Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing

Berryville, Virginia

June 10, 1995

The second Northern Shenandoah Valley all day singing was called to order by John delRe leading song on page 47 (t? b?), following a singing school led by Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard. Marilyn Estep led the class in morning prayer. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 168; Fred Beardsley 100; Leland delRe 123b; Kelsey and Anna Taylor 40; Stephen McMaster 532; Miriam Kilmer 344; B. M. Smith 441; Nathan Barford and John Daniel delRe 274 (t? b?); Tracy Siani 277; Bobbie Goodell 384; Marilyn Estep 504; Emmie Barford 451; Hal Kunkel 270; Pat Hilgard 236; Ella Wilcox 362; Mary K. Friday 48 (t? b?).


The class reconvened with Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 57. Leaders: Tom Tucker, his composition, “Mason Neck”; Kelly Macklin 376; Sue Hanson 551; Steve Sabol 218; Margie Smith 303; Michele Rae Biery 186; Peter Pate 365; Alix Baillie 48b. The memorial leasson was then held. Kat Kinkade spoke of the new “Northern” singers honoring a tradition in the memorial lesson, as we remember those personally close to us who have died or are sick or shut-in. However, as time passes, we of the singing community will become those who are memorialized, joining the Southern singers in this long-standing tradition. She then led song on 285 (t? b?) for the deceased. Paula McGray led song on page 86 for the sick and shut-ins. Joe Beasley led the class in prayer closing the memorial lesson.


Kelly Macklin brought the class together leading song on page 399b. Leaders: Frederik Rasenberger 345 (t? b?); Blake Morris 193; Joe Beasley 550; Kacy Pate 440; Kathy Manning 318; Marty DeNys 56b; Iris Knell 312 (t? b?); Janine Smith 282; Joyce Saxon 37b; Patricia Temple 85; Tim Slattery 200; Bob Hall 208; Lewis Naylor 452; Frank Evans 229; Brenda Pena 503b.


Paula McGray called the class together leading song on page 385 (t? b?). Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 80 (t? b?); Guy Bankes 352; Shelbie Sheppard 263; Melissa Dunning 189; Jeff Sheppard 99; Kat Kinkaid 475; Elise Meyer-Bothling 77 (t? b?); Lynden Willingham 47b; Bev Oneida 142; John delRe 348b; Bobbie Goodell 426 (t? b?); Frederik Rasenberger 396; Michele Rae Biery 45 (t? b?); Joe Beasley 33b; Margie Smith 284; Hal Kunkle 369; Brenda Pena 39 (t? b?). The following were requested: 159 led by Frederik Rasenberger; 84, 448 (t? b?) led by ShelbieSheppard, Jeff Sheppard, and Margie Smith. In resolutions, Kelly Macklin said, “that we take a leap of faith when we attend a singing, knowing we will be welcomed. Many hands and voices work to create this gift we give to each other. We especially thank the Sheppards and the Smiths for being keepers of the flame and making the “leap of faith” to visit and share with us in the two singing schools they taught.” The class sang song on page 62, and took the parting hand. Class was dismissed with prayer by Marilyn Estep.

Chairman—John delRe; Vice Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Tracy Siani.