Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oberlin Sacred Harp Singing

Oberlin, Ohio

September 5, 1998

The first annual Sacred Harp singing in Oberlin, Ohio was held at Christ Episcopal Church on Saturday before the first Sunday in September, and was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Charles Wells leading song on page 46. Charles Wells led the class in prayer.

Leaders: Duran Perkins 66; Martha Beverly 497; Beth Todd 32t; Eloise Clark 95b; Walter Hartley 178; John Bealle 448t; Joe Todd 455; Bill Beverly 84; Betsy Perkins 107; Luther Olson 63; Virginia Benade 34b; Charlotte Wolfe 64; Pat Forsberg-Smith 569b; Henry Schuman 290; Nancy Crawford 408; Kay Bieszczad 572; Beth Huener 547; Lois Hurt 358; Chandler York 280; Duran Perkins 117.


Charles Wells called the class to order leading song on page 72b. Leaders: Martha Beverly 299; Beth Todd 270; Eloise Clark 344; Walter Hartley 306; Joe Todd 196; John Bealle 217; Bill Beverly 86; Betsy Perkins 515; Luther Olson 168; Virginia Benade 49b; Charlotte Wolfe 277; Pat Forsberg-Smith 352; Henry Schuman 318; Nancy Crawford “Mount Hope”; Kay Bieszczad 551; Beth Huener 126; Lois Hurt 49t; Chandler York 163 (t? b?); Duran Perkins 504; Martha Beverly 480; Eloise Clark 313b; Walter Hartley 236; Beth Todd 122. Beth Huener dismissed the class for lunch with a prayer.


Charles Wells called the class to order leading song on page 31t. Leaders: Steve Postellon 155; Joe Todd 378t; John Bealle 234; Bill Beverly “Millbrook”; Luther Olson 138t; Virginia Benade 479; Charlotte Wolfe 83 (t? b?); Pat Forsberg-Smith 341; Henry Schuman 288; Kay Bieszczad 48t; Beth Huener 200; Lois Hurt 59; Chandler York 503; Martha Beverly 48b; Walter Hartley 146; Beth Todd 501; Steve Postellon 268; Joe Todd 159 (for Sarah Marcus), 373; John Bealle 192.


Charles Wells called the class to order leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Walter Harley 478 (for Christiana Howard); Bill Beverly 203; Nancy Kennard 142; Luther Olson 345t; Virginia Benade 47b; Charlotte Wolfe 99; Pat Forsberg-Smith 183; Henry Schuman 77t; Kay Bieszczad 81t; Beth Huener 269; Lois Hurt 79; Chandler York 566; Martha Beverly 179; Walter Hartley 147t; Eloise Clark 405; Beth Todd 35; Steve Postellon 50t; Joe Todd 454; John Bealle 212; Bill Beverly 68b; Nancy Kennard 452; Luther Olson 228.

Charles Wells thanked those who helped with the singing, including Jane Wells and Beth Todd who worked on food; Virginia Benade, treasurer; Beth Huener, chaplain; Joe Todd and Beth Todd who called leaders; Beth Todd, Kay Bieszczad, and Nancy Kennard, who recorded the leaders; and special thanks to Chandler York who has interested so many people in shape note singing.

Announcements of convention and local singing in the region were made. Chandler York announced the existence of weekly singings Monday nights in Old Barrows at Oberlin College. Virginia Benade announced that enough monies had been collected to pay all the expenses.

Beth Huener offered a closing prayer, and the singing ended with the class singing song on page 347.