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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel, Carrollton, Georgia

August 2-3, 2008

Saturday, August 2

The 156th session of the Chattahoochee Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in August, 2008, at Wilson’s Chapel, near Carrollton, Georgia. Sheri Taylor opened the convention leading 142. Lonnie Rogers offered an opening prayer for the convention.

Hugh McGraw spoke to the convention about keeping the same traditions as in the past by electing a nominating committee to select officers and committees at the start of the convention. The suggestion was motioned and passed by the convention. Sheri Taylor selected the following to be on the nominating committee: Helen Bryson, Myron House, and Henry Johnson. They are to report at the 11:00 a.m. business session.

Leaders: John Plunkett 52t; Donna Duke 203; Lonnie Rogers 33b; Laura Frey 358; Lela Crowder 124; Richard DeLong 399b; Jan House 45t; Sarah Ward 254; John Shippee 155; Oscar McGuire 171; Donna Bell 32t; Robert Chambless 225t; Lori Goode 176b; Harry Eskew 128; Carlene Griffin 117; Michael Haverty 208; John Hollingsworth 186; Helen Bryson 546; Sherry Lovvorn 454; Lisa Webb 455.


Lela Crowder called the class to order by leading 72b. Leaders: Michael Thompson 198; Bridgett Hill 302.

Sheri Taylor opened the business session of the convention and the nominating committee submitted the following officers and committee members: Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Donna Duke; Chaplain—Lonnie Rogers; Arranging Committee—Oscar McGuire, Laura Frey, and Nathan Rees; Finance Committee—Lisa Webb, Lori Goode, and Bentley McGuire; Resolutions Committee—Aldo Ceresa, Kiri Miller, and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Memorial Committee—Richard DeLong, Jonathan Smith, and Matt Hinton. The officers and committee members were elected as appointed.

Leaders: Danny Arms 304; Louise Holland 303; Bob Baumgartner 38b; Shannon Primm 483; Ed Thacker 528; Charles Woods 210; Erica Hinton 448b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 439; Judy Caudle 534; Eddie Mash 556; Lauren Bock 422; Mike Spencer 335; Judy Chambless 340; Robert Kelly 543; Reba Windom 328; Jennie Prater 269; Robert Stoddard 193; Phillip Denney 86.


John Plunkett opened the afternoon session by leading 167. Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 532; Nora Dunn 500; Jonathan Smith 216; Mary McDonald Lewis 209; Lee Rogers 502; Billy Hollingsworth 250; Barbara Barry 504; Nathan Rees 558; Kim Moreno 309; Darrell Swarens 350; Jennie Brown 220; Kevin Moreno 550; Bentley McGuire 240; Elizabeth Stoddard 102; Steven Kick 101t; Kiri Miller 564; Henry Johnson 418; Karen Rollins 327; Bobby Watkins 512.


Sheri Taylor and Lisa Webb brought the class together leading 84. Leaders: Judy Mincey 468; Tony Hammock 326; Kelsey Sunderland 522; John delRe 460; Jessica Keys 111b; Kelly Macklin 433; Joel Miller 89; Jeff Sheppard 498; Danny Arms 170; Mary McDonald Lewis 503; Steven Kick 456.

Sheri Taylor and John Plunkett led 323t for the closing song. Lonnie Rogers offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, August 3

The Sunday morning session was brought to order by Sheri Taylor leading 114. Lonnie Rogers offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Sheri Taylor 496; John Plunkett 467; Donna Duke 448b; Lonnie Rogers 318; Charlene Wallace 106; B.M. Smith 544; Matt Hinton 436; Jeannette DePoy 34t; Judy Chambless 480; Phillip Langley 215; Nathan Rees 44; Donna Bell 112; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 100; Scott DePoy 277; Elizabeth Stoddard 411; Joel Miller 213t; Lori Goode 551; John delRe 466; Kathy Williams 180; Robert Kelly 156; Jennie Brown 292; Kiri Miller 144; Ed Thacker 472; Lauren Bock 432.


Laura Frey called the class to order leading 178. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 439; Mary Jo Shafer 503; Joel Jenkins 77t; Ben Dicks 159; Kim Moreno 179; Bentley McGuire 177; Anne Simpson 445; Robert Chambless 452.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard DeLong, Jonathan Smith and Matt Hinton. Jonathan Smith read the names of the deceased and led 65 in memory of the following: LaRue Allen, Milton Oliver, Gladys McGraw, Reby Stanford, Myrtle Smith, Corrine Laminack, B.J. Harris, Amanda Denson Brady, Irvin Roberts, Elder Homer Benefield, Felton Denney, Kat Kinkaid, Gertrude Norton, Elizabeth Tolbert, Bonnie Rogers, and Marie Johnson.

Matt Hinton read the names of the following sick and shut-ins and led 212: Renea Campbell Garner, George Garner, Lucy Garner, Mary Florence Smith, Joyce Walton, Bud Oliver, Raymond Hamrick, Jimmie Denney, Daniel Macklin, Frank Block, Katherine Benefield, Evelyn Harris, Dale Harris, and Reba Norton. Lonnie Rogers closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Eddie Mash 260; Shannon Primm 423; Tony Hammock 75; Cecil Roberts 229; Karen Rollins 455; Darrell Swarens 542; Mark Puckett 454; Sara Jenkins 222.


The afternoon session was called to order by John Plunkett leading 227. Leaders: Cheyenne Ivey 128; Jenna Frey and Mary Elizabeth Goode 401; Scott Ivey 474; Michael Thompson 434; Kelsey Sunderland 196; Richard DeLong 395; Kevin Moreno 189; Jessica Keys 384; Jonathan Smith 442; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 507; Henry Johnson 435; Nora Dunn 269; Danny Arms 218; Kelley Macklin 477; Steven Kick 475; Barbara Barry 360; Robert Stoddard 131t; Bobby Watkins 448t; James Baumgartner 300.


Sheri Taylor called the class together by leading 528 (in memory of Mary Hackney and Naomi Sailors). Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 355; Lisa Webb 430; Kelley Macklin and John delRe 272; Barbara Barry and Darrell Swarens 36b; Elizabeth Stoddard and Robert Stoddard 29t; Donna Duke and Gene Duke 101t; Kim Moreno and Kevin Moreno 70t; Kelsey Sunderland, Jennie Brown, and Lauren Bock 217; Nora Dunn and Joel Miller 73t; Aldo Ceresa and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 494; Jessica Keys, Rodney Ivey, and Oscar McGuire 335; Nathan Rees, Robert Kelley, and Jonathan Smith 56t.

A business session was held for the purpose of hearing committee reports as follows: the Finance Committee reported a collection sufficient to cover expenses; Aldo Ceresa submitted the Resolutions Committee Report thanking everyone who had participated in the convention. A motion was made and carried that the reports be accepted as read, and added to the minutes.

Rodney Ivey and Joel Jenkins led 389 (for Lonnie Rogers).

Announcements were made. Sheri Taylor and John Plunkett led 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Lonnie Rogers.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Donna Duke