob’s Vision

That the earth will be burning in that day.

567 The Great Day

The choicest blessings earth can yield

180 Vermont

The coffin, earth, and winding sheet

204 Mission

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

436 Morning Sun

The earth and seas are passed away

299 New Jerusalem

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow

45t New Britain

The earth will soon dissolve like snow

105 Jewett

The Lord of earth, and air and sky.

168 Cowper

The Lord of earth and heaven.

207 Louisiana

The Lord, who build the earth and sky

429 Christian’s Delight

The spacious earth around

47t Primrose

The sweetest name on earth.

471 The Savior’s Name

Their forms on earth no more we see

420 Bishop

Their line is gone through all the earth

518 Heavenly Anthem

There’s nothing ’round this spacious earth

71 Leander

Thou art passing away from the beautiful earth

231 Thou Art Passing Away

Thou earth and thou ocean, adieu

123t The Dying Christian

Though earth and hell my way oppose

275t Loving Kindness

Through the earth and through the sky.

156 Jesus Rose

Time shall soon this earth remove

84 Amsterdam

131b Invocation

To earth’s remotest bound

40 Lenox

To Him who rules the earth and sky

411 Morning Prayer

To spend one more day with Thee on earth

217 Ballstown

To spread through all the earth abroad

88b Mount Zion

350 Nativity

395 New Bethel

To the earth as it was

512 The Spirit Shall Return

We thank the Lord of heav’n and earth

318 Present Joys

When earth and heav’n before His face

501 O’Leary

When, freed from earth, my soul shall tow’r

134 The Christian’s Hope

When sun and moon, and earth, and stars

534 New Georgia

While heav’n and earth His praises ring

412 New Hosanna

While here on earth we stay

77t The Child of Grace

Whose days on earth are at an end

399t The Dying Friend

Ye fleeting charms of earth farewell

288 White

Your joys on earth will soon be gone

37b Liverpool

215 New Topia