Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mississippi State Sacred Harp Convention

Macedonia Church

August 22-23, 1998

Saturday, August 22

The Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention convened at Macedonia Church in its seventieth annual session for two days of worship in song service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when and where the following proceedings were had, to-wit.

The Convention was called to order by President Mark Davis leading song on page 37b. After welcoming everyone, Mark Davis led song on page 47b. The opening prayer was led by John Hollingsworth.

The following were appointed as the Arrangement Committee: Junie McNeil and John Van Horn. Mark Davis led song on page 74b. Vice President John Van Horn led songs on pages 77 (t? b?) and 383. Secretary Jean Gray led songs on pages 82t and 143.

Leaders: John Hollingsworth 192, 196 (honoring Mrs. Ottic Matthews who was present for the seventieth session); Andrew Albers 67b (Christian Harmony), 146; Ben Burroughs 478, 200; Billy Hollingsworth 551b, 236; Wanda Gregg 40, 339; Charles Franklin 99, 480. The following were appointed as Business and Credentials Committee: Durward Scarborough, Hugh McGuire, and George Easley. Motion was made for recess.


Singing was resumed after a ten minute recess with President Mark Davis leading song on page 317b. Leaders: Regina Glass 122, 142; Hugh McGuire 503, 515 (Cooper Book); Dennis Cranford 312t, 147t; Henry McGuire 460, 442; Bill Hogan 171, 283 (Christian Harmony); Durward Scarborough 45t, 68b; Darlene Reynolds 39b, 145t. Motion was made to adjourn one hour for lunch.


President Mark Davis opened the afternoon session leading song on page 84. Leaders: Anne Brodbeck 435b; Junie McNeil 319, 104; George Easley 341, 438; Elder Charles Porter 155, 137; W.M. Allen 282, 490; Dr. Harry Eskew (Professor from Baptist Seminary in New Orleans) 146, 159; Mike McNeil 573 (Cooper Book), 204 (Christian Harmony), in memory of Bennie Rigdon; Tish Crocker, from Centreville, Alabama 287, 201 (Christian Harmony); Ester Mann, with her new six week old foster son, Jordan, assisted by her father, W.M. Allen 66, 32t.

The Business Meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. to elect officers. A motion was made and carried to elect the following officers: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray; Chaplain—T.J. Funderburk. President Mark Davis appointed a Location Committee as follows: John Hollingsworth, Andrew Albers, and Elder Charles Porter. A five minute recess was called for.


The convention resumed with President Mark Davis leading song on page 36b. Mark Davis and son, Kurt Davis, led song on page 354b. Mark Davis thanked all for coming; especially out of state singers were welcomed. Leaders: T.J. Funderburk 61, 75; Linda Funderburk 277, 290; Bobby Caldwell 216, 151; John Hollingsworth 408 (for Mrs. Ottic Matthews, one of her favorite songs); Neva Dee Mayes 145b (with notes, numbers, and words); Harry Beemon, assisted by Mark Davis 281b (Christian Harmony); Bill Hogan 72t (Christian Harmony), in memory of Elder Virgil Smith; John Van Horn 101 (t? b?) (for Hugh Bill McGuire).

A motion was made to adjourn after announcements were made. President Mark Davis led 46 for the closing song. The Saturday session was dismissed by Chaplain T.J. Funderburk.

Sunday, August 23

The Sunday morning session was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome extended to all by President Mark Davis. President Mark Davis led “Gloryland” from sheet music as a special gift for Mae Ola Nelson in appreciation for her love and support of the singing convention. President Mark Davis led song on page 33b. The opening prayer was led by Chaplain T.J. Funderburk. President Mark Davis appointed John Van Horn to the Arrangement Committee in absence of Junie McNeil.

President Mark Davis led song on 73t in memory of Mrs. Cleo Hawkins whose funeral was to be held this afternoon, August 23. Vice President John Van Horn directed songs on pages 129 and 269. Secretary Jean Gray led songs on pages 418 and 299. Chaplain T.J. Funderburk led songs on pages 322 and 569b.

Committees appointed by President Mark Davis were: Memorial Committee—Linda Funderburk and Mike McNeil; Resolutions Committee—Andrew Albers and Christine McNeil.

Leaders: Arlon Gardner 47b, 49b; John Hollingsworth 82 (Christian Harmony) in memory of Mrs. Cleo Hawkins and her husband, S.T. Hawkins, and those gone on before us; Andrew Albers 513t, 559 (?); Billy Hollingsworth 186, 361.


President Mark Davis called the class together after a 10 minute recess leading song on page 76b. Leaders: Wanda Gregg 87, 63; Regina Glass 448t, 117; Hugh McGuire 108t, 172; Betty Moore 35b (Christian Harmony); Bill Hogan 135 (Christian Harmony), 475; Durward Scarborough 111t, 240; Darlene Reynolds 288, 388. A motion was made and carried to break one hour for lunch.


After lunch President Mark Davis brought the class together leading song on page 209. Leaders: Neva Dee Mayes 235b, 339; Junie McNeil 119, 97; George Easley 313t, 34b; Mike McNeil 172, 308 (Christian Harmony); Linda Funderburk 360, 379; Bobby Caldwell 82t, 101t; Mark Davis 254 (by request); John Van Horn 384; Jean Gray 563 (Cooper Book); T.J. Funderburk, Emily Bream, and Chip Rosenblatt 45t.

The Memorial Session was held at this time for those God had called to their Heavenly Home since our last convention. They were: Rush Pumphrey, Cleo Hawkins, and Meda Wilson White. Leaders for the Memorial Service were Mike McNeil and Linda Funderburk leading song on page 178 from the Christian Harmony.

After reports from each committee, President Mark Davis expressed his thanks to the people of Macedonia Church and others for bringing food and helping with the convention. Motion and second to approve the reports of the committees.

President Mark Davis resumed singing leading song on page 143 in Christian Harmony. Leaders: Arlon Gardner 406; Andrew Albers 393t (Cooper Book); Wanda Gregg 85; Regina Glass 270; Hugh McGuire 220; Bill Hogan 39t; Durward Scarborough 496; Darlene Reynolds 354b; Neva Dee Mayes 145b; Junie McNeil 401; George Easley 323b; Mike McNeil 522 (Cooper Book); Linda Funderburk 373; Bobby Caldwell 68b.

A motion was made by Hugh McGuire to dismiss. After announcements were given, President Mark Davis led 62 for the closing song. The convention was closed with prayer by Chaplain T.J. Funderburk.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray.