Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church, Stockbridge, Georgia

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The 7th annual session of the Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church singing was called to order by Jesse Roberts leading 70t. Clarke Lee offered the opening prayer. Jesse Roberts offered opening remarks concerning those who were unable to attend the singing this year.

Leaders: Jesse Roberts 65; Ashley Thompson 39t; Jessica Altman 47b; Rachel Carlisle 137; Robert Kelley 175; Nathan Rees 410b; Jesse Karlsberg 88t; Shane O’Neal 49b; B.M. Smith 34b; Steven Taylor 183; Jonathon Smith 449; Leanne Carter 480; Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 192; Tony Hammock 303; Daire O’Sullivan 77t; Erica Hinton 314; Micah Roberts 504; Clarke Lee 48t; Helen Bryson 532.


Jesse Roberts brought the class together leading 176t. Leaders: Matt Hinton 227; Maria Taylor 277; Riley Lee 26; Stephen Latimer 282; Oscar McGuire 485.

In a business session, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jessica Altman; Vice Chairman—Jesse Karlsberg; Secretary—Ashley Thompson.

Leaders: Jessica Altman 112; Jason Hollis 475; Bill Hollingsworth 492; Faye Hollis 340; Sarah Carnell 122; Elijah Hinton 268; John Hollingsworth 415; Sandra Wilkinson 300; Chris Carnell 399b; John Plunkett 351; Bryant Lee 274t. The lunch blessing was offered by Henry Johnson.


Riley Lee brought the class back together by leading 467. Leaders: Eric Tweedy 188; John Kelso 398; Matt DeLong 530; Cheyenne Ivey and Julie Nelson 182; Daphene Causey 222; Kendra Strickland 448t; Rodney Ivey 371; Sharon DuPriest and Micah Roberts 178; Rachel Rudi 527; Frances Carnell 280; Carol Hanson 36b; Julie Lee 87; Nathan Rees 273; Sharon DuPriest 208; Daphene Causey 336; Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 472; Shane O’Neal 358; Clarke Lee 70b; Henry Johnson 515; Sophie Dillard 159; Bryant Lee 136.


Ashley Thompson brought the class together leading 142. Leaders: Maria Taylor 72b; Jonathan Carnell 276; Steven Taylor 129; Chris Carnell 68t; Kendra Strickland 63; Robert Kelley 474; Sarah Carnell 245; Timothy Altman, Jessica Altman, and Tabitha Altman 354b; Frances Carnell 318; Rodney Ivey, Cheyenne Ivey, and Rachel Rudi 56t.

Following announcements, Jessica Altman and Ashley Thompson led 62 as the closing song. Elder Clarke Lee offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jessica Altman; Vice Chairman—Jesse Karlsberg; Secretary—Ashley Thompson