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Berkshire Foothills Singing

Old Meeting House, Granville, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The 2nd annual Berkshire Foothills All Day Singing was brought to order by Joanne Fuller leading 52t. An opening prayer was offered by Chris Holley.

Leaders: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 30t; Lauren Bock 36b; Paula Picton 31t; Ed Smith 68b; Jeremy Galvagni 29t.

A business session was called to order during which the following officers were elected to serve: Chairlady—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairlady—Paula Picton; Secretary—Lauren Bock; Arranging Committee—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg.

Leaders: Jennie Brown 228; Julian Damashek 288; Jim Picton 299; Deidra Montgomery 186; Joanna Lampert 440; Kelsey Wessels 278b; Anne Kazlauskas 273; Philippa Stoddard 107; Liz Cantrell 47t; Bob Parr 212; Kshama Ananthapura 72b; Tim Eriksen 216; Crystal Burnham 176b; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 142.


Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg called the class back to order leading 89. Leaders: George Pomfret 556; Mary Gowins 148; George Seiler 99; Bill Holt 353; Alice Maggio and Allison Schofield 48t; Elizabeth Stoddard 564; Georgianna Dalaras and Lynne deBenedette 39b; Leonard Spencer 320; Kelsey Sunderland 131t; Jean Seiler 101t; Robert Stoddard 492; John Holbrook 49b; Victoria Bolles 391; Steve Cackley 412; Jennie Brown 319; Brian Collett 218; Chris Holley 551; Terry Ryan 192; Ruby Jane Francis, Dashiel Francis, Devereux Fuller, and Lauren Bock 145b.


Paula Picton called the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Peter Golden 191; Guy Bankes 550; George Sigut 178; Nathan Zweig 155; Barbara Swetman 457; Diane Mennella 488; Kathy Collett 547; Aldo Ceresa 396; Allison Schofield 345b; Anne Kazlauskas 61; Deidra Montgomery 217; Peter Irvine 313t; George Seiler 503; Bob Parr 542; Kelsey Wessels 477.

A memorial lesson was conducted by John Holbrook and Dan Hertzler. John Holbrook led 339 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Ron Bornick, David Bornick, John Etheridge, Terry Hanson, Fenno Heath, Karen Keller, and Joan Sheldon.

Dan Hertzler led 564 in memory of the following deceased: Amanda Denson Brady and Edith Tate—Alabama; Marilyn Darch—California; Tyler Bush and Wendy Karlsberg Meltzer—Connecticut; Judy Elaine Morgan—Florida; Maxine Wesley Ethington—Kentucky; Norma Finch, Mary Forrest, Bonnie Rogers, William Sansadone, Paul Thetrault—Massachusetts; Pauline Childers—Michigan; John Copeland—New Jersey; Alex Mennella—New York; Kat Kinkade—Virginia. Dan Hertzler closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Liz Cantrell 348b; Andrew Magee 56b; Anne Johnston 55. A blessing for the noon meal was offered by Kathe Pilibosian.


Lauren Bock called the class back to order leading 87. Leaders: Cindy Tavernise and Joanne Fuller 129; Jennie Brown 426b; Robert Stoddard 377; Tim Eriksen 383; George Sigut 480; Bill Holt 269; Kshama Ananthapura 411; Guy Bankes 327; Linda Shea 371; Aldo Ceresa 532; Barbara Swetman 91; Diane Mennella 318; Jean Seiler 277; Dan Hertzler 384; Brian Collett 236; Steve Cackley 157; Allison Schofield 448t; Elizabeth Stoddard 165; Susan Dierks and Peter Irvine 45t; Chris Holley 209; Kathy Collett 300.


John Holbrook called the class back to order leading 37b. Leaders: Terry Ryan 344; Peter Golden 73b; Alice Maggio and Ben Sachs-Hamilton 410t; Jeff Kern 82t; Victoria Bolles 538; Lynne deBenedette and Joanna Lampert 67; Dan Hertzler 430; Philippa Stoddard and Kelsey Sunderland 454; George Pomfret 163t; Leonard Spencer 260; Paula Picton and Jim Picton 448b; Anne Johnston 285t; Linda Shea and Jeremy Galvagni 335; Ed Smith and Andrew Magee 198; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 570; Becky Fuller, Joanne Fuller and Jenny Francis 282.

The singing was concluded with Joanne Fuller, Paula Picton, Lauren Bock and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg leading 62. Chris Holley offered a closing prayer.

Chairlady—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairlady—Paula Picton; Secretary—Lauren Bock