Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Montreal Singing

Parc Desmarchais, Verdun, Montréal, Quebec

Sunday, July 10, 2022

The 5th session of the Montreal All-Day singing was called to order by Meredith Browne leading 59. Hugh Thomas offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairwoman—Meredith Browne; Co-chair—Hugh Thomas; Secretary—Philippe Doyle-Gosselin; Arranging Committee—Esther Wade; Finance Committee—Mishi Briand. All songs were from the 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp.

Leaders: Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 37b; Eléa Regembal 32b; Mishi Briand 430; Esther Wade 171; Geoffrey Little 31t; Névé Dumas 319; Patrick Dedauw 30b; Lael Birch 82t; Patrick Friesen 77t; Jamie Ross 235; Leah Velleman 270; Erin Fulton 76t; Dan Coppock 111b; Sam Pappas and Eléa Regembal 95; Ginny Landgraf 163b.


Hugh Thomas called the class back to order leading 43. Leaders: Kerry Cullinan 546; Meredith Browne 344; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 153; Eléa Regembal 142; Névé Duma 106; Patrick Dedauw 384; Lael Birch 361; Patrick Friesen 144; Jamie Ross 245; Leah Velleman 432; Erin Fulton 69b; Dan Coppock 220; Esther Wade 532; Sophie Sokolov 460; Ginny Landgraf 102; Geoffrey Little 455; Mishi Briand 185; Indigo Scorn and Sophie Sokolov 401; Kerry Cullinan 269.


Meredith Browne called the class back to order leading 89. Leaders: Patrick Dedauw 44; Névé Dumas 282; Leah Velleman 499; Jamie Ross 348t; Sophie Sokolov 315; Patrick Friesen 345b; Ginny Landgraf 298; Lael Birch 168; Dan Coppock 477; Geoffrey Little 122; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 50t.

Hugh Thomas gave a memorial lesson and led 472 for the sick and shut-ins and 512 for the singers and loved ones who had passed away in the past year.

Leaders: Erin Fulton 58; Esther Wade 196; Eléa Regembal 394; Névé Dumas 445; Sophie Sokolov 290; Mishi Briand 222; Kerry Cullinan 70t; Indigo Scorn and Sophie Sokolov 408.


The afternoon session began with Hugh Thomas leading 497. Leaders: Sam Pappas and Eléa Regembal 268; Patrick Dedauw 383; Erin Fulton 65; Patrick Friesen 73t; Ginny Landgraf 547; Dan Coppock 440; Sophie Sokolov 410t; Leah Velleman 425; Kerry Cullinan 444; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 528; Jamie Ross 542; Esther Wade 500; Eléa Regembal 209; Meredith Browne 276; Haley Lewis 318; Mishi Briand 296; Lael Birch 117; Indigo Scorn 288; Patrick Dedauw 141; Ginny Landgraf 447; Sophie Sokolov 160b.

The treasurer thanked the class for their generosity, and stated that expenses have been met. The secretary reported that twenty-one leaders of thirty-two registered singers from two Canadian provinces and five states led eighty songs. The singing was closed by Meredith Browne leading 62. Patrick Dedauw offered the closing prayer.

Chairwoman—Meredith Browne; Co-chair—Hugh Thomas; Secretary—Philippe Doyle-Gosselin