Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Sydney Singing

All Souls Chapel, Rookwood General Cemetery,
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Saturday, September 24, 2022

The 9th annual Sydney Sacred Harp singing was held in All Souls Chapel within the Rookwood General Cemetery, Sydney, as part of the Hidden Rookwood sculpture exhibition program of events. The class was called to order by Lachlan Warner, who offered the opening prayer. Thomas MacDonald gave the Acknowledgement of Country, welcomed everyone to the singing, introduced the appointed officers, and led 34b.

Leaders: Meg Quinlisk 142; Shawn Whelan 376; Caitlin McHugh 401; Lauren Reader 82t; Ruby Foster 89; Angharad Davis 92; Silvia Da Rocha 209; Thomas MacDonald 189; Meg Quinlisk 107; Shawn Whelan 475; Caitlin McHugh 504; Lauren Reader 99; Lachlan Warner 49t; Ruby Foster 474; Halcyon Foster 133; Silvia Da Rocha 127; Angharad Davis 284.


The class was called back to order by Meg Quinlisk leading 30t. Leaders: Caitlin McHugh 482; Lachlan Warner 231; Thomas MacDonald 58; Halcyon Foster 282; Shawn Whelan 155; Silvia Da Rocha 274t; Lauren Reader 457; Ruby Foster 350; Angharad Davis 121; Meg Quinlisk 432; Caitlin McHugh 173; Lachlan Warner 48t; Thomas MacDonald 195; Halcyon Foster 335; Shawn Whelan 318; Silvia Da Rocha 547. Lachlan Warner led the blessing of the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Lauren Reader leading 131b. Leaders: Angharad Davis 227; Caitlin McHugh 358; Ruby Foster 553; Shawn Whelan 215; Meg Quinlisk 430; Silvia Da Rocha 480; Thomas MacDonald 245; Lachlan Warner 323b; Lauren Reader 234; Halcyon Foster 455.

Lachlan Warner conducted the memorial lesson and led 77b for Morag Logan, Rosa Maria Da Rocha, and Margaret Davis, who were sick or shut-in, and in memory of Jon Quinlisk, Maggie Murphy, Margaret Walters, and Graham Walters. Leaders: Angharad Davis 285t; Caitlin McHugh 45t.


The class was called back together by Ruby Foster leading 302. Leaders: Shawn Whelan 348t; Meg Quinlisk 159; Silvia Da Rocha 278t; Lauren Reader 122; Lachlan Warner 452; Thomas MacDonald 383; Halcyon Foster 375; Angharad Davis 396; Caitlin McHugh 392; Ruby Foster 532; Shawn Whelan 198; Silvia Da Rocha 344; Meg Quinlisk 269; Lauren Reader 501; Lachlan Warner 268; Halcyon Foster 267; Shawn Whelan and Lauren Reader 340. The chairperson expressed the gratitude of the class to all those who contributed to the day. Announcements were made, and 62 was led as the closing song.

Chairman—Thomas MacDonald; Secretary—Meg Quinlisk; Arranging—Angharad Davis; Chaplain—Lachlan Warner