Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maidencreek Singing

Leesport, Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 1, 2018

The 23rd annual Maidencreek All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before Labor Day at the Maidencreek Friends Meeting House. Sasha Hsuczyk called the class to order by leading 60. Ruth Wampler offered the morning prayer. A business meeting was conducted and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Tom Tucker; Treasurer—Greg Law; Secretary—Ruth Wampler.

Tom Tucker welcomed everyone and made opening remarks.

Leaders: Joel Bassett 75; Hollie Long 46; Krista Guerrieri 29t; Rachel Hall 482; Doron Henkin 439; Nancy Tkacs 191; Joyce Forry 354b; Guy Bankes 481; Dann Pell 33t; Harry Scott 168; Kathy Carluzzo 270; Theresa Rodriguez 290; Elizabeth Patton 229; Anna Melton 35; Laura Densmore 282 (for Steve Hoyt); Ruth Wampler 394 (in memory of Oliver Kindig-Stokes).


Leon Pulsinelle called the class back to order by leading 324. Leaders: Jeff Shenk 288; Lorah Hopkins 320; Tom Stokes 340; Katy Hunter 546; Lamar Matthew 156 (for Lynne Hoyt); Katie White 547; Claire Simon 472; Jess Hayden 117; Gina Balestracci 344; Scott Robinson 378t; Greg Law 312b; Dennis Leipold 300; Gary Ryan 29b; Roland Hutchinson 245.


Dan Hunter led 389 to call the class back to order. Leaders: Fred Steinruck 551; Susan Bingham 311; Jasmine Mendoza 319; Ateven Snderson 455.

Alex Forsyth led 138b in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Steve Hoyt, Lynne Hoyt, Judy Clum, David Shipe, Chris Densmore, Darryl Horst, Corrone Bryant, and Ruthanne Bryant.

Ina Shea shared memories and gave a tribute to Michael Kaye.

Lamar Matthew conducted the memorial lesson, and led 111b in memory of the following deceased: Mabel Banks, Carol Sanders, David Armour, Clifford Steinruck, Tony Farrisi, Sam Slothour, and Aspen Wampler—Pennsylvania; Daphne Causey, Glenda Hopper, and Lily Hopper—Alabama; Barbara Willard—Arizona; Donna Andrews, Theodore Knox, Jim VanWinkle, Barbara Greenspan, and Lou Curtis—California; Stacey Phillips—Connecticut; Louise Holland and Cherry Hodges Casey—Georgia; Ann Sleeva—Illinois; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Marjorie Forbush Scott—Maryland; Gary Ryan, Sr.—Mississippi; Stanley Subhan—New Jersey; Mark Powers—New Mexico; Michael Kaye and Mary Ellen Schrock—New York; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Edith Owen—Texas; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Susan Carr—United Kingdom.

Leaders: Kevin Griffin Moreno 189; Ben Fink 457; Sara Lott 272; Jonathan Een Newton 106; Ryan Nash 128; Stefani Priskos 384; Corinne Ducey 532; Alice Beattie 454. Don Jantzi asked the blessing over the food before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Kevin Griffin Moreno leading 30b. Leaders: Jesse C. Polhemus 564; Gerry Hoffman 315; G.C. Waldrep 269; Jon Giles 511; Charles Biada 302; Sam Kleinman 522; Sarah Trumbore 428; David Wright 432; Hayden Arp 434; Calum Woods 283; Shelby Castillo 392; Justin Bowen 187; Blake Sisemore 411; Marilyn Murata 274t; Laura Hodges 375; Travis Peek 277; Nicholas Thompson 304; Mike Richards 216; Tom George 475; Gerald Clark 55.


Rachel Hall and Ted Stokes called the class to order by leading 314. Ted Stokes led the German lesson with remarks about “Gable”. Roland Hutchinson reviewed the pronunciation prior to the class singing the song.

Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 284; Miriam Delirium 285t; Carol Huang 196; Robin Banerji 201; Gwen Gethner 74t; Maria Cramer 448b; Nancy Mandel 539; Jason Steidl 28t; Linnea Clark 146; Max Grafe 504; Charles Krugger 276; Peter Pate 163b; Brian How 334; Merv Horst 34t; Mary Ann Daly 181; Barbara Swetman 129; Justin Bowen, Shelby Castillo, Alex Forsyth, Nicholas Thompson, Tom George, Sarah Trumbore, Blake Sisemore, Hayden Arp, and Travis Peek 445; Marilyn Murata and David Wright 76b; Calum Woods 48t.

Resolutions were given by Harry Scott, followed by announcements. The Secretary reported that eighty-two leaders from fourteen states and the United Kingdom led ninety-one songs and one hundred-seven people were registered. Tom Tucker, Ruth Wampler, and Greg Law led 62 as the closing song. Don Jantzi offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tom Tucker; Secretary—Ruth Wampler