Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Labor Day Singing

Shoal Creek Church, Cleburne County, Alabama

Monday, September 3, 2018

The 98th session of the annual Labor Day Singing was held at Shoal Creek Church in Talladega National Forest, Cleburne County, Alabama. The class was called to order by Cecil Roberts leading 30t. Judy Chambless offered the opening prayer.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Virginia Dyer; Secretary—Glenda Collins.

Leaders: Cecil Roberts 35; Virginia Dyer 28b, 340; Glenda Collins and Virginia Dyer 454, 282; Bert Collins 335, 542; Judy Chambless 318, 222; Kathryn Elkins 63, 455; Celeste Silva and Molly Silva 209, 117; Caleb Joseph Silva 70b; Isaac Green 329, 422; Canaan Elkins 480, 59; Philip Denney and Gayle Denney 112, 274t; Cornelia van den Doel 277, 65; John Plunkett 330b (for Ray and Brenda Rechenberg in memory of their daughter, Elizabeth), 160b.


Virginia Dyer called the class to order by leading 314. Leaders: Daniel Williams 522, 328; David Brodeur 179, 287; Wyatt Denney 178, 284; Fallon Dyer 383, 146; Amber Davis 208, 436 (for Ozella Blackmon); Jed Silva and Lori Silva 76t, 133; Karis Askin 276, 547; Samuel Williams 543, 278t; Glenn Pontbriand 155, 162; Tom Booth 39b, 441; Chance Cook 192; David Smead 58, 299; Winfred Kerr 36b, 549.

Ruth McCarty and Sonja Randle from the Shoal Creek Baptist Church Preservation Society addressed the class. They welcomed the class, and thanked the class for donations toward preservation of the church. The class adjourned for lunch, and Tom Booth asked a blessing.


Cecil Roberts called the class back to order by leading 76b. Leaders: Jack Nelson 560, 461; Robert Chambless 523, 225t; Lisa Bennett 168, 142; Linda Booth 198 (in memory of Darrell Swarens), 31t; Richard DeLong 123b, 176b; Jerusha Wheeler 348t; Jerusha Wheeler and Lori Silva 191; Andy Ditzler 457 (for Thomas Greig and in memory of Susan Carr), 308; Johnathon Kelso 302, 423; Ann Simpson 47t, 445; Shane Brown 373, 30b; Cornelia van den Doel, Fallon Dyer, and Glenn Pontbriand 370, 269; Amber Davis and Isaac Green 499; Glenn Pontbriand and Lucas Jordan 45t; Jerusha Wheeler 107; Fallon Dyer and Isaac Green 186. Announcements were made.

Cecil Roberts, Judy Chambless, Bert Collins, and Glenda Collins led 46 as the closing song. Daniel Williams offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Virginia Dyer; Secretary—Glenda Collins