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Denney Memorial

Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church, Carrollton, Georgia

Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Denney Memorial was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Philip Denney, who welcomed everyone and led 49t. Matt Hinton offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Philip Denney 100; Samuel Williams 101b, 30t; Laura Frey 358, 47b; Winfred Kerr 549, 59; Glenda Collins 290, 77t; Wyatt Denney 284, 164; Karis Askin 448b, 148; Sheri Taylor 49b, 128.


Philip Denney and Kacey Askin brought the class back to order leading 87 and 145b. Leaders: Erica Hinton 108t, 39t; Lisa Webb 222, 542; Eva Grace Horsley, Renita Simpkins, and Sterlin 143.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Philip Denney and Kacey Askin. Kacey read the following from Karen Rollins: The memorial is a quiet time to cease singing and to remember those who are sick and shut-in and those who have passed away since we met a year ago. For many, this has been a time of being shut-in, so we especially want to think about those who cannot be with us today. We want to think about how we can reach out to them whether it be a call or visit. Philip read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Susan Ford, Barry Rollins, Rodney Ivey, and Coy Ivey. Kacey continued reading: We also want to remember those who have passed away, and it seems that we have lost a lot of singers in the past year. It is important to remember the dead and to realize that we will one day be among them. There is a familiar poem called “In Flanders Fields” written by a Canadian doctor/soldier, Lt. Colonel John McCrae, in WWI as he looked over the numerous graves of the fallen soldiers. Part of it reads: “We are the dead. Short days ago we lived; To you from fallen hands we throw; The torch; be yours to hold it high; If ye break faith with us who die, We shall not sleep.” All those singers who passed away this year and all those who came before them are passing us the torch of Sacred Harp. We are to remember them and to keep alive the tradition that they loved and supported and passed along to us. They are asking us to preserve this tradition. Their names will one day be forgotten—So will ours. If we do our part, this sacred trust of Sacred Harp will thrive and there will be singers long after we are gone. We are thankful for the lives of those who are on this list. We are thankful for their contributions to our beloved singings. We remember them and honor them at this time. Philip read the following names of the deceased: Richard DeLong, Charlene Wallace, Bentley McGuire, Curtis Owen, Bill Windham, and Bill Beverly. Phillip and Kacey led 283, which was a request by Don Bowen, for the sick, shut-ins and deceased. Philip Denney closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Anna Hinton 168, 142; Bert Collins 63, 300. Keith Horsley offered prayer for the afternoon meal.


The class reconvened with Christian Webb leading 294 and 45t. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 229, 515; Philip Denney 384 (for Gayle Denney); Riley McKibben and Lisa Webb 46; Laura Frey 178; Matt Hinton, Erica Hinton, and Lonnie Hinton 276, 472; Lisa Webb 155; Samuel Williams 48b; Sheri Taylor 117; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 274t, 454; Lee Denney and Philip Denney 40; Oscar McGuire 34t.

Announcements were made. Philip Denney led 340 as the closing song. Oscar McGuire led 70t words only for a closing blessing followed by prayer.

Chairman—Philip Denney; Acting Secretary—Laura Frey