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United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention

Lomas Hall, Stannington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

September 20-21, 2014

Saturday, September 20

The 19th annual session of the United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention was held at Lomas Hall, Stannington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom on the third Sunday and Saturday before in September. Hannah Land brought the class to order by leading 59. She welcomed everyone. Joe Vickers offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Hannah Land; Chaplain—Joe Vickers; Secretaries—Cath Ingham, Margaret Gillanders, and Margaret Bradshaw; Arranging Committee—Sarah West, Ian West, Eimear O’Donovan, Judy Whiting, and Chris Brown.

Leaders: Cath Ingham 274t; Chris Brown 31t; Joe Vickers 52t; Ruth Steggles 33b; Ian West 32t; Judy Whiting 72b; Calum Woods 56t; Rosalind Oldham 66; Piers Cawley 178; Jenny Reid 481; Ted Brown 81t; Maria Wallace 448t; Matthew Parkinson 75; Rachel Jordan 155; Nigel Bowley 458; Steve Fletcher 196; Benny Ross 540; Marjorie Brown 339; Edwin Macadam 288; Cath Saunt 29t; Colin Lumsden 191.


Sarah West and Steven Calver called the class to order leading 49t.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott and Diana Elliott 276; Mark Wardlaw 375; Sarah Hill 207; Helen Brown 399b; Ed Williams, David Williams, and Jenny Paton Williams 277; Mandy Townsend 318; Phil Tyler 451; Nick Hall 455; Michael Walker 212; Duane Nasis 422; Barry Parsons 129; Jo Ellis 497; Helen Barber 397; Alison Brown 505; Tom Gerber 148; Jenneith Codrington 142; Dave Townsend 551; Leilai Immel 229; Joe Jones 154; James Buckley, Sophie Sowika Sykes, and Cath Saunt 472; Leah Hearne 504; Robert Stoddard 556; Susannah Gill 299; Steve Brett 436; J.R. Hardman 156; Mick Verrier 107; Kathy Williams 197; Theresa Maguire 56b; Sheila Girling-Macadam 198. Helen Brown gave thanks for the lunchtime meal.


The class was called to order by Joe Vickers leading 82t. Leaders: Erin Johnson-Hill 434; Geoff Grainger 49b; Zach Lindahl 547; Evelyn Lamb 396; Richard Schmeidler 474; Gosia Perycz 444; Steven Levine 350; Eimear O’Donovan 30b; Dan Brittain 327; Eva Striebeck 183; Aaron Kahn 95; Karen Willard 460; Ted Brown 546; Piers Blewett 89; Cath Tyler 278t; Steve Helwig 314; Bridgett Hill-Kennedy 297; Buell Cobb 423; Susan Cherones 564; David Ivey 272.


Helen Brown called the class to order leading 270. Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 124; Chris Coughlin 189; Joy Spreadborough 354b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Imagen Kemp, Kezia Reed, and Amy Parkin 146; Joanne Fuller 290; Toby Goss 163b; Eddie Mash 428; Kate Coxon 500; Martyn Boddy 405; JoDell Albi 344; Erik Mason 180; Gail Doss 567; Edmund Richardson 113; Lizzie Dye 523; Francis Gaskin 37t; Guy Hayes 302; Hannah Land and Maggie Lauterer 236.

Hannah Land led 323t as the closing song. Ruth Steggles offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, September 21

The Sunday session of the United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention was brought to order by Hannah Land leading 31b. Michael Walker offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joe Vickers 34b; Sarah West 101t (for Ellyn Stokes-Ross); Ted Brown 105; Carmel Wood 391; Vicki Elliott 410t; Joe Jones 50b; Karen Ivey 411; Chris Brown 447; Eddie Mash 518; Linda Thomas 217; Ian West 84; Karen Willard and Kathryn Hastell 70b; Cath Ingham 30t; Buell Cobb 462; Cath Tyler 367; Dan Brittain 304; Michael Walker 306; Bridgett Hill-Kennedy 377; Duane Nasis 32t; Aaron Kahn 168; Matthew Parkinson 432.


Chris Brown called the class to order leading 28b. Leaders: Mandy Townsend 203; Calum Woods 402; Steve Fletcher 312b; Geoff Grainger 268; Judy Whiting 208; Ed Paton-Williams 425; Cath Saunt 147t; Chris Coughlin 132; Eva Striebeck 441; Phil Tyler 157; Elizabeth Stoddard 283; Eric Mason 133; Eimear O’Donovan 144; Zach Lindahl 324; Erin Johnson-Hill 284.

Joe Jones and Ted Brown conducted the memorial lesson. Joe Jones led 566 for the following sick and housebound: Harald Grundner, Jackie Saunders, Henry Johnson, Paula Mogensen, Magdelena Gryszko, Margaret Steel, Alison Mitchell-Zunklei, John Shaffer, Abigail Halliday-Jones, Jerry Gaskill, Jim Vickers, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Jan Clark, Barbara Wood, Maggie Boyle, Steve Harrison, Sister Pippa, Margaret Long, Drew Logan, Geoffrey Nathan, David Strother, and Toni Strother.

Ted Brown spoke and led 338 in memory of the following deceased: Shelbie Sheppard, C. T. Williams, James Burgess, Kathleen House, Roy Jones, Helen Guy, Hobart Ivey, Betty Wright, Carroll Lunsford, Protag, John Hatfield, Casey Crawford, Bill Gillanders, Dorothy Williams, William Hearne, Patricia Price, Dudley Fuller, Alexis Strawn, Grant Mclean, Stanly Edwards, Josephine Denney, Hugh Bill McGuire, Charles Kitchens, Peter Breheny, and Somen Goodman. Ted closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Dave Townsend 45t; Joanne Fuller 121; Steven Levine 164; Helen Brown 475; Susan Cherones 173; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 216. Kathy Williams returned thanks for the noon-time meal.


Carmel Wood called the class to order leading 282. Leaders: Steve Brett 383; Kathy Williams 273; Steve Helwig 234; Connie Baldini and Lottie Sumner 146; David Ivey 138t; J.R. Hardman 378b; JoDell Albi 372; Robert Stoddard 296; Emily Verrier 40; Gosia Perycz 269; Richard Schmeidler 543; Leah Hearne 384; Kate Coxon 300; Carmen Gordant and Phil Tyler 209; Barry Parsons 316; Ted Brown 111b; Sarah Hill 76b; Mark Wardlaw 232; Susannah Gill 48t; Leilai Immel 345b; Edmund Richardson 150.


Ian West called the class to order leading 135. Leaders: Jenneith Codrington 288; Toby Goss 538; Julie Russell 347; Guy Hayes and Piers Blewett 480; Marjorie Brown and Alison Brown 228; Theresa Maguire 319; Robert Stoddard and Elizabeth Stoddard 522; Norwich Sacred Harp singers 362; Susan Cherones and Bridgett Hill-Kennedy 276; Steven Levine and J.R. Hardman 99; Karen Willard, Kate Coxon, and Steve Helwig 36b; Kathy Williams and Linda Thomas 472; Dan Brittain 353; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Joanne Fuller 196; London Sacred Harp singers 131b; Richard Schmeidler 66; Eva Striebeck and Gosia Perycz 181; Eric Mason 303; JoDell Albi 195; Eddie Mash 413; Chris Coughlin 445.

The secretary reported that 155 people had registered over the two days, with representation from England (110), Ireland (3), Scotland (5), Sweden (1), Germany (3), Poland (1), Hong Kong (2) USA (28 (t? b?)) with representation from the following states—Alabama (7), Georgia (2), Tennessee (2), Massachusetts (1), North Carolina (4), Maine (3), Washington (2), New York (1), Colorado (1), Minnesota (1), Illinois (1), Utah (1), Arkansas (1), and Oregon (1). The Secretary also reported that 104 leaders led 182 songs during the weekend.

The Resolutions Committee gave the following report: We, the Resolutions Committee of the 19th annual UK Sacred Harp Convention, make the following resolutions: We resolve firstly to thank our Almighty God for bringing us together for a wonderful weekend of singing His praise, and for the fellowship we experience, which crosses all borders and boundaries.

Secondly, we resolve to give thanks to those who have gone before us developing and nurturing the tradition of Sacred Harp singing, and to all who have worked to make this convention a success, including everyone who has provided hospitality and nourishment this weekend.

We resolve to express our gratitude especially to all who have travelled so far to be with us in Stannington and, finally, to meet again in 2015, on the third Sunday in September and Saturday before in London. We request that these resolutions be entered into the minutes. Respectfully, Chris Brown, Elizabeth Stoddard, and Calum Woods.

Hannah thanked everyone who had worked to ensure the success of the convention. Special acknowledgements were given to the Sheffield Sacred Harp singers, and the appointed officers. She led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. Marjorie Brown offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Hannah Land; Secretaries—Cath Ingham, Margaret Gillanders, and Margaret Bradshaw