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New York City All-Day Singing

Fifteenth Street Friends’ Meeting House, Manhattan, New York

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 6th annual New York City All-Day singing was brought to order by Inga Knets leading 33b. Gary Ryan offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairlady—Diane Mennella; Vice Chairlady—Nancy Mandel; Secretary—Anna Nowogrodzki; Treasurer—Ian McGullam; Chaplain—Gary Ryan; Arranging Committee—Dean Jens.

Leaders: Diane Mennella 77b; Nancy Mandel 47t; Anna Nowogrodzki 40; Ian McGullam 122; Anna Hendrick 145b; Merv Horst 350; Anna Mays 426b; Ryan Young 176b; Joseph P. Matthews 335; Dan Adams 270; Susan Bingham 168; Gary Ryan 39b; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 205; Stephanie Fida 542; Violet Krumbein 224; Chuck McCallum 282; Anne Krikorian 276; Michael Nord 58; Rachel Hall 183; Paul Clazing 376; Mary Gowins 181; Barbara Swetman 448t; Sam Kleinman 227; Liz Cantrell 189.


Emily Hancock called the class back to order leading 299. Leaders: Terry Ryan 148; Brenda Peña 229; Steven Hoyt 28b; Ian McGullam 113; Deidra Montgomery 456; Helen White and Chloe Levine 155; Doron Henkin 193; Ben Bath 430; Gwen Deely 159; Bradford West 228; Caroline Ritson 29b; Leon Pulsinelle 75; Mel Novner 280.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Rachel Speer, who led 31t for the following sick and shut-ins: Bob Meek, Kathe Pilibosian, Marie Moynihan, Maggie White, Bob Nichols, Frank Evans, Ruth Rendlaman, Dennis Cinelli, Raymond Frates, and in memory of the following deceased: Victoria Bolles, George Seiler, Jeannette McCready, Luis Capron, Jerry Enright, George McGray, Daniel Macklin, Nancy Katzen, David Bornick, Gisela Randall, Susan Bowyer, Michael Sullivan, Rita Lynch, Sister Dominica, Diane McFadden, Ron Chappelow, and Billy Williams. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer offered by Blake Sisemore.

Leaders: Dean Jens 27; Gina Balestracci 28t; Guy Bankes 352; Alice Maggio 209; John delRe 212; Emma Rose Brown 42; Becky Wright 536; Kelly House 480; Ames Bielenberg 481; Paula Picton 498; Kevin Griffin Moreno 283; Laura Keeler 162; Chris Nolen 410t; Myles Dakan 210. Caroline Ritson offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Oliver Kindig-Stokes called the class back to order leading 146. Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 411; Chris Cotter 192; Frank Griggs 272; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 187; Rachel Speer 573; Allison Steel 215; Angela Myers 392; Sarah West 432; Buck Lea 314; Bridgett Hill 383; Chris Brown 441; Blake Sisemore 442; Judy Whiting 273; Elene Stovall 142; Ellen Lea 365; Drew Smith 349; Lauren Bock 216; Judy Caudle 500; Kelly Macklin 174; Emily Hancock 112; Charlotte Ehrman 157; Bethany Towne 560; Cathy Tucker 454.


Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Kevin Sims 179; Laura Denson 163t; Richard Schmeidler 474; Lamar Matthew 344; George Pomfret 66; Leland Kusmer 71; Caitlin Caulfield 128; Ted Stokes 428; Ines Luttgen 439; Lynne deBenedette 182; Mary Seem 414; Jennie Brown 99; Daniel Hunter 355; Ben Vincent 460; Sonia Chin and Jeff Gauthier 124; John Bowman and Joanne Bowman 34b; Ina Shea and Ben Cocchiaro 327; Tom Malone and Pat Callahan 368; Abby Minor and Hal Kunkel 339; Ian Quinn and Al McCready 452.

After reports, Diane Mennella led 62 while the class took the parting hand. Ryan Young offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady—Diane Mennella; Vice Chairlady—Nancy Mandel; Secretary—Anna Nowogrodzki