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New York State Convention

Unity Hall, Barneveld, New York

October 16-17, 1999

Saturday, October 16

The eleventh annual New York State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Barbara Swetman leading song on page 34 (t? b?). Dennis Leipold offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Barbara Swetman 59; Allen Fannin 159; Ron Bornick 84; Margaret Bornick 28b; Eric Bean 285 (t? b?); Dennis Leipold 85; Laura Timmerman 319; Diane Mennella 434; Guy Bankes 182; Claire Simon 66; Hal Kunkel 530; Janet Shipman 474; Tom Metzger 70b; Anne Kazlauskas 327; Roland Hutchinson 473; Ellie Solar 551; Blake Morris 501b; Donna Abrahams 373; Bill Holt 550; Nancy Crawford 344.


The class was called to order by Margaret Bornick leading song on page 40. Leaders: Paula McGray 300; Charles Deering 569 (t? b?); Susan Henglesberg 354 (t? b?); George Seiler 217; Gina Balestracci 543; Bob Parr 362; Susan Bingham 446; Paul Gauthier 565; Walter Hartley 146; Ginny Ely 436; John Redman 532; Wendy Gilchrist 47t; Scott Luscombe 148; Mary Ann Morrison 38t; Dan Hertzler 200; Jean Seiler 273; Adrian Mariano 183; Tim Wheeler 77t; Linda Delfs 442; Richard Schmeidler 254; Joni Seidenstein 496; Ginny Huszagh 474; High Anderson 268; Juanita Heyerman 347; Michael Ryan 38b; Laura Densmore 408.

The blessing before lunch was given by Donna Abrahams reminding us that the singing is nourishment for our souls as the food of which we are about to partake is for our bodies.


The convention was called back to order by Allen Fannin leading song on page 343. Leaders: Eric Bean 504; Dennis Leipold 478; Laura Timmerman 274 (t? b?); Margaret Bornick 236; Bruce Kokerno 276; Diane Mennella 114; Guy Bankes 350; Claire Simon 299; Barbara Swetman 125; Hal Kunkel 298; Janet Shipman 190 (?); Tom Metzger 56b; Ron Bornick 228; Anne Kazlauskas 201; Roland Hutchinson 245; Ellie Solar 358; Blake Morris 378 (t? b?).


The class was called back to order by Ron Bornick leading song on page 117. Leaders: Bill Holt 352; Donna Abrahams 313b; Nancy Crawford 335; members of the St. James Episcopal Church choir, Clinton, New York 178; Paula McGray 328; Charles Deering 524; Susan Henglesberg 175t; George Seiler 269; Gina Balestracci 430; Nicola Collett 131t; Bob Parr 304; Susan Bingham 454; Walter Hartley 155.


The convention was called back to order by Laura Densmore leading 49t. Leaders: Ginnie Ely 349; John Redman 143; Wendy Gilchrist 68b; Scott Luscombe 195; Mary Ann Morrison 479; Dan Hertzler 452; Allen Fannin 448t; Jean Seiler 472; Adrian Mariano 196; Tim Wheeler 428; Linda Delfs 351; Richard Schmeidler 334; Joni Seidenstein 278 (t? b?); Ginny Huszagh 181; Hugh Anderson 45t; Juanita Heyerman 457; Michael Ryan 53; Laura Densmore 29t.

The closing prayer was given by Guy Bankes. The convention was dismissed for the day by Barbara Swetman.

Sunday, October 17

The second day of the Convention was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Barbara Swetman leading song on page 31b. The opening prayer was given by Eileen Metzger.

Leaders: Gina Balestracci “Sessions” (45 EH, 38 CB); Roland Hutchinson “Liberty’s Trumpet”; Blake Morris “Northminster”, “Templewright”; Eric Bean “Mount Hope”; Tom Metzger “Wild Ride to Heaven”; Roland Hutchinson “Ussher”; Scott Luscombe “Suffield”.


The convention was called back to order by Barbara Swetman leading 148. Leaders: Bill Holt 547; Donna Abrahams 173; Nancy Crawford 497; Paula McGray 27; Susan Henglesberg 127; George Seiler 168; Charles Collett 31 (t? b?); Gina Balestracci 163 (t? b?); Particia Geritz 523b; Bob Parr 546; Scott Luscombe 39t; Susan Bingham 455; Allen Fannin 513; Ginnie Ely 215; Paul Gauthier 162; Mary Ann Morrison 122; Jean Seiler 475.

Several visitors arrived who were unable to climb the stairs to the room where the singing was held. The class decided that it would move downstairs to sing 178 and 277 for the visitors.


The convention was called back to order by Paula McGray leading 82t. Leaders: Ginnie Huszagh 373; Walter Hartley 47b; John Redman 361; Adrian Mariano 481; Laura Densmore 74b.

The Memorial Lesson was led by Gina Balestracci and Blake Morris who gave the prayer for the following deceased: Hugh Aiken—Pennsylvania; Franklin Burkhart—Florida; Kathy Benforado—Massachusetts; Nicol Schnarr and Lucille Hershbiner—New Jersey; Mrs. Ebert, Akram Scott, Eileen Metzger’s Aunt Millie, Janice Glanzrock, Tom Schuman, Abraham Press, and Mary Vivian Kemp—New York; Mary Hulbert—Virginia; Ed Wright—New Hampshire; Antoinette Swetman—Alabama; Chris Randgaard—Minnesota; Peggy Neal—West Virginia. Blake Morris led 30b for the deceased. Gina Balestracci offered prayer for the following sick and shut-ins: Davis Balestracci—Massachusetts; Allyn Ford, Tauheedah Scott, Jordan Glover, and Harriet Henry—New York; Dorothy Garber—Connecticut; Katie Ebert—Vermont; William Groat—Arizona; Ben Hertzler—New Mexico; David Terry Davis—Virginia; Bob Widmer—New Jersey. Gina Balestracci led 52b for the sick and shut-ins. The Memorial Lesson was closed with prayer given by Blake Morris. Leaders: Hal Kunkel 536; Juanita Heyerman 159; Dan Hertzler 106; Richard Schmeidler 120; Joni Seidenstein 99; Dennis Leipold 297; Hugh Anderson 551.


The class was called back to order by Ron Bornick leading 186. Leaders: Laura Timmerman 171; Margaret Bornick 280; Guy Bankes 287; Diane Mennella 212; Eric Bean 553; Janet Shipman 306; Ernest Blake 268; Tom Metzger 133; Claire Simon 147t; Blake Morris 415; Anne Kazlauskas 95; Ellie Solar 277; Ron Bornick 87; Roland Hutchinson 66; Barbara Swetman 203; Deanna Anderson 117.


The class was called back to order by Allen Fannin leading 445b and Hal Kunkel leading song on page 381.

A motion was made and seconded to convene a business meeting. There were 70 singers registered with 52 leaders and 173 tunes led. States represented: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, D.C., and Connecticut.

The Finance Committee reported that expenses were met in excess, and it was moved to make a donation above the cost of the hall to the Unity Hall Foundation.

The Resolutions Committee thanked all those responsible for the success of the convention including the organizers from the Clinton, New York area: Ron and Margaret Bornick, Barbara Swetman, and Diane Stebbins.

A special thanks was extended to central New York public radio station WCNY in Syracuse, New York and their program hosts, Bonnie Beth Derby and Bill Knowlton, for their help in publicizing the convention.

Cris Densmore, though he does not sing, devoted the entire two days to food management duties.

Announcements were made of regular singings and upcoming conventions. A motion was made and seconded to close the business meeting.

Leaders: Nancy Crawford 46; Kathy Forrest 228; Bill Holt 376; Donna Abrahams 192; Walter Hartley 388; Laura Densmore 496; Paula McGray 528.

The convention was brought to a close by Chairperson Barbara Swetman leading song on page 62 while all took the parting hand. The class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Barbara Swetman; Vice Chairman—Ron Bornick; Finance—Bill Holt; Secretary—Allen Fannin.