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Boiling Springs Convention

Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Ashland, Alabama

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The 151st session of the Boiling Springs Sacred Harp Convention was held at Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church near Ashland, Alabama, on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. As singers were gathering, the class sang 300, 340, 188 (in memory of M.B. Forbes), and 75 (LD). Eugene Forbes led 75. The opening prayer was offered by Hubert Nall.

The officers for the day were as follows: Chairman—Eugene Forbes; Vice Chairman—Jack Nelson; Secretary—Lori Forbes Hinesley; Arranging—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 101t; Myrline Redmon 108t, 569b; Lori Hinesley 148, 172; Jacob Acton 268, 282; Emma Dean Williams 276, 326; Jack Nelson 303 (in memory of Jeff Shephard), 30b (for Sara Nelson); Ann Riley 186, 142; Tom Booth 31b, 31t; Danny Creel 428, 170; Esther Williams 270, 277; Andy Ditzler 497, 510; Jeannette DePoy 72b, 448b.


Jack Nelson brought the class back together by leading 318. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 155, 171; Linda Booth 166, 222; Robert Chambless 163b, 145t; Cheyenne Ivey 95, 111b; David Brodeur 115, 210; Rebecca Over 388, 456. The class sang “My Country ‘tis of Thee” in honor of past and present veterans (several in attendance). The class then said The Pledge of Allegiance to a flag, held by Jacob Acton.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jeannette DePoy and Nathan Rees. The following names were on the sick and shut-ins list: Richard Mauldin, Wendy Futral Anderson, Floy Wilder, Ozella Blackmon, and Concetta Branson. Jeannette and Nathan both spoke, and the following names of the deceased were read: Edna Ruth Phillips, Hugh McGraw, Eloise Wootten, Johnnie Chafin, John Bayer, Caleb Allred, Martha Moody, Gail Jackson, and Daniel Evans. They led 48t and 230. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Hubert Nall.

Leaders: Hubert Nall 421, 168; Daniel Williams 432, 74t.


Jack Nelson brought class back together leading 480. Leaders: Theresa Westmoreland 183, 564; Samuel Williams 191, 286; Kathryn Elkins 59, 87; Butch White 535, 74b; Stephen Huffman 446, 354t; Nathan Rees 108b, 181; Winfred Kerr 36b, 225t; Canaan Elkins 417, 47b; Karen Clark 167, 501; Shirley Berrey 189, 373; Bert Collins and Glenda Collins 45t, 340; Rebecca Over 82t; Judy Chambless 475, 549 (dedicated to Margaret Ray); Nathan Rees 236 (in memory of Edna Ruth Phillips).

Announcements were made. Eugene Forbes and Jack Nelson led 46 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Jack Nelson.

Chairman—Eugene Forbes; Vice Chairman—Jack Nelson; Secretary—Lori Forbes Hinesley