Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eugene Singing

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

August 7, 1999

The second annual Eugene Singing was scheduled to coincide with the Oregon Festival of American Music, which this year featured the spiritual roots of American Music. The Eugene Sacred Harp singers, and friends from throughout the region, had a significant role in the festival, performing in concerts on Thursday and Friday nights. Also, the afternoon portion of the singing was held in the Hult Center, Eugene’s municipal performing arts center, and was billed as a festival event. Therefore, in the afternoon session approximately 200 members of the public participated either by observing or singing with us. Some traditions were adjusted because of the unique, public nature of the afternoon session. For example, some songs that were led in the morning were repeated in the afternoon.

The morning session of the second annual Eugene Singing was called to order at 9:15 a.m. by Jack Lofton leading song on page 82 (t? b?). Holly Cabell led the opening prayer.

Jane Grant led a short business session in which the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairpersons—Jean Marcotte and Jean Murphy; Treasurer—Karen Stingle; Secretary—Tom Payne; Arrangements Committee—Jane Grant; Chaplains—Holly Cabell and Dorothy Attneave.

Jean Marcotte welcomed everyone, and announcements were made.

Leaders: James Brock 31 (t? b?); Jane Grant 277; Karen Stingle 312b; Tom Payne 73 (t? b?); Bruce Rowland 282; Leigh Van Sickle 148; Joanne Hoover 171; Jean Murphy 189; Jinx McGuire 163b; Gerry Currens 191; Jack Lofton 183; Kathy Vlach 143; Fran Ross 254; Jean Marcotte 66; Shannon McGuire 163 (t? b?); Betty Jones 324; Martha Johnson 71.


The class was called to order by Jack Lofton leading song on page 327.

At this time the class was turned over to the memorial committee. Marcia Cutler then presented the memorial, in which she led us in remembering the following individuals: Kathy Ask, Evelyn Brasher, Ellis Way Bullock (1899-1999), Ruth Cox, Bill Hoffman, Stanley Kubrick, Anna Lander, Ray Lindeke, Wilhelmina Moye, Steve Rogers, and Jack Stedman.

The following sick and shut-ins were also remembered: Aikin Connor, Doris Hoffman, Annette Jones, Dario Landazuri, Ron Lang, Lucille Lembke, Melanie Moser, and Rose Normand. Reed Schilbach of the Memorial Committee then led song on page 340. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Marcia Cutler 119; Karen Stingle 318; Mryka Hall-Beyer 454; David Landazuri 59; Jill Accetta 361; Anne Huckins 142; Reed Schilbach 122; James Brock 344; Tom Payne 455; Bruce Rowland 532; Leigh Van Sickle 35; Joanne Hoover 362; Jean Murphy 106; Shannon McGuire 180; Jinx McGuire 209; Gerry Currens 84; Jack Lofton 236. Announcements were then made and Dorothy Attneave led a singing grace.


The afternoon session was called to order in the lobby of the Eugene Hult Center for the Performing Arts by Jack Lofton leading song on page 146.

Jean Murphy provided a brief introduction to the shape note tradition, and The Sacred Harp. She also introduced the group and invited the public to attend the bi-monthly singings.

Leaders: Dorothy Attneave 107; Kathy Vlach 145 (t? b?); Fran Ross 551; Jean Murphy 47 (t? b?); Mryka Hall-Beyer 504; David Landazuri 66; Anne Huckins 56 (t? b?); Karen Stingle 198; Martha Johnson 74 (t? b?); Jane Grant 569 (t? b?); Shannon McGuire 313b; Jean Marcotte 45 (t? b?); Betty Jones 27; James Brock 34 (t? b?); Jill Accetta 99; Tom Payne 457; Bruce Rowland 317; Leigh Van Sickle 128; Joanne Hoover 128; Jinx McGuire 501; Gerry Currens 63; Jack Lofton 276; Fran Ross 454.

Karen Stingle closed the day by leading song on page 155 with all standing.

Chairpersons—Jean Marcotte and Jean Murphy; Secretary—Tom Payne.