Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Eugene Singing

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon

August 1, 1998

The first annual Eugene Singing was opened at 9:30 a.m. by David Hough leading song on page 59. Joanne Hoover read Psalm 100 and offered the opening prayer. David Hough led songs on pages 178 and 31t.

The class entered into a short business session and officers were elected and committee members appointed: Co-Chairmen—Marcia Cutler and Jim Brock; Secretary—Karen Willard.

Karen Stingle taught a short introduction to Sacred Harp singing and the use of shape notes, and led song on page 47t.

Leaders: Marcia Cutler 159; Jim Brock 84; Karen Willard 198; Karen Stingle 569 (t? b?); Jean Murphy 454; Joanne Hoover 501; Gerry Currens 268.


Leaders: Suzanne Denker 180; Jane Grant 147t; Reed Schillbach 324; Mryka Hall-Beyer 280; David Landazuri 66; Katharine Hough 376; Mary Ditson 146; Wilford Marcotte 128; John Carson 117; David Hough 448t; Bruce Rowland 282; Jean Marcotte 114.

At this time the class was turned over to the Memorial Committee. Leigh Van Sickle read the names of the deceased, and led song on page 532 for: Betty Chamberlain, Michael Ditson, Sharon Miller, Jody Proctor, and Paul Schneider—Oregon; Hadyn Creel, Ozetta Gilliland, Mae Seymour, and Jerry Sheppard—Alabama; Pat Farley—Arizona; Janet Borman—Illinois; Catherine Cessna and Germaine Lacy—Pennsylvania; Herbert Leopard and Louie Smith—Texas.

Joanne Hoover led song on page 474 for the following sick and shut-in: Dan Potter—Oregon; Dario Landazuri—California; Pam Wiley—Colorado; Tomas Landazuri—Ecuador; Katharine Smith—Iowa; Lucille Lembke—Minnesota; Bing Madden—Montana; Arlie Prokop—Nebraska; Mel Kersey—Tennessee; Johnny Jeans and Kevin Treser—Washington; Evern Miller—Wisconsin. Joanne Hoover closed the Memorial Lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Fran Ross 184; Martha Johnson 312b; Kristin Xander 156; Marcia Stedman 200; Thalia Stewart 38b; Marcia Cutler 119. Karen Stingle then led the class in singing “Happy Birthday” to Martha Johnson and her mother, Mary Johnson (visiting from Alabama), and John Carson. Joanne Hoover asked the Blessing and the class recessed for lunch.


Leaders: Jim Brock 34b; Polly Ogden 401; Karen Stingle 203; Jean Murphy 497; Karen Willard 142; Joanne Hoover 56b; Gerry Currens 148; David Hough 480; Jane Grant 277; Reed Schilbach 122; Katharine Hough 455; Mryka Hall-Beyer 327; Jan Evans 49b; David Landazuri 335; Mary Ditson 457; Wilford Marcotte 47b.


Leaders: John Carson 143; Bruce Rowland 317; Jean Marcotte 65; Leigh Van Sickle 133; Kristen Xander 373; Fran Ross 254; Marcia Stedman 504; Marcia Cutler 385b; Polly Ogden 370; Joanne Hoover 551; Mryka Hall-Beyer 236; David Hough 99.

The class entered into a business session to hear committee reports. The Treasurer, Karen Stingle, announced that all expenses had been met and thanked the class for their generosity.

The Resolutions Committee report, read by David Hough, thanked all by name who labored to get us in the door, blessed us with prayer, kept the songs flowing, keyed the songs for us, reminded us of those who’ve gone before, provided great food, found the wonderful venue, sent the wonderful weather, and brought us all together for the friendship and fellowship making music provides.

The Arranging Committee reported a total of 60 songs led. All reports were accepted for the minutes, and after hearing announcements the business session was closed.

Karen Stingle closed the day with leading song on page 155, and all who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer by Joanne Hoover.

Co-Chairmen—Marcia Cutler and Jim Brock; Secretary—Karen Willard.