Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southern Wisconsin Singing

Plum Grove Church, Folklore Village Farm,
Dodgeville, Wisconsin

November 7, 1998

The twelfth annual Southern Wisconsin Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Jim Page leading song on page 31t. Johanna Fabke led the morning prayer.

Leaders: Midge Olsen 171; Lissa Blood 480; Jim Pfau 350; Janet Fraembs 421; Kathy Kaiser 29t; Charles Obert 117; Carol Crawford 52 (t? b?); Karen Hojnacki 373; Stephen Parker 32t; Joyce Anderson 354b; Mark Miller 278b; Kathy Wallace 272; Lee Steinmetz 149; Jan Ketelle 31b; D.J. Hatfield 446.


Brad Hunnicutt called the class to order leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Johanna Fabke 475; Jerry Enright 51; Martha Tyner 479; Gordon Olsen 547; Melanie Hauff 318; James Page “Unity Chapel”; Jenny Willard 33t; Dean Slaton 460; Joan Yeatman 163b; John Bailey 218; Denise Kania 142; T.J. Willard 36b; Terry Hogg 276; Connie Karduck 498; Jim Crawford 49b; Martha Henderson 497; Ted Johnson 447; Lisa Grayson 192. Jerry Enright offered prayer for the noon meal.


Brad Hunnicutt called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 59. Leaders: Keith Willard 100; Christine Stevens 74b; Mike Shewmaker 40; Anne Heider “Advent”; Eleanor Haase 352; Ted Mercer 217; Cindy Kissee and Kiri Miller 300; Craig Wright 86; Julie Vea 383.

The Memorial Lesson was held with Jim Page leading song on page 209 for the following deceased: Hillary Shewmaker, Frances Givnchedi, Ruben Nagler, Gertrude Wetherington, Lucille Vea, Janet Borman, Karen Wiard, and Joe Henderson. Sick and shut-ins: Ursula Woodfield—New York; Nancy Holt and John Fetterman—Wisconsin; Ethel Klein—Florida.

The singing resumed with Judy Hauff leading song on page 434.


Janet Fraembs called the class back to order leading song on page 155. Leaders: Joyce Anderson 175; Tony Reeves 504; Anna Shewmaker 47 (t? b?); Jim Helke 34 (t? b?); Jan Ketelle 362; Keith Willard 102; Karen Hojnacki 220; Ted Johnson 216; Joan Yeatman 84; Charles Obert 299; Martha Tyner 454; Melanie Hauff 313 (t? b?); Lee Steinmetz 81 (t? b?); Carol Crawford 193; D.J. Hatfield 274 (t? b?); Kathy Wallace 196; Terry Hogg 112; Anne Heider 501; Gordon Olsen 99.

Joanna Fabke gave an unofficial treasurer’s report, thanking all in attendance for their generous gifts. After expenses are covered, offerings will be donated to the Plum Grove Church renovation fund.


Brad Hunnicutt brought the final session to order leading song on page 148. Leaders: Julie Vea 269; Anna Pfau 344; Jerry Enright 168; Kathy Kaiser 441; Stephen Parker 82t; Judy Hauff 200. Announcements were made. Jim Page led song on page 62 as the closing song. Johanna Fabke led the closing prayer.

Many thanks to friends near and far who assisted the lunch committee, especially Julie Vea, Jan Ketelle, Steve Young, and Carol Enseki. A special thanks to Jan Ketelle and those who worked to renovate Plum Grove Church and restore it for community use.

Chairman—Brad Hunnicutt; Arranging Committee—Johanna Fabke; Secretaries—Paula Goode and Joyce Anderson; Chaplain—Johanna Fabke.