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Alabama Sacred Harp Musical Convention

Jefferson State Community College, Birmingham, Alabama

November 22-23, 2014

Saturday, November 22

The 115th session of the Alabama State Sacred Harp Musical Convention met at the Jefferson State Community College on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in November. The class was brought to order by Henry Johnson leading 34b. Eddie Mash offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Nate Green 354t; Eddie Mash 171; Sharon DuPriest 503; Mike Hinton 480; David Ivey 273; B.M. Smith 284; Karen Rollins 350; Linda Thomas 81b; Elene Stovall 564; Cheyenne Ivey 389; Cindy Tanner 220; Charles McCravy 428; Phillip Denney, Gayle Denney, Eva Grace Horsley, and Karis Askin 100; Arlers Wells 89; Wanda Capps 222; Amy Wells 299; John Plunkett 476; Faith Ann Riley 215; Dennis George 421; Steve Adams 99 (for his father); Joyce Whittington 101t; Joe Nall 430; Hulen Chambers 496; Daniel Lee 328; Matthew Phillips 128; Tom George 134.


Henry Johnson called the class back to order leading 135. Leaders: Ann Riley Gray 440; Aubrey Barfield 306; Geraldine Sharpton 318; Hazel Heinze 515.

A business meeting was held and the following officers and committee members were elected or appointed; Chairman—Nate Green; Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Chaplain—Danny Creel; Resolutions Committee—Mike Hinton and Nathan Rees; Memorial Committee—Bridgett Hill Kennedy and Judy Caudle; Location Committee—David Ivey and Linda Thomas; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner and Sharon DuPriest; Secretaries—Linda Thomas, Elene Stovall, and Cheyenne Ivey; Finance Committee—B.M. Smith, Dennis George, and Rodney Ivey.

Leaders: Daryl Chesney 146; Nicholas Thompson 434; Jim Aaron 47b; Buell Cobb 312t; Eli Hinton 82t; Hubert Nall 217; Jeannette DePoy and David Brodeur 291; Steve Helwig 172; Anna Hinton 142; Mary Amelia Taylor 326; Wyatt Denney 209; Robin Bisson 49t; Shane Wootten and Linton Ballinger 472; James Eldridge 182; Chris Coughlin 296; Judy Chambless 186.


Nate Green called the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Louis Hughes and Danny Creel 512; Rebecca Eldridge 396; Douglas Fower 474; Lauren Bock 166; Virginia Eldridge 482; Nicole Bowman and Clarissa Fetrow 211; Gary Smith 344; Erin Johnson Hill 460; Tim Taylor 228; Richard Mauldin 341; William Shetter 28b; Ian Quinn 426t; Carolyn Deacy, Paula Picton, and Pam Minor 67; Eugene Forbes 203; Rene Greene 117; Nigel Bowley 279; Jonathon Smith 200; Bea Aaron 438; Darrell Swarens 36b; Erica Hinton 383; Sarah Beasley 340; Michael Walker 464; Charlotte Ehrman 569b; Robert Chambless 145t; Jesse P. Karlsberg 498; Nancy Price and William Price 77t; Nathan Rees 82b.


Ken Tate called the class back to order leading 303. Leaders: Michael Spencer 393; Ed Paton Williams 274t; Ann Jett 269; Kate Fortin 302; Susan Cherones 300; Richard Ivey, Stuart Ivey, and Robert Raymond 290; Katherine Eldridge 37b; Reba Windom 542; Matt Hinton 112; Jenn Dolan 95; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 546; Judy Caudle and Angela Myers 196; Norma Green 496; Jeff Bell 406; Daphene Causey 225b.

David Ivey paid special recognition to the work done by Shelbie Sheppard on the Minutes Book over many years. David presented a plaque to Shelbie’s daughters, Pam Nunn and Rene Greene, who then led 216 in her honor.


Chris Coughlin called the class back to order leading 56t. Leaders: Kathy Williams 224; Adrian Eldridge 411; Stanley Smith and Tommie Spurlock 442; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 562; Wendy Futral and Bobby Anderson 98.

Announcements were made. Ken Tate and Nate Green led 330b as the closing song. Danny Creel offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, November 23

The Sunday session of the Alabama Sacred Harp Musical Convention began at 9:30 a. m. with Nate Green leading 81t. Danny Creel offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Ken Tate 278t; Elene Stovall and Rodney Ivey 47t (for Evelyn Harris); Linda Thomas and Nate Green 32t (for Jewel Wootten); Cheyenne Ivey 129; Mike Hinton 426b; Nathan Rees 227; B.M. Smith 270; David Ivey 444 (for Toney Smith); Judy Caudle 310 (for Wilda Holmes); Angela Myers 380; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 277; Rodney Ivey and Chris Coughlin 132; Danny Creel 485; Cindy Tanner, Danny Creel, and Ann Jett 342; Holly Mixon 183; Rick Cunningham and Lu Mixon Rivera 276; Daniel Lee 65; Daniel Bearden 433; Linda Sides 225t (for Velton Chafin, Johnie Chafin, and Brenda Chafin); Scott Ivey and Shane Wootten 106 (for Phillip Wootten); Lisa Geist 273; Tim Cook 287; Pam Nunn 556 (in memory of Mike Nunn); Larry Ballinger 217; Stuart Ivey 445; Jeff Bell 295.


Loyd Ivey called the class back to order leading 278b. Leaders: Wyatt Denney 222; Erica Martinez 434; Louis Hughes 314; David Carlton 272; Gavin Blakeley 189; Karen Clark 534; Willodean Barton 480; Phillip Denney 168; J.C. Rutledge 568; Maco Cook 347; Delone Cobbs 354t; Amber Davis 192; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 179; Logan Green 464; Shelby Castillo 142; Don Clark 174.

Bridgett Hill Kennedy and Judy Caudle conducted the memorial lesson. Bridgett Hill Kennedy spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins, and read their names as follows: Phillip Wootten, Elsie Moon, Eric Scott, Arvid Holmes, Wilda Holmes, Edith Owen, Kenneth Fannin, Carol Fannin, Jim Pfau, Floy Wilder, Evelyn Harris, Johnny Humber, Velton Chafin, Johnie Chafin, Brenda Chafin, Wayne Jones, Jewel Wootten, Ruth Wyers, Joan Aldridge, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, S.T. Reed, Stella Pratt, Linda Robinson, Bill Cleino, Sherrill Cleino, and Kathleen Robbins. Bridgett Hill Kennedy led 39b.

Judy Caudle spoke on behalf of the deceased, and read their names as follows: Stanly Edwards, C.T. Williams, Bill Aplin, Sammie Oliver, Charles Kitchens, Mary Kitchens Gardner, Voncile Nall, Donna Ruth Wootten Durden, Betty Wright, Shelbie Sheppard, Hobert Ivey, Eldagene Roberson, Audress Gurley, Alicia Williams, Rena Humber—Alabama; Josephine Denney—Georgia; David Rust—Indiana; Danny Arms—North Carolina; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Jack Fitch—Oregon; Ben Smith—Florida; Mary Lou Reynolds—Tennessee. Judy Caudle led 499. Shane Wootten closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Ann Jett and Yancey Jett 546; Nigel Bowley 332; Karen Rollins and Richard Mauldin 446; Douglas Fower 455. Danny Creel blessed the noon meal.


Ken Tate and Cindy Tanner called the class back to order leading 155. Leaders: Steve Helwig 370; Eddie Mash 150; Adrian Eldridge 83t; Robert Chambless and Judy Chambless 29t; Michael Walker 456; David Brodeur 527; Richard Ivey 432; Ed Paton Williams 111b; Katherine Eldridge 451; Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg 392; Paula Picton and Carolyn Deacy 391; Michael Spencer 382; Mary Amelia Taylor and Tim Taylor 298; Jonathon Smith 74t; Sarah Beasley 61; Stanley Smith 328; Erin Johnson Hill 329; James Eldridge 540; Robert Raymond 547; Darrell Swarens and Rebecca Eldridge 507 (in memory of Josie Hyde); Tommie Spurlock and Norma Green 475; William Price 173; Susan Cherones 564; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 428; Chita Blakeley 216; Kate Fortin 352; Ian Quinn 573; Kathy Williams and Clarissa Fetrow 110; William Shetter 297; Reba Windom 436; Virginia Eldridge 285b; Charlotte Ehrman 365.


Darrell Swarens and Clarissa Fetrow called the class back to order leading 208. Leaders: Nancy Price 195; Henry Johnson 289; Eugene Forbes and Floy Wilder 384; Chris Coughlin 72b; Bea Aaron 175; Robin Bisson 31t; Gary Smith 66; Matt Bell 468; William Clay 178; Hubert Nall 313t; Richard Mauldin 43; Cindy Tanner and Elene Stovall 198.

A business meeting was held for the purpose of hearing reports. The Resolutions Committee thanked everyone who helped make the convention a success. The Finance Committee reported that expenses were met, and thanked those who had contributed. The Secretaries’ report was given, stating that a total of 196 songs were led over the two days with 235 leaders from 16 States and the United Kingdom. The business meeting was closed. Announcements were made.

Nate Green and Ken Tate led 62 as the closing song. Danny Creel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Nate Green; Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Secretaries—Linda Thomas, Elene Stovall, and Cheyenne Ivey