Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Keystone Convention

Christiana, Pennsylvania

January 26-27, 2008

Saturday, January 26

Doron Henkin opened the annual Keystone Sacred Harp Singing Convention held at the historic Christiana Railroad Station by leading 27. George Seiler offered the opening prayer. Doron Henkin welcomed the guests and led 300.

Leaders: Laura Densmore 228; Guy Bankes 350; Elizabeth Stokes 77t; Tom Tucker 270; Dolly Sarley 34b; Ina Shea 339; Lynne Hoyt 503, Ted Stokes 396; Margaret Welsh 107; Molly Sayvetz 77b; Brendan Cooney 313b, Barbara Hohenstein 42; Lamar Matthew 569b; Anna Mays 546; Steve Hoyt 235; Nancy Tkacs 84; G.C. Waldrep 260; Oliver Stokes and Tom Stokes 182; Mary Julia Street 472.


Kevin Griffin Moreno called the class back by leading 31t. Leaders: Nancy Katzen 312b; Claire Simon 547; Kelsey Sunderland 222; George Seiler 183, Susan Bingham 340; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 227; Pat Temple 195; Greg Mulkern 214; Joanna Lampert 500; Guy Bankes 189; Cindy Wasson 271t; Mary Wright 35; Jean Seiler 492; Scott Luscombe 353; Karen Keller 29t; John delRe 486; Jennie Brown 532; Justin Squizzero 522.


Pat Temple called the class back by leading 457. Leaders: Barbara Swetman 372; Peter Golden 556; Rachel Speer 336; Jim Ulrich 106; Crystal Burnham 215; Margaret Bornick 338; Hal Kunkel 373; Anna Hendrick 272; Jim Glaser 358; Kathe Pilibosian 448t; Kim Moreno 296; Chris Holley 277; Kathy Manning 240; John Holbrooke 49b; Sue Ulrich 474; Kevin Griffin Moreno 466; Lauren Bock 172; Nora Dunn 187; Ron Bornick 178; Paula Picton 156; Terry Ryan 280, Kelly Macklin 216. G.C. Waldrep gave the lunch blessing.


Elizabeth Stokes opened the afternoon session by leading 105. Leaders: Hal Kunkel 47b; Erin Kelley 56b; Anna Bolding and Joanna Lampert 475; Kelly Macklin 444; Ron Bornick 454; Jim Ulrich 551; Mary Wright 480; John delRe 564; Sue Ulrich 198; Chris Holley 384; Paula Picton 573; John Holbrooke 38t; Justin Squizzero 383; Joanna Lampert 411; Peter Golden 217; Karen Keller 268; Jim Glaser 348 (t? b?); Susan Bingham 542; Chuck Goselink 125; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 349; Pat Temple 72b.


The singing resumed when Anna Mays led 146. Leaders: Greg Mulkern 436, Katherine Reier 159; Margaret Bornick 236; Jennie Brown 362; Scott Luscombe 481; Kathy Manning 530; Kim Moreno 196; George Seiler 269; Rachel Speer 109, Kelsey Sunderland 193; Jean Seiler 299; Claire Simon 497; Crystal Burnham 448b; Terry Ryan 334; Nora Dunn 388; Lauren Bock 424; Kevin Griffin Moreno 485; Anna Hendrick 192; Erin Kelley 323t; Barbara Swetman 148.

Lamar Matthew closed the session with prayer.

Sunday, January 27

Laura Densmore opened the Sunday singing by leading 49b, and welcomed everyone. Lamar Matthew offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Guy Bankes 77b; Doron Henkin 203; Tom Tucker 510; Barbara Hohenstein 163t; Anna Mays 426t; Dolly Sarley 117; Jim Glaser 89; Ted Stokes 462; Kim Moreno 157; Peter Golden 82t, Kathy Manning 403; Lynne Hoyt 515; Ina Shea 124; Oliver Stokes 432; Cindy Wasson 440; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 30b; Mary Julia Street 128, Steve Hoyt 122; Margaret Bornick 352; Hanna Henkin and Kim Sass 354b; Kevin Griffin Moreno 278t; Anna Hendrick 421.


George Seiler called the class back by leading 31t. Leaders: Susan Bingham 455; Pat Temple 33t; Ron Bornick 282; Margaret Welsh 155; Mary Wright 71, John Holbrooke 339; Lauren Bock 406; Barbara Swetman 160t; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 494; Claire Simon 472; Justin Squizzero 64; Paula Picton and Jim Picton 68b; Rachel Speer 399b; Greg Mulkern 185; Kathe Pilibosian 276; George Seiler 480; Hal Kunkel 61; Crystal Burnham and Kathy Manning 176b; Jean Seiler 168; Scott Luscombe 306; Guy Bankes 65.


Aldo Ceresa called the class back leading 106. Leaders: Terry Ryan 347; Joanna Lampert 67; Aldo Ceresa 550; Nora Dunn 379.

Jean Seiler opened the memorial lesson by reading the list of deceased as follows: Minja Lausevic and John Coyne—Massachusetts; Aaron Sayvetz—Colorado; Tyler Bush—Connecticut; Larue Allen and Edith Tate—Alabama; Reby Stanford, Gladys McGraw, and Elder Homer Benefield—Georgia; Ed Schaller, William Powers, Emma Sauder, and Lilly Sauder—Pennsylvania; Red Shipley—Virginia; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Esther Martin—Maryland; Barry Talesnick—New York. She led 66 in their memory.

Ina Shea read the following names of sick and shut-ins: Carl Baron, Skip Trout, Peggy Bright, Don Clark, Marilyn Darch, Eileen Metzger, Amanda Denson, Aaron Pinsky, Sandra Whittle, Lydia Wacker, David Beerwick, Barbara Wilda, Virginia Luscombe, Vern Lewis, Bill Farnon, Gihan Jordan, and Kat Kincaid. She led 48t in their honor. Hal Kunkel closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Doron Henkin 392; Dean Jens 236; Kelsey Sunderland 76b; Jennie Brown 189; Karen Keller 107. Ted Stokes offered the blessing for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order. Leaders: Carol Meier 99; G.C. Waldrep 532; Claire Maher 408; Margaret Bornick 479; Justin Squizzero 419; Pat Temple 220; Peter Golden 274t; Barbara Swetman 127; Chris Holley 475; Joanna Lampert 444; John Holbrook 503; Kathe Pilibosian 77t; Mary Wright 180, George Seiler 473; Kelsey Sunderland 506; Ron Bornick 334; Jennie Brown 302, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 183; Jean Seiler 142; Scott Luscombe 181; Karen Keller 163b; Hal Kunkel 179; Kathy Manning 380; Lamar Matthew and family 146.


The class was called back together by Susan Bingham leading 446. Leaders: Kevin Griffin Moreno 333; Anna Hendrick 567; Greg Mulkern 216; Lauren Bock 442; Aldo Ceresa 218, Claire Simon 335; Elizabeth Stokes and Oliver Stokes 111b; Dean Jens 102; Kim Moreno 436; Jim Glaser 396; Rachel Speer 112; Crystal Burnham 445; Nora Dunn 43; Susan Bingham 30t.

Committee reports and final announcements were made. Doron Henkin led 368. The convention officers led 62 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Doron Henkin; Secretary—Tom Tucker