Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

January 11, 1998

The all day singing in celebration of the 14th anniversary of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers was convened at 10:30 a.m. at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago.

Chair Anne Heider called the class to order leading song on page 47t. John Bayer led the opening prayer. Leaders: Kelly Brest van Kempen 84; Daryl Mayberry 171; David Barford 313b; Wendy Wahn 456.

Chair Anne Heider convened the business meeting for the purpose of electing officers. Elected by acclamation were: Chair—Kelly Brest van Kempen; Vice Chair—Kris Richardson; Secretary—Steve Warner. The following committees were appointed: Finance Committee—Lisa Grayson; Memorial Committee—Samuel Sommers, Clarke Lee, and Beverly Enright; Arranging Committee—Jerry Enright, Karen Hojnacki, and Daryl Mayberry.

Leaders: Herb Schroeder 65; Suzanne Flandreau 163t; Kathy Krug 318; Dan Gibbons 442; Lisa Grayson 419; D.J. Hatfield 422; Jerilyn Schumacher 547; Janet Borman 178; Kiri Miller 47b; Nathan Barford 260; Kris Richardson 466; Jerry Enright 277; Connie Karduck 368.


Kelly Brest van Kempen called the class together leading song on page 335. Leaders: Steve Warner 66; Joanna Fabke 122; Denise Kania 142; Al Frank 362; Dean Slaton 306; Debbie Barford 86; Larry Nothwehr 236; Melanie Hauff 464; Loraine Bayer 95; Karen Hojnacki 475; Samuel Sommers 426 (t? b?); Emmie Barford 186; Gary Gronau 300; James Page “County K”; Mary Bachmann 569b; Dick Dunagan and Val Dunagan 81t.

Before the class recessed for lunch, Marcia Johnson gave instructions for the food lines, and John Bayer led the blessing.


Singing was resumed with Kelly Brest van Kempen leading song on page 146. Leaders: Jeanette Lowry 168; Jenny Willard 299; Sue Kessell 501; Julie Vea 269; Judy Hauff led “Happy Birthday” in honor of Cassie Franklin; Becky Browne 215; Bob Meek 193; Clarke Lee 34b; Jim Pfau 99; Brad Hunnicut 388; Thomas Willard 145b; Cindy Franklin 198; Regina Bayer 101t; Steven Levine 441; Martha Beverly 45t. Anne Heider introduced the founders’ lesson with greetings from Philip Trier, wintering in Sarasota, Florida. The founders lessons were led by: Ted Johnson 216; Judy Hauff 276; and Marcia Johnson 485.


Kris Richardson brought the class together leading song on page 148. Leaders: JoDell Albi 480; Keith Willard 274t; Dave Ressler 272; Cassie Franklin 528; John Bayer 44; Richard DeLong 398; Lorena Moore 77t; Ted Mercer 302; Michele Cull 147 (t? b?); Berkeley Moore 145t; John Seaton 68b; Wayland Rogers 139.

The chair then introduced the memorial committee to lead the memorial lesson. Samuel Sommers said that when he first started singing Sacred Harp he had only a vague idea of the meaning of the memorial lesson, but the more singings he has attended, the more names he knows of the deceased mentioned in the lesson. But even if he does not recognize a given name, he recognizes that among these persons may be “the singers who taught the singers who taught the singers who taught me.” In some way, these persons touched our lives, and there is no better preparation for the world to come than to sing Sacred Harp in this one. These deceased were named: Sonny Frank, Ross Paulac, Warren Dare, and George Barford—Illinois; Florence Kline Bateman—Indiana; Gayle Bannister—Wisconsin; Mark Bue—Minnesota; B. W. Ellertson, Sarah Peacock, and Eva Reeves—Georgia; Halie Armstrong, Vernice Calvert, Barrett Ashley, and Bonnie Ashley—Alabama; Ray Barnett—Texas; John Arnold—Massachusetts; Janet Rogers—Florida; David (son of Mark and Susan)—state unknown. Clarke Lee led song on page 414 in memory of the deceased, saying that death is natural and that he expects at the time of his own death that his soul will rise up to appear before God at His throne to sing His praises. He said that singing Sacred Harp means that one’s deepest feelings get intertwined with the faith it affirms, that the deceased we remember are in a place where every song is pitched perfect and there is no discord. We must allow them to leave us so that they can be in that place.

Samuel Sommers read the list of the sick and shut-in, saying that they are people we can still do something for: Joan Bailey, Dorothy Wells, Tauna Le Marbe, Peter Silverman, Mary Moore, Father Riley, and Dan and Dory Havens—Illinois; Mickie Bainter—Kentucky; Cleo Hawkins and Bernice Embry—Mississippi; Isabel Arnold—Massachusetts; Lawrence Underwood and Lula Underwood—Alabama; Claire Seaton, Popo DeAngelis, and Frances Giunchedi—states unknown. Beverly Enright led song on page 352 for them, recalling the promise of the Lord from the Book of Revelations 22:20 to come quickly. The memorial lesson was concluded with prayer led by John Bayer.

The chair then thanked those who had helped with this year’s singing: outgoing Chair—Anne Heider; outgoing Arranging Committee—Judy Hauff and Melanie Hauff; rising Chair—Kris Richardson; Secretary—Steve Warner; Chaplain—John Bayer; all committee chairs; Hospitality—Connie Karduck; Housing—Sue Kessel and Dean Slaton; Poster design—Lisa Grayson; Publicity—Ted Mercer, Ted Johnson, and Marcia Johnson.

Lisa Grayson reported for the finance committee that donations were sufficient to cover expenses. The class had representatives from these states: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Singers were invited to forthcoming conventions in several states. Clarke and Julie Lee, Hoboken, Georgia, were asked to lead and called 354b. The delegation from Missouri: JoDell Albi, Becky Browne, Dan Gibbons, Gary Gronau, Jeanette Lowry, and Dave Ressler led song on page 436. Kelly Brest van Kempen, Kris Richardson, and Steve Warner led the closing song on page 62. John Bayer dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Kelly Brest van Kempen; Vice Chairman—Kris Richardson; Secretary—Steve Warner.