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Henagar-Union Convention

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

July 5-6, 2008

Saturday, July 5

The 92nd session of the Henagar-Union Convention was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Shane Wootten leading 82t. The morning prayer was offered by Ron Harper. Michael Thompson was appointed to serve as the Arranging Committee.

Leaders: David Ivey 34t; Loyd Ivey 32t; Rodney Ivey 392; Norma Green and Nate Green 185; Michael Walker 377; Jackie Tanner 172; Ron Harper 455; Jeff Adcock 108t; Sarah Jenkins 340; Oliver Kindig Stokes 432; Liz Cantrell 73t; Joyce Walton 192; Steven Kick 217; Pat Temple 34b; Darrell Swarens 350; Eddie Mash 28b; Henry Johnson 398; Jennie Brown 314; Brad Bahler 29t; S.T. Reed 399 (t? b?); Hannah Tate 454; Michael Thompson and Gretchen Gugler 436.


Blake Sisemore brought the class back together leading 101t. Leaders: Ed Thacker 51; Nathan Rees 120; Sandra Wilkinson and Tom Malone 568; James Eldridge 171; Jerry Schreiber 35; Briana Bean Hirsch 300; Mary Wright 180; Zack Craig and Isaac Maxwell 346; Shelby Presnell 31b; Tim Reynolds 278t; Louis Hughes 76b; Blake Sisemore 532; Audrey Presnell 178; Danny Arms 304; Sandie Scott 317; Becky Browne 276; Sam Sommers 502; Jonathan Smith 58.


Shane Wootten called the class back to order leading 111t. Leaders: Jesse Pearlman-Karlsberg 316; Harrison Creel and family 312b; Carol Mosley and Michael Mosley 148; Cheyenne Ivey and Jessica Ivey 282; Anna Hendrick 111b; Sarah West 324; Alex Makris 389; Gary Gronau and Alex Craig 59; Beth Branscome 335; Adrian Eldridge and Virginia Eldridge 535; Jesse Roberts 234; Matt Hinton and students 378b; Dennis George 165; Aldo Ceresa 550; Karen Swenson 211; Joanna Lampert 560; Linda Sides 448t. Prayer before the noon meal was offered by Jesse Roberts.


Shane Wootten and Jackie Tanner called the afternoon session to order leading 36b. Leaders: Ben Bath and Richard DeLong 220; Tom Ivey 280; Daphene Causey and Sharon DuPriest 189; Tom George and Jared George 424.

S.T. Reed had counted the ballots and results of the election were announced as follows: Chairman—Shane Wootten; Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Reba Windom.

Leaders: Richard Ivey and Allison Ivey 182; Sharon Strong 38t; Ken Tate 362; Kelsey Sunderland 460; Velton Chafin 232; Justin Squizzero 214; Bud Oliver 421; Wayne Dell 277; Lynne deBenedette and Reba Windom 542; Mike Grimes 344; Louis Hughes, Jr. 163b; Darlene Dalton and Karen Clark 47b; Xaris Martinez and Karen Ivey 482; Arlon Gardner 475; Lela Crowder and Erica Hinton 270; Judy Caudle and Bridget Hill 138t; Frank Strickland 480; Charlie Derleth, Paul Figura, Shirley Figura, Gary Gronau, and Becky Browne 68b.


Rodney Ivey and Loyd Ivey brought the class back together leading 97. Leaders: Chris Holley and Kathy Pilibosian 201; Lauren Bock 543; B.M. Smith 318; Jennifer Mosteller and Tom Malone 457; Bea Carnathan 205; Rebecca Eldridge 110; Shelby Sampson 497; Bob Simmons 569b; Marilyn Burchett and Gail Aagaard 551; Paula Oliver and Scot Oliver 117; Syble Adams 496; Julietta Haynes 222; Geraldine Sharpton 299.

Shane Wootten, Loyd Ivey, and Hobert Ivey led 486 (WB) to end the day’s singing. The closing prayer was offered by Ed Thacker.

Sunday, July 6

The Sunday session of the Henagar-Union Convention was called to order by Shane Wootten leading 32t. Tony Ivey offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Shane Wootten 37b; Rodney Ivey 373; Loyd Ivey 47t; Reba Windom 208; Scott Ivey 460; Bill Walters 468; Jared George 155; Larry Ballinger 224; Aldo Ceresa 318; Scott Kennedy 228; Leona Haynes and Rodney Ivey 146; Karen Bahler and Ruth Dolby 128; Ethan Corbett 152; Charlie Derleth 348b; Chris Ballinger 270; Elene Stovall 142; John Etheridge and Oliver Kindig Stokes 30b; Hubert Nall 168; Shelby Castillo 186; Wayne Wootten 310; Joan Aldridge 546; Bobby Watkins and April Watkins 314; Ruth Dolby 503; Liz Cantrell 442.


The class was brought back to order by Shane Wootten leading 76b. Leaders: Jared Wootten 441; Danny Arms 392; Mike Dunn and Grant Dunn 137; Carolyn Thompson 349; Susan Harcrow 411; Harrison Creel 111b; Brad Bahler 77t; Adrian Eldridge and Virginia Eldridge 113; S.T. Reed 428; Jackson Harcrow 399b; Lisa Geist 291; William Shetter 96 (CB); Henry Johnson 132; Scot Oliver and Paula Oliver 282; Stuart Ivey 200; Steven Taylor 81t; Idy Kiser 385b.

Ed Thacker and Reba Windom conducted the memorial lesson. Reba Windom read the names of the following deceased: Marsha Williams, LaRue Allen, Amanda Denson Brady, Jeanette Lowry, Minja Lausevic, Milton Oliver, Christine Chrisman, Howard Frost, Jr., Edith Tate, Marie Guthrie, Dick Mauldin, Myrtle Smith, Gene Anderson, Ed Nelson, Sam Jones, Alton Ivey, Kenneth Walton, Asbury Walton, Chester Lacy, and Gretchen Cassara. Ed Thacker read the poetry from 650 (LD), and Reba Windom led 499 in memory of the deceased.

The following sick and shut-ins were honored: Bill Ellason, Mattie Townsel, Cora Sweatt, Bill Tanner, Johanna Fabke, Kathleen Robbins, Genny Whitworth, Jimmie Gilmore, Gene Forbes, Alan Rosser, Bob Leonard, Dolores Katz, Walter Howell, Gary Trentham, Landa Trentham, and Kirby Sweatt. Ed Thacker led 403.

Henry Johnson spoke about Milton Oliver, a devoted singer and dedicated member of the community. In his memory, the class sang 147t. Ricky Harcrow closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Joyce Walton 269; James Eldridge 35; Gravis Ballinger 384; Wayne Dell 159; Linda Sides 480; Eddie Mash 39t. Sam Sommers offered the blessing for the noon meal.


David Ivey brought the class back together leading 319. Leaders: Arlon Gardner 183; Richard Ivey 293; Paul Figura 72b; Beth Ballinger 391; Sam Sommers 279; Shirley Figura 235; Judy Caudle 216; Xaris Martinez 215; Avalea Maxwell, Isaac Maxwell, Gavin Maxwell, Ryan Maxwell, Anzlea Maxwell, Alex Craig, Eddie Akins, and Cassie Allen 198; Bridgett Hill and Drew Smith 408; Lynne deBenedette and John Etheridge 272.

Shane Wootten expressed gratitude to all who helped make the singing possible. A commemorative plaque was presented to Coy and Marie Ivey in appreciation of their many years of support to the Sacred Harp tradition, at home and around the country.

Leaders: Coy Ivey, Marie Ivey, David Ivey, Rodney Ivey, Mike Ivey, Pam Ellis, and the grandchildren 384; Ricky Harcrow, Sarah Jenkins, and Joel Jenkins 486 (WB); Mary Wright, Pat Temple, and Richard Ivey 567; Kathy Robinson 436; Jordan Leigh Taylor 63; Joe Nall and Oliver Kindig Stokes 448t; Linton Ballinger and Earl Ballinger 144; Donna Wootten, Shane Wootten, Marlon Wootten, and Eloise Wootten 176b; Becky Browne, Charlie Derleth, Paul Figura, Shirley Figura, and Gary Gronau 99.


Coy Ivey called the class to order leading 56t. Leaders: Ben Bath and Blake Sisemore 209; Loyd Ivey, Louise Ivey, and family 517 (WB); Liz Kiser 426b; Matt Hinton 268; Darrell Swarens 47b; Hobert Ivey, Sylvia Ivey, John Etheridge, and Ivey family 410t; Nate Green and Norma Green 425; Jenni Wallace 474; Rebecca Eldridge 58; Charles Franklin 74b; Joyce Whittington 452; Michael Thompson and Loyd Ivey 424.

Shane Wootten led 328 (WB) as the closing song. The class was dismissed in prayer offered by Joel Jenkins.

Chairman—Shane Wootten; Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Reba Windom