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Ann Arbor Singing

Keverson Hall, University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The 2nd annual U-M Ann Arbor All-Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Mark Clague leading 34b. Will Fitzgerald offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Mark Clague; Vice Chairman—Jesse P. Karlsberg; Secretary—Gillian Inksetter; Arranging Committee—Gillian Inksetter, Adam Kahana, and Jesse Sacks; Treasurers—Jeremy York and Jesse P. Karlsberg.

Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg 48t; Cecelia Kramer 71; Gillian Inksetter 32t; Jeremy York 203; Jerry Creason and Connor O’Toole 270; Idy Kiser and Isabel Frye 49t; Jesse Sacks and Frank Chiodo 186; Bess Fitzgerald and Will Fitzgerald 99; Giles Simmer, Alexander Simmer, and Idy Kiser 63; Joe Broom and Adam Kahana 408; Anne Missavage 454; Catherine Brown 313b.


Maurice York called the class to order leading 547. Leaders: Jamie Yeats 39t; Sawyer Denton 159; David Stowe and Kate Thurman 126; Annie Jeng, Nathaniel Gualtieri, Tiffany Wilkins, and Benjamin Roberts 146; Jim Coppock 181; David Jones 40; Peter Trumbore and Showey Howey 84; Linda Coppock 85; John Seaton and Edward Nunoo 47t; Marion Mitchell 29t; Linda Heemskerk and Lori Freye 277; Bob Borcherding 501; Ann Miczulski 171; Mark Clague and Ted Mercer 464.


Martha Beverly called the class to order leading 344. Leaders: Megan Jennings and Anita Ho 481; John David Thacker and Luis Rungel 49b; Michaela Natal 145b; Bill Beverly 546; Jan May 276; Cecelia Kramer and Audrey Shepherd 106; Pleasance Crawford and Matthew Durham 492; Charlotte Wolfe and Matthew Wildman 87; Samuel Sommers 426b; Ted Mercer and Trevor King 110.

Will Fitzgerald and Samuel Sommers conducted the memorial lesson. Samuel spoke, and Will led 34t in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Laura Densmore, Johanna Fabke, Janelle Davis, Lila Mitchell, Jeannette DePoy, and Suzanne Flandreau.

Will spoke, and Samuel led 465 in memory of the following deceased: C.W. Garner and George Garner—Georgia; Evelyn Harris, Robert DuPree, Gib Amason, Vernelle Amason, and Azilee Adams—Alabama; Oliver Kindig-Stokes and Zach Strass—Pennsylvania; Loraine Bayer and Donald Natal—Ohio; Daniel Sommers—Indiana; Francis Bliss—Maine; Eveline Inksetter—New York and Quebec; Kathy Hessert-Tucker and John Young—Michigan; Christopher Broom—Virginia.

Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg 189; Jeremy York 66. Will Fitzgerald offered a prayer before the meal.


Jan May began the afternoon session by leading 36b. Leaders: Will Fitzgerald 365; Ben Jackson and Nathan Walhout 107; Martha Beverly and Susana Engdahl 176b; John Manish and Mark Clague 287; Jerry Creason, Julian Goodson, and Jacob Phillips 56b; Bess Fitzgerald 421; Anne Missavage 362; Catherine Brown 535; Jim Coppock 504; Bob Borcherding 383; Megan Jennings 436; Jamie Yeats 178; Linda Coppock 532; David Stowe, Nicole Chung, and Cullen O’Neil 147t; Peter Trumbore 105; John Seaton and Catherine Borland 48b; Jesse P. Karlsberg 68b (in memory of George Seiler); Mark Clague 417.


Idy Kiser brought the class to order leading 312b. Leaders: Marian Mitchell 300; Pleasance Crawford 389; Martha Beverly and Nick Campbell 318; Samuel Sommers 232; Ted Mercer 275t; Charlotte Wolfe 163t; Ann Miczulski 385b; Maurice York 347; John David Thacker and Peter Sackett-Ferguson 457; Bill Beverly and Martha Beverly 269; Linda Heemskerk 38t; Jan May 540; Gillian Inksetter 200; Liz Smith-Yeats and Gillian Inksetter 236; Marcy Toon and Charlotte Wolfe 515; David Ketcham, Abby Ketcham, and Mark Clague 268; Mark Clague, Sam Collins, Kathleen Patrick, Eli Buchert, Jake Phillips, Peter Goggin, Peter Sackett-Ferguson, Harry Hwang, and Laura Jackson 45t; Jesse P. Karlsberg and Mark Clague 242.

Mark thanked all who helped make the singing a success. The Treasurers reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that 144 singers from fourteen states and one province had attended, and that sixty-seven leaders led eighty-six songs.

Following announcements, Mark Clague led 267 as the closing song. Will Fitzgerald offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mark Clague; Vice Chairman—Jesse P. Karlsberg; Secretary—Gillian Inksetter